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Eliminating a Pool Deck Hazard in Mississauga, ON

Our customer in Mississauga, ON, was worried about their pool in their back yard. The pool deck had started to sink near the diving board. The homeowners could see that voids were beginning to be created under the rest of the pool deck as well. The sinking started shortly after the homeowner had maintenance work done surrounding the pool. Since the soils became quite loose, the weight of the concrete compressed these soils leading to a settlement in various areas. Unfortunately, water was making its way through the rotting control joints.

 Once John DiNicolantio, Project Lead, had a chance to discuss the issues with the homeowner he knew our PolyLevel® Foam System would be able to fix all the problems around the pool. Foreman, Kyle McKeown, injected NexusPro® Joint Sealant and polyurethane foam into the concrete to fill in the gaps and voids. He merely drilled dime-sized holes in the concrete to insert the foam under the concrete to fill in cracks, stabilize the substrate and eliminate trip hazards around the pool.

 The homeowner was grateful that we were able to provide them with a cost-efficient, permanent solution to their concrete problem. The homeowners can now safely enjoy their deck knowing the pool area is now completely stabilized, and the concrete answer came with a 10-year warranty.

PolyLevel® Lift in Mississauga, ON

Using PolyLevel® Injection we lifted a front and back walkway slab on grade to improve step height and slope.

Lifting a Driveway Slab near a Garage in Mississauga, ON

We used our patented PolyLevel® Injection to lift slab on grade driveway back to its original height. We also lifted the front and side walkway to improve slope.

PolyLevel Front Garage & Side Walkway in Mississauga

We used PolyLevel® Injection to lift slab on grade driveway back to its original height. We also lifted front and side walkway to improve slope. Finally, we sealed all joints with NexusPro® Sealant.

Step Repair and Lift in Mississauga, ON

It was a big concern for our customer to have such a significant height difference in their front steps. Their elderly parents struggled to get up the stairs without assistance, and it became a huge safety issue for the family. Our team injected PolyLevel® under the concrete to lift and stabilize the sunken steps. This system works by compressing down on loose soils to raise and support the slab. Our customer now has peace of mind knowing their front entrance is safe for their family.

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