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The simplest, most effective way to stop basement flooding is to install a full-perimeter French drain or weeping tile in your basement. At Clarke Basement Systems, we take pride in providing homeowners with a drainage system installation quickly and efficiently. On most projects, our installation crews can install a complete perimeter drain and sump pump system in less than two days.

After, we'll provide you with a written lifetime warranty on your system. If you decide to sell your home, this transferrable warranty is available to the new owner. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us by phone or e-mail today! Homeowners in Brampton, Vaughan, Toronto, Markham, and nearby areas throughout Ontario are eligible for a free, no-obligation French drain installation quote, on-site consultation, and a customized, written cost quote.

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Which French drain system is best for you?

Different problems call for different tools to fix them. In the same way that we wouldn't use a hammer to drive in a screw, we do not use the same drain system for every basement waterproofing job we complete.

Each of our weeping tile and drainage systems addresses a unique challenge you may be facing. Some challenges involve the home's design, while others address unusual basement water issues, such as iron ochre.

We offer our customers the following five French drain systems:

  • WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain

    The WaterGuard® basement drain system.

    Why not use PVC pipe for a below-floor drain?

    Typical below-floor drains use PVC pipe, making the installation difficult because sections will be too large to rest on footings, so they will need to remove the extra floor to install it in front instead. That means extra work for you! Plus, this area is in the "mud zone," making them highly vulnerable to clogging. And because they don't come with a wall flange, a 1/2" gap will be left along the edges, notorious for clogging with debris from the floor.

    The solution:

    For a typical basement, our WaterGuard® system is the ideal choice for waterproofing. It is the result of more than two decades of research and development. This system installs below the floor slab, resting on top of the foundation footing, keeping the drainage system out of the "mud zone", where drains can clog.

    The WaterGuard® collects water that seeps through basement walls and drains it to your sump pump. The system is installed with minimal invasion of the slab, and all concrete is restored after installation, leaving a clean, finished appearance.

    Advantages to the WaterGuard® system

    • Installed out of the "mud zone"
    • An anti-clog design
    • Collects leaking water from walls
    • Works for block walls & poured concrete foundations
    • Includes a written lifetime warranty

    We have many products that can collect this water from the walls and windows to redirect it to your below-floor drain, including our FlexiSpan® Wall Crack System and our WellDuct® Window Drain. After, the drainage system directs the water to your sump system.

  • DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipe

    DryTrak® baseboard drain pipe

    If your house has a monolithic foundation, or a foundation that comes with the floor and footing as one piece, jackhammering to install a drain system can be very difficult. In those cases, we use our DryTrak® system to avoid any problems. This system installs over the top of the floor, eliminating the need for excessive excavation.

    DryTrak® provides the same protection and drainage for water seeping through foundation walls, while also giving the clean, finished appearance of a baseboard. The drain is secured to the floor with only a slight opening at the top, allowing water to flow in and drain to your sump pump. DryTrak® comes with a lifetime written warranty.

    Advantages of the DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipe:

    • No jackhammering during installation
    • Collects water from walls & floor joint
    • Above the Mud Zone to prevent clogging
    • Ideal for Monolithic or thick floors
    • Includes a written lifetime warranty

    Many of our wall products double as an aesthetic or insular upgrade. Each of our wall drainage systems can be tucked into your DryTrak® Drain Pipe System, directing the water leaking from your walls to your sump pump system.

  • FlowGuard® Thin Floor Drain System

    The FlowGuard® Thin Floor Drain System

    Sometimes the concrete floor in a basement is too thin for a drain to be installed on top of the footer. If we did install it on top of the footer, the drain would stick up past the concrete slab. We usually address this challenge with our FlowGuard® Thin Floor System. This system is designed to sit in front of the footing in a bed of drainage stone. After installation, the concrete floor is restored over the drain.

    Like our other drain systems, FlowGuard® includes a wall flange, which extends up the wall to direct any leaking water to your sump pump system. This system avoids the "mud zone" to prevent any clogging issues as well. With quick installation and a seamless finish, you'll be able to enjoy protection from leaks in your basement for years to come.

    Advantages of the FlowGuard® Thin Floor Drain:

    • Fits easily under the floor slab
    • A wall flange collects water from the walls
    • Ideal for thin floors
    • Avoids issues with the "mud zone"
    • Fast, effective installation in 1-2 days

    Flooding through floor cracks

    Most floor cracks stop leaking once you install a drain system. However, we can customize your system to address these areas. We can create a lateral line under the floor in spots with large cracks. This drainage line runs from the crack to your sump pump, redirecting the water before it can flood.

  • WaterGuard® IOS Iron Ochre Perimeter Drain

    The WaterGuard® IOS (Iron Ochre System) Drain Tile

    What is iron ochre & iron bacteria?

    Iron bacteria is a microorganism that oxidizes minerals dissolved in water, especially ferrous iron and sometimes manganese. As it does, it creates a thick slime or ooze, usually reddish-brown in coloration, and stains anything it contacts. It also has a swampy, musty smell and causes drinking water to taste terrible. These stains can also show in the laundry if the line contains iron-tainted water.

    Iron bacteria attach inside of pipes, forming layers of iron ochre. Eventually, these layers create a complete blockage of pipes and can even lead to deteriorating pipes, as iron bacteria use the iron from the pipes as a food source. Also, you cannot flush the sludge. You will need to scoop it out.

    The solution:

    If iron bacteria is present in your water, it will create a gelatinous, rust-colored substance known as iron ochre. This unpleasant material is notorious for smelling terrible, staining everything it touches, and clogging drainage systems. Our experts tackle this rare problem with our WaterGuard® IOS Basement Drain.

    This product is a modified version of our WaterGuard® system that includes an extra-wide drain channel and larger drainage openings. To allow for easy drain system maintenance if clogged, the drain system also includes an exposed, removable lid. This system will protect your home from the nasty appearance and smell iron ochre brings while helping prevent any water from seeping into your basement.

    Advantages of the WaterGuard® IOS Drain:

    • A wider, more open design
    • Large,clog-resistant channel
    • A removable lid for easy mainten
    • ance
    • A wall flange to collect wall leaks
    • Typically installs in 1-2 Days
  • TrenchDrain™ Grated Drain Pipe

    The TrenchDrain Grated Drainage Pipe System

    For many homeowners, preventing flooding from an outer entryway such as a hatchway, garage door, or doorway is a priority. In this case we use the TrenchDrain™ Grated Draining Pipe to span the opening and prevent water from flowing into your basement. The grated opening of this system is designed to accept water from the floor, where it's then redirected to your perimeter drain and your sump pump. Here are some applications where is system is commonly used:

    • Garage doors: In this application, the drain will intercept water and direct it to your sump pump system. We always recommend installing the drain along the inside of the garage, where it's much less likely to freeze during winter. Installing our drain along the door will protect the system from clogging with outside debris, such as dirt, sand, sticks, and leaves.
    • Hatchway doors: When installing this system on hatchway doors, we recommend installing them inside the hatchway entrance when possible. Since the system includes a grated opening, it separates the drain from the basement as much as possible.

    This system comes with a removable lid to clear any debris that may enter the drain and is compatible with all our perimeter drain systems. The device lays smoothly across the floor to eliminate tripping hazards. We also recommend installing the drain inside the door to prevent debris from flooding in as well as to prevent freezing in the winter. TrenchDrain™ comes with a written lifetime warranty.

    Advantages of the TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipe:

    • Grated openings collect flooding water
    • Removable lid for cleaning & service
    • Designed to create no tripping hazards
    • Compatible with our other drain systems
    • Works with radon mitigation systems
    • Includes a written lifetime warranty
  • TrenchLock™ Drain Inserts

    TrenchLock system

    Unfortunately, trench drains have the unintended consequence of allowing air from drainage channels and from the ground into the home. This air from the ground may contain hazardous radon gas, a naturally occurring radioactive gas. TrenchLock™ trench drain inserts are specially designed to block unwanted ground air and gasses from entering the basement and ultimately your home.

    TrenchLock™ is an insert that can be installed in an existing trench drain to allow water down without allowing air to come up. The system comes with balls that fit over the drainage holes, which create an airtight seal when there is no water. When water enters the drain, the ball floats to allow the water to drain, sinking back into place as the water drains out. This allows the drain to function perfectly without allowing air to enter.

Let Us Customize A Weeping Tile System For Your Home!

No matter how your house was constructed or what kinds of problems you're facing, our waterproofing products can be combined to create a solution that's ideal for you!

The Basement Systems line of drainage products has been used in warrantied systems for hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide! The complete line of waterproofing products we have available includes panel walls and windows for the basement. To learn more about our products or how our system can work for you, contact us by phone or e-mail today for a free basement waterproofing quote!

We provide services to homeowners located in all areas of the United States and Canada. Our Free Estimates include an on-site inspection and consultation, as well as a written cost quote and a copy of our full-color waterproofing book.

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