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Clarke Basement Systems Job Stories

Mississauga Driveway Slab Lifted Up
Homeowners Richard and Jessica had an unleveled concrete area in the front of their driveway and also along the walkway of their home. We injected PolyLevel to lift the slab on the grade driveway back to it's original plane and we also lifted the front and side walkway to improve slope. We sealed all joints at the house with Nexus Pro Sealent.
SuperSump and WaterGuard Remedy Leaky Mississauga, ON Basement
When Brendon & Anne C. discovered significant water intrusion into their basement, they knew they needed to act before they suffered property damage. While trying to find a contractor up to the challenge, they found Clarke Basement Systems.   Don Clarke met with the couple to diagnose the severity of the situation, and after close inspection he recommended the WaterGuard Perimeter Drainage System, ThermalDry Wall Waterproofing, SuperSump sump pump system, and finally IceGuard to prevent drain lines from freezing. Primary Foreman Jose Martinez oversaw the installation, ensuring a long-lasting solution to Brendon and Anne’s leaky basement. The couple was very happy with the results and would recommend Clarke Basement Systems to others.
Uneven Driveway in Mississauga, ON
Walter  of Mississauga, Ontario had an uneven driveway located at the entrance of his garage. The cement had cracked and had become a tripping hazard for the customer. The customer also had further concerns that water would leak into the cracks and freeze causing further damage to the driveway. Due to the unevenness of the driveway, the customer had a struggle getting into the garage with his vehicle due to the change in the height. After a full review of the problem, Bill and Kyle were able to inject a structural grade polymer into the cement to fill the voids which allowed the concrete to lift and stabilize. The nexus pro sealant was used to seal and fracture cracks that may cause further damage to the driveway. Walter was very pleased with the work done. With having the garage at a safe height, he can now enter the garage with a vehicle. The driveway has an overall more appealing look, without the worry of being a tripping hazard.
Front Step Settled in Mississauga, ON
 Our customer in Mississauga, Ontario, had an issue with the front step of their home that had been sinking for a few years. Recently our customer had noticed that an animal had dug out a large hole underneath the concrete which further weakened the substrate, creating an area where water could wash out any loose soils.   John DiNicolantonio, Project Lead, informed our customer on how the installation process would work. Billy, Installation Foreman, installed:   Polyurethane NexusPro™ Joint Sealant    Our Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete to lift and level the slabs. The foam compresses the substrate and then lifts the concrete, thus ensuring that the area is protected from further settlement. Billy used our NexusPro™ Joint Sealant as a caulking to seal any cracks and gaps in the concrete to prevent water from penetrating the substrate.  Our customer was pleased that our team was able to lift the step back up to its original height and were able to stabilize the rest of the walkway to protect the area from further settlement.
Basement used to leak every year? Mississauga, Ontario
This home in Mississauga, Ontario, had a basement that was causing the owners trouble every spring season. The cellar has multiple floors yearly, so the HVAC room had a leak trickling down to the basement's lower level. The flooding would leave inches of water throughout the whole bottom floor. This would cause the foot to warp, belongings to be damaged, and potential room for mold to grow throughout the basement. With the homeowners calling in waterproofers every year, they did not find one that fixed the job permanently - until they found us. With some research and looking at the top of their search, the homeowners found us- Clarke Basement Systems. Once the appointment call was made, we could send our friendly and honest System Design Specialist, Dean Merendino, to the home for a better look. He suggested our wall membrane and perimeter drainage system to make this basement waterproofed ultimately. The owners trusted his opinion and knew, based on his experience, that he was trustworthy to proceed with the work.     Later that week, our installation duo, Dustin and Alan, arrived at the home to start the waterproofing job. The job was to take half the work day and take two days to properly cure the concrete that was poured on top. Step by step will be to cut out the existing wet drywall along the floor line; from there, we will jackhammer a trench on the perimeter of the floor to create our drainage system. Our clean space membrane will be installed to prevent water from penetrating the walls, our piping in the trench, gravel, then concrete on top. The process seems simple when listed, but Dustin and Alan need to be precise with measurements and ensure they don't disrupt any of the electrical and drainage. The work was done immaculately, and the finished product made it look much neater than the work before. The homeowner was initially skeptical since she wanted to ensure the job was done correctly and know if it would hold out for many years to come. Alan cleaned up the job well, and we used our HEPA-filtered fan to remove all floating dust particles and protect the basement. She was thrilled to see the fantastic work and wanted to the right a review for the great experience. 
Existing Customer Requests New UltraSump®
A previous customer that used Clarke Basement Systems was so impressed with our previous waterproofing that they asked for us to come back as they believed it was time for a new sump pump. Installation Professional Lucio Flores went and installed our patented UltraSump® system. The UltraSump® is equipped with a battery backup that will turn on when a power failure, or outage occurs. We also equip discharge lines with our IceGuard® to prevent any blockages from ice or debris when reaching the exterior of the home.   Think it’s time for a new sump? Call us today!
New Basement Apartment Becomes Unlivable due to Water Seepage
Karen from Mississauga, Ontario, had just recently moved her mom into her basement and was in the middle of transforming it into a proper apartment. Unfortunately, the small unfinished part of the basement had some water seepage from the garage wall. After speaking to System Design Specialist, Dean Merendino, he designed a well-suited solution for Karen and her mom.   A team from CBS first installed our WaterGuard® interior drainage system. Next, they encapsulated the space with our CleanSpace® wall membrane and replaced the old sump with our patented SuperSump®. Collectively; the three installations will work together to collect and dispose of any unwanted water that finds its way into the apartment. When the crew finished, Karen and her mother were thrilled they had chosen the right people to look after their home.  
CleanSpace and SaniDry Repairs in Toronto, ON
When Tony L. discovered his Toronto, ON crawl space was in disrepair, he knew ignoring the problem would only make it worse. Tony contacted Clarke Basement Systems, and their representative Claude Mathieu went out to diagnose the situation.   After examining the property, Claude was able to recommend several crawl space repair products, including the CleanSpace liner and a SaniDry high efficiency dehumidifier. Primary Foreman Jose Martinez and his team arrived on the scene to perform the installation and completed the project quickly and efficiently. Tony was grateful to Clarke Basement Systems for their hard work and courteous service, and he was very pleased with the outcome.
Wet Toronto, ON Basement Fixed With WaterGuard and TripleSafe
The City of Toronto, ON was having issues with one of their water waste plants, which was suffering from water intrusion into the basement after heavy rainfall. The building was 50 years old and was in need of repair, so they reached out to Clarke Basement Systems to remediate their problem.   Claude Mathieu went to the water waste plant to assess the situation, and found that they were in need of effective drainage. He suggested the DryTrak interior waterproofing system, combined with the Flangeless WaterGuard perimeter drainage system. He also advocated the use of the TripleSafe Sump Pump for added protection against future flooding. Primary Foreman Rob Trevisan brought a team of specialists to perform installation, and they have saved the water waste plant from future water issues.
Waterproofing a Future Business Space, Toronto, ON
A home in Toronto, Ontario had water problems in the entire basement of the house. The home was a 100 year old home with a stone foundation. They had groundwater seepage along the walls and hydrostatic pressure forcing water through areas of the thin and unlevelled, broken floor. The homeowner had to have mold remediation. Future plans were to finish the basement so they wanted it waterproofed to ensure that it stayed dry and mold didn’t reoccur. The customers home office was in that room. He relied heavily on that room for his business, but due to the water he couldn’t have his equipment in there. They called Clarke Basement Systems to fix they water problems so they could get their business work space up and running. Our sales rep; Ron Monk explained to the customer that they would need floor removal and replacement, Waterguard, Triplesafe, Cleanspace walls, Iceguard. Dave Jackson, Jose Martinez and the team were prepared to take on this messy job and turn it into a clean, dry work space. The floor replaced provided a sub-floor drainage bed and an adequate 3 inch level floor slab. Waterguard was installed around the full perimeter of the foundation to collect water and take it to a sump pump ensuring the whole basement stays dry. Cleanspace was put on the walls to reduce relative humidity, ensure wall leaks are drained to the Waterguard and protects the finished walls installed on top of it. The Triplesafe sump system ensures the basement stays dry all the time with the Iceguard protecting the home in the event of frozen or blocked discharge lines. The client was satisfied because the basement is now dry and ready for finishing. They can now renovate that space and use it for their business without worrying about leakage or flooding!
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