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Clarke Basement Systems Job Stories

Mississauga Driveway Slab Lifted Up
Homeowners Richard and Jessica had an unleveled concrete area in the front of their driveway and also along the walkway of their home. We injected PolyLevel to lift the slab on the grade driveway back to it's original plane and we also lifted the front and side walkway to improve slope. We sealed all joints at the house with Nexus Pro Sealent.
Pool Deck Lift in Bowmanville
A homeowner from Bowmanville, Ontario was unhappy with the concrete that had started to raise around their pool. They felt that their pool was unsafe for their family and friends to enjoy. After doing research they came across Clarke Basement Systems online and found that they could repair the potential trip hazards around the perimeter of their pool for a very affordable cost. The repair took less than 4 hours and this homeowner's pool was safe for use!
Happy Homeowners in Brampton, ON
Homeowners from Brampton, Ontario called Clarke Basement Systems inquiring about our PolyLevel System, explaining that they had unlevelled areas of concrete around their home and they were becoming more and more dangerous. They called a few companies who suggested to rip out the walkway and other concrete areas and pour fresh concrete, which would cost a ton. They came across our company on the internet and requested for one of our sales reps to come out and take a look.   Once our rep Trevor took a look and provided a quote, homeowners Kevin and Sarah were thrilled of the affordability and speed and were happy to get started right away.  the installation time from start to finish took only a few hours and Billy and his team were on time, very polite and cleaned up after the job.  Overall the homeowners were really happy!
Lifted Sidewalk with PolyLEVEL
Customer, Michael M who lives in Brampton, ON realized many trip hazards around his home, he called a few companies to see what could be done to fix the cracked and uneven concrete around the sidewalk areas of his home and most of these companies suggested ripping out the concrete and pouring new concrete. After speaking with Clarke Basement Systems, we provided her iht an alternative that was more affordable and efficient. Michael had someone come out to take a look at the job. Trevor, our trusted sales technician, looked and the cracks and recommended PolyLevel.  Bill, our trusted installer Injected PolyLevel to lift and level 170' of sidewalk at the curb and eliminate trip hazards. He also sealed affected control joints with Nexus Pro.   
Pool Deck Repair in Waterloo
Today we injected a pool deck to improve slope and remove trip hazards. The homeowner was concerned about the areas of their pool that were potentially dangerous due to the cracks and slopes. After calling Clarke Basement Systems and receiving a free inspection they were given the best and most affordable options to repair these hazards around their pool. Installers Billy and his team came out and used PolyLevel to even out the surfaces and level it up so that the trip hazards were removed. It took only 4-5 hours and the lift was nearly 3".  
Lift of a Concrete Slab in Waterloo Home
Homeowner realized some raised areas in their backyard concrete. They were thinking of ripping out and redoing their entire backyard patio area. After doing some research they found an alternative, which was using PolyLevel. Clarke Basement Systems scheduled our installer Billy to go to the home and install our affordable, efficient PolyLevel system to repair the unleveled concrete areas in this homeowner's backyard patio area. The installers lifted a concrete slab on grade backyard patio and sealled it with Nexus Pro. They injected at a 4' depth to insure concerete is stabilized and leveled.
Eliminating Leaks in Whitevale, ON
Neil H. realized that the old concrete floor in his basement would continuously leak with even the lightest rainfall. This situation, in turn, resulted in less than desirable odours protruding from the exposed dirt area that would waft throughout the home. Neil felt as if he could not go on vacation for fear of the house flooding. Clarke Basement Systems put his mind to ease when they provided a permanent solution to this wet basement problem. This solution included our patented WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain, CleanSpace® Basement Wall Vapor Barrier and TripleSafe™ Complete Sump Pump System. The systems were able to collaborate in a manner where they removed unwanted water, gross odours and kept water out of the basement. Now Neil H. is worry-free and available to go on vacation whenever he wants. Clarke Basement Systems is glad to have been able to assist this Whitevale, ON homeowner with a permanent solution against leaks and unwanted odours.
Removed Tripping Hazards in King City
Commercial property in King City had a lot of trip hazards around the walkway. We removed trip hazards by injecting PolyLevel to remove numerous trip hazards on the main walkway for a plastics moulding facility. 
Unreliable Sump Flooded This Basement Regularly! Alton, ON
A customer in Alton, ON, had a water issue in their basement. They had a foundation crack on the back wall of the basement and an untrustworthy sump system with no battery backup. This was a problem because the crack was leaking water into the customer’s basement and the sump could not keep up with the amount of water it was receiving. When the power went out, the customer’s water levels rose above the floor level! This situation affected the customer’s quality of life, peace of mind, the value of the home and mold was even beginning to grow! The customer called Clarke Basement Systems and booked an appointment with our Waterproofing Specialist, Ben Wallis. Ben isolated the issue and developed a solution to keep the basement permanently waterproofed. Installation technician Mark Dougherty installed one FlexiSpan™ wall crack repair inside of the basement, which is permanent. Additionally, the sump system was replaced with one Zoeller™ Sump Pump and an UltraSump™ battery backup. The wall crack repair system seals the crack and provides a secondary drainage strategy – groundwater can never get to the floor again for the lifetime of the home. The Zoeller primary sump pump removes water from the sump liner and when the power is out the UltraSump™ battery backup system takes over and removes the water from the sump liner.  The customer was satisfied because the FlexiSpan™ wall crack repair system stopped the leak. It also carries a lifetime, nationally-backed warranty that is fully-transferable with the title of the home. Additionally, the sump equipment installed gave the homeowner peace of mind that the new equipment could keep up with the amount of water flowing into the sump system and the battery backup would take care of business when the power goes out. 
Solving a Leaky Situation in Cedar Valley, ON
Rick W was getting to sell his home and noticed that he had a crack in his basement near his electrical panel. This became a problem as it would occasionally leak resulting in a wet floor and due to the proximity to the electrical panel, Rick was concerned that the incoming water could potentially affect the electrical appliances in his home. He contacted Clarke Basement Systems for the best permanent solution for his wet basement. The best solution included using Delta drainage matting, liquid rubber and excavation. By removing the electrical panel and excavating the surrounding area outside, the crack was exposed and ready for the application of Delta drainage matting and liquid rubber. After installation, the panel was put back onto the wall. These systems effectively sealed the crack, protecting the electrical panel and preventing the possibility of ever having to clean up unwanted water again. Now, rest assured, Rick W. doesn’t have to think twice about a wet basement floor, nor be concerned about water affecting his electrical panel again. Clarke Basement Systems is pleased to have been able to assist this Cedar Valley, ON homeowner with ensuring that his basement stays dry.
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