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Clarke Basement Systems Job Stories

Lift of a Front & Back Porch in Elmwood, ON
Clarke Basement Systems inspector, Robert, went to this home in Elmwood, ON after receiving an inquiry about repairing various cracks around this home. After a thorough inspection, Robert recommended using Polylevel to affordable repair the areas with unlevel and cracked concrete. The homeowners agreed and an appointment was set for the technician Billy and his team to come out and make the necessary repairs. This resulted in their team lifting areas around the front and back porch. They also repaired an area which sloped away from the home and cracks were leveled and sealed with Nexus Pro Sealent.
Pool Deck Repair in Waterloo
Today we injected a pool deck to improve slope and remove trip hazards. The homeowner was concerned about the areas of their pool that were potentially dangerous due to the cracks and slopes. After calling Clarke Basement Systems and receiving a free inspection they were given the best and most affordable options to repair these hazards around their pool. Installers Billy and his team came out and used PolyLevel to even out the surfaces and level it up so that the trip hazards were removed. It took only 4-5 hours and the lift was nearly 3".  
Lift of a Concrete Slab in Waterloo Home
Homeowner realized some raised areas in their backyard concrete. They were thinking of ripping out and redoing their entire backyard patio area. After doing some research they found an alternative, which was using PolyLevel. Clarke Basement Systems scheduled our installer Billy to go to the home and install our affordable, efficient PolyLevel system to repair the unleveled concrete areas in this homeowner's backyard patio area. The installers lifted a concrete slab on grade backyard patio and sealled it with Nexus Pro. They injected at a 4' depth to insure concerete is stabilized and leveled.
Groundwater Seepage in South Bruce Peninsula, ON
There was a basement in South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, that had ground water seepage in several areas of the basement. There was 2 inches of water and the homeowner could not finish their basement until it was fully waterproofed.  The customer called Clarke Basement Systems and spoke to Robert Langton who explained the proccess we would do to waterproof the home. Jose Martinez and the team came in and installed DryTrak, SuperSump and CleanSpace. The DryTrak is because the home has a monolithic foundation, meaning that your floor and footing were poured as one piece, this is the only drainage system that's appropriate. The CleanSpace wall membrane is to collect any water into the DryTrak and into the installed SuperSump. The SuperSump then pushes the access water out away from the home through the IceGuard. The customer is happy because now the basement is dry and healthy and they can renovate the basement!
Pool Deck PolyLevel Injection in Waterloo, ON
These homeowners noticed a void underneath their pool deck which created a breeding ground unwanted critters. After asking looking for solutions and calling many companies, they came across Clarke Basement Systems. After sending out an inspector their critter problem was over in just a few hours. the scope of work for this project included injecting the pool deck to fill the void. Critters had excavated under the deck, with the end goal of obtaining some well needed Critter Control! 
Bowing Walls Fixed Before it Worsens, Douro Dummer, ON
A basement in Douro Dummer, Ontario, had issues with the basement walls. The Block Foundation walls were bowing in and it could have caused possible Structural collapse of the foundation. The homeowner did not want further damage to the home and knew they would not be able to sell the home without it being fixed.  They called Clarke Basement Systems to find a fix for this issue. Shane O’Rourke, Luke Haverkort and the Foundation Supportworks team came in and used Powerbraces patented foundation wall repair system designed to stabilize failing basement walls and allow for potential straightening over time. They also installed Carbonarmor; a carbon fiber strap conceived especially for buckling block foundation walls to keep the wall from moving again. This customer saved 10’s of thousands of dollars in conventional wall and or foundation replacement and saved the value of the home!   
Unhealthy Crawlspace Evacuates Homeowner ,Oro Medonte, ON
A home in Oro Medonte had a very unhealthy, musty smell all over the home caused by their crawlspace condition. The space was wet, musty,  and starting to mold. Due to obvious health reasons the customer could not use the home in the current condition. Until this problem was fixed the customer could not move back into home. They called Clarke Basement Systems to come up with a solution. Rob Malcomson took a good look and explained to the customer the whole procedure that would be done. Jose Martinez and the team came in and installed Cleanspace encapsulation to separate earth moisture. Drainage matting was put in to allow water to move under encapsulation to sump pump location. Regrading of the dirt floor was done to allow water to flow to the sump pump. We removed the debris to clean up the space prior to encapsulation. Smart Jacks were installed to secure the crawlspace and replace the old beam that was settling. The customer was able to move back into home and the space is now managed and healthy, no smells and supported with warranty.
Storage Space Ruined by Water Leakage, Sutton, ON
A home in Sutton, Ontario had problems in the side split, back wall and crawl space. The floors were wet and they used the spaces for storage. The owner eventually wanted to sell the home but could not, in the condition that it was in. They wanted to fix these problems to make use of the space they had and be able to sell the home for a good price.   The customer called Clarke Basement Systems to put an end to their water problems. They talked to Chris Luke who explained to them what exactly needed to be done.  Jose Martinez and the team came in and installed Thermal Dry Wall membrane on the walls of the basement and crawlspace to direct any moisture or water into the Watergaurd. They installed a Watergaurd with Waterguard ports leading into the installed Supersump. An Iceguard was put in, outside of the house to push out the water away from the home and protect it from cold weather.  The customer now has dry floors, even in 4' high crawl space and they can use their space for storage. This home is now able to be sold when the customer wants to sell. 
Multiple Crack Repair in Mississauga, ON
A home in Mississauga, Ontario had several wall cracks located in the basement and crawlspace. The wall cracks were leaking causing damage to some wall material in the finished area of the basement and there was water on the floor of the crawlspace which could damage stored items. The homeowner didn't want the problems to worsen and wanted to finish parts of the basement.  The customer called Clarke Basement Systems and spoke to Ron Monk who explained everything that would be done to the impacted areas. Mark Dougherty and the team came in and installed Flexispan Wall Crack Repair System and Drainage systems. Flexispan seals the crack with a polyurethane sealant then provides a secondary drainage strategy to ensure the wall crack never leaks again. No amount of wall movement will cause the crack to leak again. The crack is sealed first with a flexible polyurethane sealant. A secondary drainage membrane is installed over the first layer and then a third layer of the polyurethane sealant is applied. The floor is opened up below the crack and cactus board is installed on the footing. When the floor is restored, the cactus board allows for a gap between the floor and wall and footing and floor. This drainage strategy ensures that if the crack ever leaked through the first polyurethane seal it would be drained to the sub-floor by the secondary drainage membrane. The customer was satisfied because the cracks were permanently repaired with a 25 year warranty against leakage. The warranty is nationally backed through the Basement Systems Dealer Network and is transferable should they decide to sell the home.  
Bowing Basement wall Hepworth, ON
Our customer in Hempworth, ON, recently bought a cottage and she quickly became worried about the bowing walls in the basement. An appointment was set up with our System Design Specialist, Robert Langton. After arriving for the appointment and checking out the basement, Robert realized there were quite a few challenges in the basement. First, Robert needed to confirm the source of the problem and then fix the damaged walls. The solution needed to make sure that this problem would not happen again. The fill soils on the outside of the cottage were getting saturated with water and expanding or freezing causing the damage to the walls. The lack of drainage compounded the situation.   Robert designed a custom system for this cottage that would fix all the problems in the basement as soon as possible with the help of Shane O’Rourke, Foreman, and Luke Haverkort.   We permanently stabilized the foundation by installing our PowerBrace® System on the walls to prevent further movement inward. This solution gave the customer the opportunity to attempt to straighten the walls over time if she wanted to in the future. Our WaterGuard® drainage system was installed to manage ground water seepage into the cottage and drain water from the blocks after they were drilled. By giving water a path of least resistance and allowing it to drain into the system, the water table (hydrostatic pressure) will be lower around the cottage. It will stay low at all times and be more manageable when during spring thaws with warm rain and storms. A SuperSump® was installed to collect the water and discharge it away from the cottage. A CleanSpace Wall system was installed to prevent water and moisture from entering the cottage. Moisture will wick up to 5 miles through concrete – sealing as much of the concrete surfaces as possible greatly reduces the amount of moisture cottages or homes have to deal with.   Our customer was very happy with the results of the all the work that was completed in the cottage and was able to enjoy using a dry, safe basement.
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