Clarke Basement Systems Job Stories

Rear Patio Sunk Overtime, Oakville, ON
A home in Oakville, Ontario had a problem located at the rear patio of the house. The concrete patio had sunk over time and was beginning to slope towards the foundation. The patio was poured on top of loose soils around the foundation. Since these soils were loose, the weight of the concrete further compressed the area leading to sinking and settling throughout the patio. The customer had recently moved into the home and was worried the sloping patio would lead to water damage in the basement. The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling and spoke to John DiNicolantonio who explained the process of out solution. Kyle McKeown came in and used the PolyLevel Foam System and NexusPro Joint Sealant. It was injected beneath the concrete, through small dime sized holes. The foam followed the path of least resistance underneath the concrete to fill all of the voids and then expanded. The patio was lifted back to the original level and is protected from further settlement. The customer was very happy that we were able to complete the lift on the patio and do so in a timely manner.  
Sunken Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON
Sunken concrete originates from poor soil conditions. Over time the loose soils compress and washout causing the concrete to settle. Our customer had replaced part of their concrete walkway because it had severely settled causing it to crack. Our customer had noticed more signs of settling and did not want to pay a significant amount of money to have the whole walkway replaced again.   Luckily, they called Canadian Concrete Leveling! System Design Specialist, John DiNicolantonio, met with our customer and provided a cost-efficient solution for their settled concrete issue. Foreman, Billy injected Polyurethane that expands under the sunken concrete and compresses against the loose soils to lift and stabilize the walkway. The Polyurethane protects against further settlement.   Our customer is satisfied and happy that our company was able to offer a permanent solution. The walkway is now level and protected with our lifetime warranty!
Pool Deck Repairs in Milton, ON
Homeowners Jim and Cheryl have an amazing home in Milton, ON but had some issues with their Backyard, specifically around the pool area that they felt had to be fixed because of all the cracks and unleveled surfaces. They pondered and researched ways they could fix the many unleveled surfaces around their pool and came across Clarke Basement Systems and Canadian Concrete Leveling online. They saw so many great reviews and decided to give them a phone call. After setting up an appointment with Trevor who took them around their home, gave them detailed information on how exactly we could help them and found other potential issues that they could fix, they felt comfortable booking us to do the job. A team came in and got the entire job done within half a day and also cleaned up the area perfectly. Overall it was a great job and great team, I would definitely use and recommend them again.
Mississauga Driveway Slab Lifted Up
Homeowners Richard and Jessica had an unleveled concrete area in the front of their driveway and also along the walkway of their home. We injected PolyLevel to lift the slab on the grade driveway back to it's original plane and we also lifted the front and side walkway to improve slope. We sealed all joints at the house with Nexus Pro Sealent.
Repairing a Pool Deck in Toronto, ON
Homeowners from Toronto had many difficulties with their pool area that they needed to attend to and were looking for an affordable, effective solution they could use. After asking around and doing some research of their own, they ran in to Clarke Basement Systems and Canadian Concrete Leveling and they found an interesting, affordable solution called PolyLevel which is a structural grade polymer used as a superior alternative to mudjacking, to raise and level broken concrete slabs, patios, driveways and sidewalks. They decided to go this route and now they have a very nice pool deck and have removed all potential trip hazards surrounding the pool. Now these homeowners can enjoy their pool.
Pool Deck Lift in Bowmanville
A homeowner from Bowmanville, Ontario was unhappy with the concrete that had started to raise around their pool. They felt that their pool was unsafe for their family and friends to enjoy. After doing research they came across Clarke Basement Systems online and found that they could repair the potential trip hazards around the perimeter of their pool for a very affordable cost. The repair took less than 4 hours and this homeowner's pool was safe for use!
Happy Homeowners in Brampton, ON
Homeowners from Brampton, Ontario called Clarke Basement Systems inquiring about our PolyLevel System, explaining that they had unlevelled areas of concrete around their home and they were becoming more and more dangerous. They called a few companies who suggested to rip out the walkway and other concrete areas and pour fresh concrete, which would cost a ton. They came across our company on the internet and requested for one of our sales reps to come out and take a look.   Once our rep Trevor took a look and provided a quote, homeowners Kevin and Sarah were thrilled of the affordability and speed and were happy to get started right away.  the installation time from start to finish took only a few hours and Billy and his team were on time, very polite and cleaned up after the job.  Overall the homeowners were really happy!
Lifted Sidewalk with PolyLEVEL
Customer, Michael M who lives in Brampton, ON realized many trip hazards around his home, he called a few companies to see what could be done to fix the cracked and uneven concrete around the sidewalk areas of his home and most of these companies suggested ripping out the concrete and pouring new concrete. After speaking with Clarke Basement Systems, we provided her iht an alternative that was more affordable and efficient. Michael had someone come out to take a look at the job. Trevor, our trusted sales technician, looked and the cracks and recommended PolyLevel.  Bill, our trusted installer Injected PolyLevel to lift and level 170' of sidewalk at the curb and eliminate trip hazards. He also sealed affected control joints with Nexus Pro.   
Pool Deck Repair in Waterloo
Today we injected a pool deck to improve slope and remove trip hazards. The homeowner was concerned about the areas of their pool that were potentially dangerous due to the cracks and slopes. After calling Clarke Basement Systems and receiving a free inspection they were given the best and most affordable options to repair these hazards around their pool. Installers Billy and his team came out and used PolyLevel to even out the surfaces and level it up so that the trip hazards were removed. It took only 4-5 hours and the lift was nearly 3".  
Lift of a Concrete Slab in Waterloo Home
Homeowner realized some raised areas in their backyard concrete. They were thinking of ripping out and redoing their entire backyard patio area. After doing some research they found an alternative, which was using PolyLevel. Clarke Basement Systems scheduled our installer Billy to go to the home and install our affordable, efficient PolyLevel system to repair the unleveled concrete areas in this homeowner's backyard patio area. The installers lifted a concrete slab on grade backyard patio and sealled it with Nexus Pro. They injected at a 4' depth to insure concerete is stabilized and leveled.
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