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Clarke Basement Systems Q&A

How serious are cracks in the basement?

The severity of wall cracks in your foundation can vary. Small, hairline cracks typically don't allow water in, but larger cracks and foundation separation can lead to several serious issues. As water enters the wall and expands it can cause the foundation to shift and swell. Water can also make it through these cracks, leading to a flooded basement.

How to fix cracked foundation wall?

Foundation cracks are common in many Ontario homes. They typically don't cause any issues, but if water finds a way through some serious problems can occur. Our FlexiSpan Crack Repair System starts by filling the crack with a polyurethane sealant. The sealant goes both directly in the crack and is spread over the exterior before a drain is added on top. An in-floor drain is dug below to catch any additional water that seeps through. This method can be done by itself or as part of a full basement waterproofing system.

What does the delta membrane do in a foundation?

Delta Membrane is a unique product that acts as a drainage layer while also stopping seeping water from making contact with the foundation. The dimples built into the membrane allow for water to easily drain away from a home's foundation.
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