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Testimonials for Clarke Basement Systems

Sharon H. of Allenford, ON
Monday, February 12th
Every time I contacted Clarke Basement, they were on time and returned any calls promptly, and if i had any questions they answered the questions personally. I believe the job was done very professionally and the two installers had no problem with me watching them doing the work and answered any question I had. I'd recommend Clark Basement Systems to almost anyone!
Scott F. of Missisauga, ON
Wednesday, September 21st
There was a corner in the basement of Gary M.'s Mississauga, ON home where a water puddle would mysteriously form every time it rained. Gary was puzzled by the fact that there were no other signs of water intrusion on the walls or ceiling. After doing some research online, he called Clarke Basement Systems for help. In this video we speaks about the entire experience, from the first inspection all the way through completion Gary is also very happy with the results. His basement is now dry all the time, rain or shine.
Gary M. of Mississauga, ON
Wednesday, March 8th
We had a small leak in our basement window and when we opened up the dry wall to find out the source of the leak we found that there was a bunch of mold behind the drywall and as we took off more and more drywall we found more and more mold.  And we have small children so obviously this was a big concern for us. So we ended up taking off all the drywall in our basement and in the process we found that the basement had leaks all over our basement. Originally, we thought we would have to do some sort of outside drainage system. But we were refrred to Clarke and Clarke was able to offer a system from the inside of our basement that would essentially tell the water that we're not going to try to keep you out -  if you have to come in, then come in but were going to channel that water where we can bring it to a sump pump and pump it out of our house and keep out basement 100% dry.  We had a great experience with Clarke Basement Systems. They were extremeley knowledgeable. They were really professional.  I love their confidence.  I'd ask them questions like ' if we ever have water down the road..' and their answer would be: 'You're not going to have water down the road'.  And I just loved that there was any sense of doubt. They knew their system worked. They were very professional. They explained everything very very clearly and they started the job exactly when they said they would start, they finished when they said they would finish it. They cleaned up every day. They were friendly. They were kind to my kids and they were really a pleasure to work with.  I would absolutely recommend Clarke to my friends. It's amazing because I told my friends when we first came to this house there was kind of an off smell to the basement.  We just sort of thought this is how basements are - they're damp, they have funny smells, they're not like the rest of the house. Now that they've been down there and they've done their work, our basement is dry as a bone.  It smells like a regular room in our house and we feel completely confident that we're not going to have any water and we can go back to living our lives and enjoying the space again.
Joni of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
Elizabeth from Toronto called on Clarke Basement Systems for help with her wet basement. From the initial proposal and assessment and throughout the entire process, our specialists explained all the repairs and provided literature to explain all the work that needed to be done. They got the job done quickly and efficiently so that the family could enjoy their dry space in no time!
Elizabeth of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, July 10th
Dalia C. of Toronto, ON
Friday, May 22nd
Debbie, a customer from Toronto, offers her feedback about the great experience she had with Clarke Basement Systems.  She was impressed with how quickly they could do the work (the installers came the following week), and how clean the installers left the area.  There was no mess, and they left a very clean installation of drywall. She had a TripleSump installed with a triple battery back up to solve her water problems.  She says the instructions were easy to understand and everything was explained to her in detail. Another satisfied customer from Clarke Basement Systems!
Debbie of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
Paul: Hi, I’m Paul at Canadian Concrete levelling and I am here with Ian Rogers from Silverline Helicopter. Thank you for having us here to look after your repairs.   Ian: Thank you for coming!   Paul: So we’re repairing a sinking office area, sinking down towards the outside wall and were using our patented Polylevel system to lift and level the floor for you. I know you explored a bunch of options for doing the repair, how did you come to decide to use us?   Ian: Well, i decided on you guys because I had looked at Mud Jacking before and while it probably may have worked I was most concerned about the disruption to the office. The system required that we would have to punch some holes in the wall so that they could access the areas that needed to be lifted. i was also concerned about the mass that was involved. With your system, i learned more when you came and told me about it, i have also accessed the information on your company on the internet, learned as much about your system that way. I gave you a call and then you came in. You're system is very un intrusive, even from a standpoint of lack of mass the leftovers seemed to be pretty much minimal. there was very little evidence that you guys were even there.    Paul: I know I was trying to explain it all to you when I was here. It is hard to describe the process, but now that you're here, you've actually seen the process being done, and how quick it is.   Ian: Ya, well I mean you guys don’t have the same amount of pressures. You are not trying to force the same amount of stuff through the pipe, so you have a much smaller hose and a much longer hose, the other guys didn’t have that, so the other guys would have had to go through the walls and it was going to be very disruptive.    Paul: Ya we have a 300 foot line on the truck so we can get to a lot of places, and the holes are only the size of a penny. Well again, thank you for your business, and I know you'll be happy with the repairs.   Ian: Yes its been something thats been bothering me for quite some time. It was never a hazard to say, but optically it was quite bad.    Paul: Especially in such a meticulous precision business that you're in.   Ian: Ya and for us what a customer sees is very important when they walk into a door, and when they see that the floor had sunk its not good for us. I very much appreciate it!   Paul: thank you for your business!
Silverline Helicopters, Ian R. of Holland Landing, ON
Friday, June 16th
Marco C. of Belle Ewart, ON
Monday, June 3rd
Loretta W. of Keswick, ON
Friday, May 22nd
After being satisfied with previous waterproofing services performed by Clarke Basement Systems, Jim from Markham, Ontario decided to call us when he discovered a wet carpet in his basement. Rather than just fixing the problem, our specialists were able to inspect the home’s water issues and suggest solutions, including perimeter drainage and proper use of a window well. Jim is now educated on how to prevent future water problems and is able to enjoy a dry basement!
Jim of Markham, ON
Tuesday, July 10th
it was a very good experience. Starting from the estimate - the estimator came in and was very professional.  He gave me a good estimate and an approximate timeline. As it turned out your service departement called me before the timeline, so my work was done 2/3 weeks before I was anticipating.  Your crew showed up on the scheduled time. They were pretty professional and diligent. The work was quite messy because they were doing lots of excavation and whatnot. But once they left the whole area was absolutely clean.  There wasn't even a trace that there was any work was done here.  They dusted the window wells and they showed me that the drainage system was ok by flooding it with water and everything. So, yea - I was quite impressed.  Later there was a little bit of settlement in the gravel which they filled in. I gave you a call and the person showed up within a couple of hours and filled with gravel and everything. That was a few weeks later.  I am quite satisfied with the work.
Nadeen of Markham, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
Pam K. of Stouffville, ON
Tuesday, July 9th
Richard, and I live in Whitchurch Stouffville. A referral, a friend of ours used Clarke and suggested we give them a call, which we did. Ya we had a crack in our foundation in our basement, and it was leaking into our basement and actually into our other room where we had carpet and stuff. Well it was a great experience right from the start. Right from the phone call, initial phone call, but what really impressed me was we set up an appointment with the consultant, but they emailed a package out before, talking about the company and how they were going to repair our leak, which I was impressed with. We had that come in the mail and then the consultant came and he was very professional. He went through it throughly with us, trying to figure out how to solve our problem and gave us a quote that we were very impressed with. Well its not as damp of course, and theres no water running into our basement anymore and its a lot better. Professional! From start to finish. from the initial phone call, to the meet and greet, to the job being done. It was seamless. How conscious they were. they were laid back, not pushy and explained everything very throughly. 
Richard B. of Stouffville, ON
Thursday, May 25th
"My experience was excellent.  Intially, I was concerned because my basement was full of water.  We just bought this century home. We had shopped around and talked to a number of people and I was concerned about cost and what was needed to be done. Most people wanted to get on with the job, dig up the entire foundation and waterproof the outside. Clarke came in and sat down with me, did an analysis first of all and went over what some of the options were.  There were a couple of different approaches we could take and we ended up going with a couple of different solutions and it really gave me the confidence that you guys knew what you were doing.  He probably spent better part of 2/3 hours before he made any recommendations.  He sat down and walked me through what was going on with my home and what he recommended and what some different solutions might be and some different costings as well. Interestingly enough we did 2 approaches: 1: we were digging outside which solved one part of the problem in a recent renovation of the house, and 2: in the century home with did an interior fix which is an interior drain which is the best of both worlds.  Since it's been done - absolutely dry! We would absolutely recommend Clark Basement Systems."
Mark of Stouffville, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
Hello Clarke Basement Systems, I want to let you know that I think you have top quality staff. Lucio was the manager of the job - and he was amazing.  So respectful of my home and he let me know every step of the way what was happening. I appreciate Ryan as well - he was the sales rep on the job and he was here today as well - and will be back tomorrow with some additional supplies.  Brandon was another person at my home today - he was also very polite and respectful.  I do not know the name of the third person - but he was again - very thoughtful and respectful. A lot of progress was made today and I saw all of the photos of the space.  I appreciate your staff so much.  You are lucky to have such amazing staff in your company.   Regards, Catherine
Catherine P. of Fenelon Falls, ON
Tuesday, October 8th
Done Fast. Friendly. Efficient. Extra care for my property was appreciated. The guys were great.
Randy B. of Saugeen Shores, ON
Wednesday, September 11th
Firstly let me start by commenting on our complete satisfaction with the work your firm completed last summer.  The crawlspace has remained a constant temperature of about 57 degrees and the "cottage smell" had decreased dramatically.  (We also haven't seen any sign of mice!)  Exactly the results we were hoping for!   When we had the work done last summer you mentioned that you are anticipating a smaller dehumidifier for small crawlspaces like ours.  We were wondering if that is available yet as we are interested in finding out more about it for our home.   We also wanted to pass along some comments we received while getting an estimate for an addition to the front of our house.  The architects were in the crawlspace and commented that "the crawlspace encapsulation was the best they had ever seen.  Everyone with a crawlspace should have that done!" I did send him your company's contact information as we agree with his comments.  It was great to hear such positive feedback from professionals who obviously see more than their fair share of crawlspaces up here.   Thank you again for your great service.  We look forward to hearing back from you about the dehumidifier.   Julie and John
Julie S. of Port Elgin, ON
Sunday, June 25th
Hey Robert – just a quick note that we are still very happy with our basement system and the we are VERY happy we have it installed before all this rain comes in tonightJ   Thanks again for being at that trade show!   Kelly
Kelly & Peter P. of Priceville, ON
Wednesday, June 21st
Very polite & responsive.......a great bunch that worked well together.
W. K. of Brooklin, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
To those considering the use of Clarke Basement Systems. I'm writing this letter to recommend them as professional, customer-focused subject-matter experts.  From pre-sales to clean up, they get the job done with an informative, "no dumb questions" approach to the customer experience, and above all, with the quality they'd expect if they'd been the homeowners.  For us, they've fixed three window wells and two cracks in our home's foundation, and they've given us the confidence to shift from repairs to home improvements in the basement. Thanks again Don, and special thanks for being onsite and building quality into your business.
Jean-Luc P. of Markham, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
Customer Comments: Just wanted to tell you about the great service we got from Rob and Partner yesterday when we had a problem with our system - Matt came today and finished the job and we found him very helpful in solving our problem. Your follow up system is excellent - hope I am on the right site to say the 3 guys who came yest and today were great and we appreciate their professionalism and courtesy Matt was really great with Rob and Partner right behind.
Catherine M. of Pickering, ON
Friday, February 21st
Had Matt do our annual service on Thursday and once again great. He was earlier than expected, had called ahead, he was polite, efficient ,and the maintenance was completed. Explained what he did and was on his way. Pleased with the whole system since installation several years ago.
Dave D. of Newcastle, ON
Thursday, May 29th
The Clarke Basement Systems team was very professional and knowledgeable. They were all very helpful explaining the system to me and gave me tips on how to keep it in good repair !!! Thanks very much and will absolutely reccommend! 
Jan T. of Haliburton, ON
Friday, July 29th
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Lucio and Pedro.  They were polite, efficient and did a great job.  It was a real pleasure having them here and they answered all my questions in a very pleasant way.  I will recommend your business to anyone who asks.
Don M. of Peterborough, ON
Friday, September 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Wayne D.
Clarke Basements installed the basement system and TripleSafe sump pump into our home and now we feel protected against water problems in even the worst seasons. Steve explained the system professionally and patiently without pressure and Jose headed up the install with confidence and care. Thanks, Wayne D 
Wayne D. of Courtice, ON
Thursday, July 6th
An increasing leak problem in the cold cellar beneath the main house entranceway led to a call to Clarke Basement Systems. From that moment onward, I was treated with complete courtesy and respect. Although I had to wait several weeks for an estimate, the wait was definitely worth it. Steve presented me with a clear overview of the steps necessary to fix the problem. Luke and his crew completed the work in a very professional manner, keeping me informed of the step-by-step process. Two months after the installation was finished, a small leak occurred following a heavy all-day rainfall. My call to the Clarke office was handled by Amber and Rob with complete courtesy and respect. One day later, Luke returned to my house, inspected the problem, and made the necessary repairs to my basement system. The clincher for me is that throughout this entire process I was treated as a respected client. "You get what you pay for" and Clarke Basement Systems certainly gets my recommendation.
John T. of Oshawa, ON
Thursday, August 17th
I called CBS based on reviews from this site. My call was handled very professionally as well as the actual appointment. Steve made me feel at ease right away. It was an easy decision to go with CBS! The installation was completed within the time frame and cost as quoted.That makes me happy and able to recommend CBS. Thanks!.
Nancy S. of Whitby, ON
Thursday, August 17th
As a single woman in my first home, I was overwhelmed when my basement flooded. From my initial call to Clarke Basement Systems through to the completion of the repairs, I was treated with respect while each step of the project was explained to me. I compared price quotes with other companies and found Clarke's cost to be most reasonable, as well as their staff to be very knowledgable and patient with my questions. Steve explained what the repair would entail and how long it would take. Then when Jarod came to actually do the repairs, he explained it again and invited me to view the project at each step so that I truly and completely understood what was going on...and why the leak would never happen again! Thank you to Jarod and Steve for their professionalism and exceptional service! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a permanent solution to a leaky basement!
Larissa A. of Markham, ON
Thursday, August 17th
Dear Clarke Basements, Well, there are just so many people to thank over at Clarke's, for taking the time to explain everything to me and then doing such a wonderful job with the instillation. From Stephanie at the office, who kept me in the loop as to the times and team who would be doing the work, to Steve Mathews who came over to the house for the initial inspection. Steve gave me various options without any pressure and was very patient and good natured as he outlined each strategy. When the day came for the instillation, I was again rewarded, with the arrival of Matt and Brandon. They simply could not have been nicer. By the time they left, I felt I could become a member of the team, in that they provided me with all the information and took me through all the steps I might need to ensure the proper maintenance of my new equipment. They left a clean worksite and a happy client. And finally, I would be remiss, if I didn't thank Connie back at the office for helping me with a question I had forgotten to ask Matt and Brandon. Her fine sense of humour and knowledge of company, was simply the icing on the cake. I would not hesitate to recommend Clarke Basement Systems to those in need. Yours, Shane
Shane D. of Port Hope, ON
Thursday, August 17th
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