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Every time I contacted Clarke Basement, they were on time and returned any calls promptly, and if i had any questions they answered the questions personally. I believe the job was done very professionally and the two installers had no problem with me watching them doing the work and answered any question I had. I'd recommend Clark Basement Systems to almost anyone!
Scott F. of Missisauga, ON
Wednesday, September 21st
Elizabeth from Toronto called on Clarke Basement Systems for help with her wet basement. From the initial proposal and assessment and throughout the entire process, our specialists explained all the repairs and provided literature to explain all the work that needed to be done. They got the job done quickly and efficiently so that the family could enjoy their dry space in no time!
Elizabeth of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, July 10th
We had a small leak in our basement window and when we opened up the dry wall to find out the source of the leak we found that there was a bunch of mold behind the drywall and as we took off more and more drywall we found more and more mold.  And we have small children so obviously this was a big concern for us. So we ended up taking off all the drywall in our basement and in the process we found that the basement had leaks all over our basement. Originally, we thought we would have to do some sort of outside drainage system. But we were refrred to Clarke and Clarke was able to offer a system from the inside of our basement that would essentially tell the water that we're not going to try to keep you out -  if you have to come in, then come in but were going to channel that water where we can bring it to a sump pump and pump it out of our house and keep out basement 100% dry.  We had a great experience with Clarke Basement Systems. They were extremeley knowledgeable. They were really professional.  I love their confidence.  I'd ask them questions like ' if we ever have water down the road..' and their answer would be: 'You're not going to have water down the road'.  And I just loved that there was any sense of doubt. They knew their system worked. They were very professional. They explained everything very very clearly and they started the job exactly when they said they would start, they finished when they said they would finish it. They cleaned up every day. They were friendly. They were kind to my kids and they were really a pleasure to work with.  I would absolutely recommend Clarke to my friends. It's amazing because I told my friends when we first came to this house there was kind of an off smell to the basement.  We just sort of thought this is how basements are - they're damp, they have funny smells, they're not like the rest of the house. Now that they've been down there and they've done their work, our basement is dry as a bone.  It smells like a regular room in our house and we feel completely confident that we're not going to have any water and we can go back to living our lives and enjoying the space again.
Joni of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
Debbie, a customer from Toronto, offers her feedback about the great experience she had with Clarke Basement Systems.  She was impressed with how quickly they could do the work (the installers came the following week), and how clean the installers left the area.  There was no mess, and they left a very clean installation of drywall. She had a TripleSump installed with a triple battery back up to solve her water problems.  She says the instructions were easy to understand and everything was explained to her in detail. Another satisfied customer from Clarke Basement Systems!
Debbie of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, January 22nd
After being satisfied with previous waterproofing services performed by Clarke Basement Systems, Jim from Markham, Ontario decided to call us when he discovered a wet carpet in his basement. Rather than just fixing the problem, our specialists were able to inspect the home’s water issues and suggest solutions, including perimeter drainage and proper use of a window well. Jim is now educated on how to prevent future water problems and is able to enjoy a dry basement!
Jim of Markham, ON
Tuesday, July 10th
Testimonial Photo by Jim P.
Hi Billy,   Please let me know if it’s normal for your customers to stand back and stare at your work? I’ve been guilty of this multiple times today! I still can’t get over how super impressed we are with how the job turned out. You and your helper have far exceeded our expectations. We thought long and hard about what to do with our sinking patio, spending many hours researching and discussing our options before finally deciding to hire Canadian Concrete Leveling. Following the completion of the project today we are 100% satisfied with our decision. We would recommend you and your company to our friends and family.   Thank you so much!! Jim & Nat
Jim P. of Stoney Creek, ON
Friday, July 14th
Hey Robert – just a quick note that we are still very happy with our basement system and the we are VERY happy we have it installed before all this rain comes in tonightJ   Thanks again for being at that trade show!   Kelly
Kelly & Peter P. of Priceville, ON
Wednesday, June 21st
i want to thank Matt for coming by and fixing those little holes in our new crawlspace floor covering before they became big holes.  I also appreciate the roll of tape he left so we can catch other little tears and holes in the coming years before they too become larger problems. Still love going down there and NOT smelling the earthy damp smell which we used to experience! THANKS!  
Barb D. of Milton, ON
Tuesday, August 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Andrew S.
Clarke is completely professional. They do top notch work. It was so easy to deal with the office. The service was amazing and the end result was even better
Andrew S. of Toronto, ON
Monday, February 13th
I had a serious water issue in my finished basement and called CBS to investigate. Am I ever glad I did! The work was extensive to fix the issues and it was a real pleasure to work with Lucio, Dimitri and Damien. They worked tirelessly on the project, came up with solutions to last-minute issues, kept me abreast of everything that was going on, and were just fabulous to work with. The experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you Lucio, Dimitri and Damien for everything you did!
Jane F. of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, October 12th
Hi Paul, I wanted to give you a big thank you for pulling together a team of professionals for our interior basement waterproofing project.  As you are aware during our basement renovation we came across water on one wall of the basement.  Having already done an exterior solution we opted for the interior solution for final peace of mind.  Paul Mendell (our Project Manager from Clarke Basement Systems) was able to review the area and along with his production team (Rob Trevisan) was able to pull a team of three people (led by Jose Martinez) together within  very short notice in order to get the work done in one day!  The work was done in a timely matter, was clean and efficient, with little disruption to the other basement renovations that were happening at the same time. This far exceeded our expectation and allowed us to move forward with the balance of the basement project! Thank you again for helping us and providing such a quick turnaround.   Trevor    Trevor Katz Office Central Inc.
Trevor K. of Toronto, ON
Tuesday, June 27th
Testimonial Photo by Duncan M.
Hi Kyle,   I Just stopped by 1222 Abbey in Pickering where you did the lift this morning. Duncan is super happy with the work you guys did and your cleaning up and attention to detail. He told me that you talked to him about the garage as well and I'm going to give him a quote for that. Thanks again for the great job that you guys do – and let the other guys on your crew know as well.   Thanks again,Chris Luke    Clarke Basement Systems  Foundation Supportworks of Ontario  Cell #4167054861 (texting welcome) Office #8664881988  
Duncan M. of Pickering, ON
Thursday, June 22nd
As we told Chris Luke we had two prior estimates. Clarke Basement Systems seemed to make more sense to us. Chris was amazing, the only rep to measure the lean of the floor, the booklet sent out ahead of the appointment seemed over the top in quality, but after reading it, I understood what your product was. Clarke Basement Systems was the cheaper of the 3 estimates, but that is not why we chose Clarke Basement Systems, we felt Clarke Basement Systems would suit our needs the best. The fact that it was the least expensive was just a bonus. We were very happy with the overall job, I've even inscribed Clarke Basement Systems in the cement before it cured, so that a future owner will know who did the work. We are very pleased with the work.
Linda L. of Oshawa, ON
Thursday, May 23rd
Testimonial Photo by Bethany W.
Hi Paul,   Just wanted to thank you and your guys for the great job done in our backyard! It's exactly what we wanted. The guys were very professional and worked really hard. We will definitely recommend your company. Thanks again!    Bethany & Daniel
Bethany W. of Thornhill, ON
Monday, May 29th
Testimonial Photo by Mary T.
Your men did a great job. They were friendly and polite and took the time to explain what they were going to do. The pool deck looks better than what I expected. They did a great job of cleaning up. It is amazing that they could work and produce such great results in this terrible heat. 
Mary T. of Woodbridge, ON
Wednesday, August 10th
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