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Traveling Customer Worried About Sump Pump Failing in North York, Ontario

Peace of mind is something we all strive for in our homes. When you travel for work and frequently leave your home vacant, peace of mind becomes that much more important.

A customer in North York, Ontario, had been living in his home for almost eight years. He had never given much thought to his sump pump, but over the last couple of years, it had been making some unusual noises. The homeowner was away from home for work every month, so the last thing he wanted was to come back to a flooded basement.

He reached out to Clarke Basement Systems and met with System Design Specialist Chris Tunney. Chris inspected his basement and recommended our TripleSafe® Sump Pump System. The customer was relieved to hear this system came with three backup pumps, and he booked a date for the installation.

Foreman Dave Jackson started by removing the old sump pump. He installed our SuperSump® Pump, made up of two motors, into the pit. Next, Dave set up the UltraSump® Battery Backup pump, which runs even in a power outage. To complete the repair, Dave poured fresh concrete around the top of the sump liner to relevel the floor.

The customer is happy to finally have some peace of mind when he leaves for work. He’s happy he chose Clarke Basement Systems and appreciates the work done by the entire team.

CrawlSpace Encapsulation in Toronto, ON

This crawlspace in Toronto was dirty, musty and affected the rest of the house until Clarke Basement System's professional installation team transformed it into a clean and healthy space. 

Waterproofing and Sump Pump Installation in Toronto, ON

A home in Toronto, Ontario had a tight space to work with when waterproofing. This is a standard issue to deal with when dealing with a home basement.  We installed SuperSump® Premier Sump Pump System under the staircase as well as IceGuard® Discharge Line System on the exterior and a WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain around the perimeter to keep water away from the basement. Lastly, we installed ThermalDry® Wall Insulation to prevent moisture and cold air from entering and retain heat. The customer can now confidently restore their basement to a healthy, dry and usable space!

Protecting a Toronto, ON Basement Against Groundwater

A leaky basement that was being affected by groundwater entering from various points has now transformed into a dry, healthy space thanks to several systems put into place by Clarke Basement Systems.

The systems used were our patented WaterGuard® sub-floor perimeter drainage system, WaterGuard® port, ThermalDry® Wall System, SuperSump® Premier Sump System.

These systems work together to capture water and drain it into the Sump system, while protecting the walls, reducing humidity and preventing heat loss.

Thanks to Clarke Basement Systems, this Toronto, ON home, no longer has to worry about any unwanted basement water entry! 

TripleSafe™ Upgrade in Toronto, ON

This homeowner's old sump pump was outdated and unreliable. They needed a significant upgrade! Luckily, they called Clarke Basement Systems who installed a new reliable and trustworthy sump system. Our TripleSafe™ Complete Sump System has three levels of protection to ease your mind!

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