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While a cold room is a classic reminder of your house's history, its outdated construction could be causing leaks, pooling water, mold, and other waterproofing issues in the cellar. Modern-day cold rooms have also been known to experience the same moisture problems. That is why the waterproofing experts at Clarke Basement Systems offer a reliable system guaranteed to create a drier, more secure space overall.

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Why do cold rooms leak?

Porch, walkway, and patio drainage tends to seep into the ground. If your house has a cold room below any of these structures, this drainage can leak through the ceilings, walls, and other gaps. Even if you seal all openings, humidity can still be an issue. This happens when cool, moist air meets the cold concrete, causing it to condense, which can lead to "rain droplets" inside your cold room, even if there is no rain outside. But you can't just run a dehumidifier to solve this.

How to create a drier cold cellar

This video will show you how we waterproofed a cold room that used to be musty, damp, and leaked from the ceiling.

Removing or treating any wood framing can help eliminate mold growth. You can also avoid storing cardboard or other organic materials to reduce mold inside the cold room.

But all of this can be avoided with the "Clarke Basement Systems solution." We have developed a unique, industry-leading waterproofing system for cold rooms using a:

While other contractors may use similar products to dry your space, they don't have the patented solutions and know-how to get the job done right the first time - and with a warranty to boot!

Before cold cellar waterproofingAfter cold cellar waterproofing

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A damp, leaky cold room can really put a damper on your storage space and ruin your valuables. Make the most of your home with the cold cellar waterproofing solutions from Clarke Basement Systems!

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