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Case Studies

Northshore Drive
Homeowners built the home in 1987 and then originally noticed a bit of settlement in 1989. It seemed like their problem was over until in 2003 and in 2007 they noticed more...
The Owl Conservatory Falling down a Hill.
  This project posted a very special challenge. The Tenants! The Owl Conservatory is a center was founded by Kay and Larry McKeever in 1970. Here they tirelessly...
Wet Basement in Priceville, ON
Kelly & Peter contacted Clarke Basement Systems at the Fall Cottage Life Show. They were tired of having a wet basement every spring and wanted to rebuild it. Before they...
Helical Porch Repair
Homeowner had an enclosed porch that was at the entrance into their home and was used a mudroom, foyer and storage for jackets and boots. It was sinking and pulling away from...
Burlington Wall Anchors
1 story ranch. Homeowner wanted to put second story on home. Upon removal of basement walls found walls bowing and tipping in. Also shearing of block 1 1/2"-2" at bottom and...
Simple crack repair in Mississauga, ON
After a mid winter thaw, our customer was concerned when he discovered water on the floor of his basement. Not knowing where the water was coming from, he became worried about...
PL250 Hydrophobic Polymer Slab Solution
Void filling of a two car garage slab on grade. There was between 10" - 12" of void found through out. A strong rain had flooded the driveway and washed out all the sub grade...
Mississauga Garage & Sidewalk Lift Using PolyLevel in Mississauga, ON
Homeowners Richard and Jessica had an unleveled concrete area in the front of their driveway and also along the walkway of their home.
Waterproofing System in Mississauga, ON
A homeowner in Mississauga, Ontario had water coming into the basement from around the entire perimeter at the floor-wall joint. The basement was finished, but outdated. The...
Crawl Space
Customer had an old home that had a dirt floor crawl space and was making a musty smell in rooms above. Home was getting a full renovation on the main floor and customer figured...
Retaining Wall Stabilization, Mississauga, ON
A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, was worried that the retaining wall in the back of their yard was starting to bow in a way that was potentially dangerous. They figured...
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