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Broken Sump Pump Stinks Up Crawl Space in Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Who doesn’t love going to the cottage? From leaving work on a Friday afternoon to when you first walk through the door, we can’t wait to get away from it all and smell the fresh air.

For a customer in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, fresh air wasn’t all she was smelling. A broken, old sump pump was causing quite a stench in her cottage crawl space. The odour was spreading throughout the whole cottage and had become the main talking point when guests came to visit. 

System Design Specialist Ryan Hanlon created a full waterproofing system for the customer that included a SmartSump® Sump Pump and an UltraSump® Battery Backup. Foreman Lucio Flores and his crew installed the products, removing not just water from the crawl space, but the musty smell too.

The customer is delighted that her cottage smells fresh once again. Her basement is waterproofed for many years to come, with a warranty too!

Crawl Space Leaves Cottage Smelling Musty in Fenelon Falls, Ontario

 When you arrive at a cottage, the first thing you expect is the smell of nature as you get out of the car, and maybe a small fire burning in a wood stove. What you don’t expect is a musty smell coming from a crawl space, spreading throughout the entire cottage. 

A customer in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, was dealing with a musty smelling basement. Water was entering the space, and the smell was starting to render the cottage unuseable. The cottage owner reached out to Clarke Basement Systems, and System Design Specialist Ryan Hanlon designed a full waterproofing system for the crawl space. The system included a complete encapsulation with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier, and R20 Wall Membrane to insulate the space, installed by Foreman Lucio Flores

The customer is thrilled that her basement is now waterproofed. Not only did we eliminate the smell, but we also blocked a hole in the foundation that raccoons were using as an entryway to the crawl space. Some unhappy raccoons but a very happy customer!

Humidity Causes Crawl Space Mould at Cottage in Fenelon Falls, Ontario

When you head up north to the cottage, the last thing you want to do when you get there is deal with a damp crawl space. The smell can be horrible, and the humidity can cause severe damage to the building.

A customer in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, reached out to Clarke Basement Systems, looking for a solution for her wet crawl space. System Design Specialist Ryan Hanlon met with the customer and inspected her cottage. He designed a waterproofing system that included an Aprilaire® MoistureLoc Dehumidifier, which keeps the relative humidity below 55%. Foreman Lucio Flores installed the dehumidifier strategically in the crawl space, complimenting the rest of the waterproofing system.

The customer is delighted that she no longer needs to worry about damage to her cottage caused by moisture and mould, and the first thing she notices when she steps inside isn’t a musty smell.

Crawlspace Renewal in Meaford, ON

This cottage homeowner had concerns for her crawlspace. The area was causing moisture problems through the home and posed a potential threat for mould to grow. She was planning to sell the home, but with moisture issues, this was hard to do. It's not news- no one wants a wet crawlspace problem in their home! 

After assessing the issue, recommended a full encapsulation of the area. We arrived on the site and cleaned the crawlspace in order to encapsulate the area with our CleanSpace® crawlspace solution. 

Now the area is clean and can stay dry. This cottage can now be placed for sale! 

Damp Crawl Space Stinks Up Cottage in Miller Lake, Ontario

Crawl spaces are great for additional space and storage, but the way they’re built comes with some potential issues.


A customer in Miller Lake, Ontario, was dealing with a foul odour coming from their basement. They own a small, cozy cottage where they love spending the weekend, but were growing tired of the moisture issue.


They reached out to Clarke Basement Systems and System Design Specialist Robert Langton inspected the home. Robert found water seeping through the dirt floor, and he designed a unique solution tailored to the customer’s needs.


Foreman Jose Martinez was tasked with waterproofing the area. Jose encapsulated the space to provide an air-tight seal that stops moisture. CleanSpace® Drainage Matting and a SmartDrain® help water drain into the ground, and an Aprilaire® Dehumidifier keeps the relative humidity at 50%.


With their cottage finally dry and smell-free, the customers are thrilled. They’re looking forward to having guests over and are happy knowing their investment is protected.


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