Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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WellDuct® Installation in Toronto, ON

This homeowner wanted to prevent rainwater from seeping into the basement. To prevent this from happening we installed our WellDuct® Basement Window Well Drain. It connects the base of the window well to the interior drainage system, eliminating water from pooling.

Monolithic Foundation Waterproofing System in Toronto, ON

Since part of our customer's basement was a monolithic foundation, our team had to use both WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain and DryTrak® Interior Drainage System. Our DryTrak® Monolithic Floor Drain is the only interior drainage system that directs water into the sump, in this type of project.

Combatting Water Damage in Toronto, ON

In one Toronto, ON home, water had penetrated the basement causing damage to personal items and basement finishing. Clarke Basement Systems provided and a solution to eliminate water from entering their home. A ThermalDry® Wall Membrane was installed to capture water from the walls and direct it to the interior drainage system and eventually back outside. 

Window Well in Toronto, ON

Our customer in Toronto, Ontario, had an issue with the current condition of their basement window well. They were not happy as it was visually unappealing. They had a custom well that had a plastic cover over the top that was not fitting correctly.


After meeting with Ron Monk, System Design Specialist, our customer had a chance to look over some options. They chose to install a SunWell Enclosure. This product is a polycarbonate enclosure that will not rust, rot, or corrode. The white colour and shape of the system will reflect the heat and allow more natural light to enter into the basement. A safety gate is fitted to the well and protects against falling into the well as well as keeping the well clean from any debris.



Damp Crawlspace Puts Off Basement Renovation in Toronto, Ontario

Crawl spaces are a great asset for a home to have. Some houses have them instead of basements, while others come equipped with both. They’re great for storage, but sometimes the nature of how they’re built can cause a few problems.


A customer in Toronto, Ontario, was looking to renovate his basement, but wanted to deal with his crawlspace first. The small space couldn’t be used for storage due to moisture and the floor above was constantly cold. Concerned about mould growth and humidity, the customer reached out to Clarke Basement Systems.


System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the customer and designed a solution to eliminate the moisture and insulate the floors above.


Foreman Dave Jackson and Installation Specialists Alan Murphy and Bryan Richards started by laying down drainage matting on the dirt floor, giving water an easy way out. To keep the space dry, Dave and his team encapsulated the entire space with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier and installed a MoistureLoc® Dehumidifer to keep the relative humidity around 50%. Lastly, SilverGlo® Insulation was placed on the walls to insulate the room and allow for walls to be built directly on top.


The customer is extremely thankful for the work done. He can start using his crawlspace for storage, giving him the room to start his basement renovation.

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