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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Wet Basement Causes Financial Stress in Toronto, Ontario

Making a large purchase and not getting what you paid for is stressful and frustrating. Nobody likes to be ripped off or lied to, but it happens far more often than it should.

A customer in Toronto, Ontario, bought a home with the intent of renting the basement. The basement was newly finished, but soon after moving in, he discovered water was soaking the walls and floor.

The homeowner reached out to Clarke Basement Systems and was understandably frustrated with the situation. He wanted to start generating a rental income as soon as possible and didn’t know how to repair his home.

System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the homeowner and put some of his concerns to rest. Ron designed a full waterproofing system installed by Foreman Jose Martinez and Installation Specialist Trevor Bowman.

The team encapsulated the walls with ThermalDry® Wall Membrane and installed a WaterGuard® Drain System. These two products work together by guiding water to the new SuperSump® Sump Pump, where it’s expelled from the basement. A TrenchDrain® was used to collect any surface water near the stairs, and an IceGuard® Discharge Line was installed to keep water flowing regardless and any freezing in the line.

With his basement dry, the customer is looking forward to generating a rental income. He appreciates the work done by our team and is looking forward to many years as a landlord.

Waterproofing and Humidity Control in Toronto, ON

The homeowner was having water seepage and humidity issues in their basement, making them incapable of renovating the space.

Our solution was to supply and install our patented products: ThermalDry™ Wall Membrane, WaterGuard® Drainage System, Super Sump® with Ultra Sump® Battery Back-Up, and our IceGuard® Discharge Line.

By doing so, this will permanently waterproof and control any humidity in the basement and will allow the homeowner to renovate the home.

Now, the homeowner is pleased to be able to renovate and no longer have any flooding or humidity issues.

Full Crawl Space Encapsulation in Toronto, Ontario

A finished basement is a goal of every homeowner. It offers an extra floor for storage, activities and more, and significantly increases your home’s value.

A customer in Toronto, Ontario, was getting ready to finish her basement. She had previously brought us into waterproof her basement, but now she wanted us to encapsulate her dirt-floor crawl space. 

System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the homeowner and designed a system to ensure her crawl space stays dry. Foreman Dave Jackson encapsulated the entire crawl space with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier and laid down Drainage Matting over the dirt floor. The vapour barrier and matting allows water to drain into a SmartDrain®, making it disperse back into the ground. To help with the home’s heating, Dave installed SilverGlo® Insulation along the walls. Lastly, an Aprilaire® MoistureLoc Dehumidifier was installed to keep the relative humidity below 55%.

The customer is excited to continue with her basement renovation. Her home is protected, and her worries of moisture seepage from the crawl space have been put to bed.

Quality Air with AprilAire®, Toronto, ON

Most homeowners often experience musty smells and moisture in their homes and do not know where it is coming from or how to resolve the issue. For example, a house in Toronto, Ontario, had circulating air that just smelt off. Moisture was coming from the basement laundry room, and with a humid summer in effect, it was time to fix this as soon as possible. After checking out our social media pages, Clarke Basement Systems was their lead contender to get the work completed. After giving us a call, we scheduled a day for our System Design Specialist, Dean Merendino, to quote our friendly new clients. He suggested our AprilAire® dehumidifier since it covers a lot of square footage, combats the most humidity and does it while saving you money on your hydro bills. Once the quote was complete, Ali, our Installation Specialist, came to the home to make this moist air dry again. The installation was simple: it would take less than half an hour to start setting up and cleaning up. After Ali finished, it took about an hour to dry the air and smell fresh again. We regularly maintain our systems to ensure they are functioning correctly. Ali's step-by-step installation left our clients at ease, knowing they were investing in quality. 

Renovation Work Finds a Basement Leak in Toronto, Ontario

A basement renovation is a commonplace to start for homeowners who are looking to increase their home’s value. It’s a great sales feature when you move on from your home, and it can add over 30% more space for you to use. But sometimes when you start to do work in your home, more problems can present themselves.

A homeowner in Toronto, Ontario, was finishing their basement when the contractor discovered several leaks. He recommended Clarke Basement Systems and the customer set up a date for a free inspection.

System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the contractor and homeowner and inspected the basement. Since they have heated floors installed, jackhammering the foundation for a drain was out of the question.

Instead, Ron used our DryTrak® Drain System and Delta MS® Waterproofing Membrane to design a system that would keep the basement dry. DryTrak® was installed along the floor and wall joint to catch water without excavating and is non-invasive. Delta MS® encapsulates the walls and drains any water down to the DryTrak®

With a waterproofing system in place, the customers and their contractor are happy to continue the renovation. The basement is dry and warrantied, and they no longer need to worry about a flood in the basement.

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