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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Wet Basement Solution in Priceville, ON

This homeowner had a wet basement every spring and was tired of the water. We installed a SuperSump® Premier Sump Pump System in the basement.

TripleSafe™ Installation in Mississauga, ON

Looking for protection from a potential sump failure and a flooded basement this Mississauga, ON homeowner, contacted us. They wanted their basement to be kept dry all the time with no more worries about it in the future. We installed our TripleSafe™ Complete Sump Pump System with three levels of protection for the basement.

Complete Waterproofing Solution in Basement Apartment

Our patented WaterGuard® system is a standard approach at Clarke Basement Systems due to its reliable components that have kept basements dry over the years. For this basement apartment in Mississauga, we put this system to use to keep the basement dry and enjoyable to live in!


First, we break up the existing concrete using a jackhammer. Then we place the WaterGuard® itself into the perimeter of the basement with new cement poured on top, giving it a very discreet design. This is durable plastic, so it will not rust or deteriorate. In addition, the system has a 20-year clog warranty, so your basement is set for life! Once the concrete dries, your basement will look good as new.


Think the WaterGuard® would be a good fit for your leaky basement? Call us today for a free quote!


Finally Waterproofing the Basement in Mississauga, Ontario

In Mississauga, Ontario, this quiet neighbourhood had a fabulous home on the street. Newly renovated, well-kept home with nothing wrong with it until... The basement's HVAC room had experienced flooding every Spring. the water from the constant rain had made its way into the room, penetrated the walls and flooded the room beside it. With the space beside it being a foot lower, the water pooled up and covered the foot difference causing all the belongs to perish and also causing the flooring to warp. The homeowners have been experiencing this problem every year since they moved in 4 years ago. They contacted plumbers and waterproofers that fixed the job, only to realize that the same Spring flooding breached their work. 


With some research, the homeowners could find Clarke Basement Systems to permanently complete the work to waterproof the basement. We had sent out our fantastic System Design Specialist, Dean Merendino, to the home and offered some products that will keep this basement dry. He suggested that our CleanSpace, wall membrane be put in behind the existing drywall to add an extra layer of protection to the wall. At the wall-to-floor joints of the room, Dean said that our perimeter drainage system would be perfect for channelling the water in the right direction into the floor drain. After the estimate was given, it was time for our installation specialists, Dustin and Alan, to come in later that week. The two will be working on this job for about six hours. Many companies tend to span it out into two, maybe even three days, to get the work done. We are concerned about the homeowner's living situation. Water breaching into the basement can lead to mold, costly repairs, and unbreathable air. The work was done immaculately with no complications. The owner was very thrilled with the clean work done and how it won't lead to more leaking in the future. We permanently fixed this basement for good!

Leaking Cold Room Ceiling in Mississauga, Ontario

The presence of mould is an alarming discovery. Mould can lead to a slew of health problems, and always indicates the presence of water. While mould and mildew removal can be costly to deal with, it’s nowhere near as bad as the cost of letting it get worse.

A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, found mould growing in her cold room. She loved having the space for storage, and wanted to finish the room, but dealing with the mould and water was her first priority. She had previously had the room waterproofed by another company and was disappointed that the work didn’t address the leaking ceiling. 

Looking for a solution, she reached out to Clarke Basement Systems to set up a free estimate. System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the customer and inspected the cold room. He used our Cold Room Encapsulation System to design a unique solution for her cold room.

Foreman Don Clarke started by encapsulating the cold room with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier, giving the walls an airtight seal and catching any water. The CleanSpace® is connected to vinyl ceiling panels that catch water coming from the ceiling before draining it into the CleanSpace®. From there, the water is drained through the floor where it seeps back into the ground. A vent connects the cold room to the rest of the basement, allowing fresh air to enter and disperse the humidity.

The customer is happy that she can comfortably move forward with her basement renovation. She can finally use her cold room, and the extra space adds value to her home.

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