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Foundation Repair Case Studies

Northshore Drive
Homeowners built the home in 1987 and then originally noticed a bit of settlement in 1989. It seemed like their problem was over until in 2003 and in 2007 they noticed more...
The Owl Conservatory Falling down a Hill.
  This project posted a very special challenge. The Tenants! The Owl Conservatory is a center was founded by Kay and Larry McKeever in 1970. Here they tirelessly...
Helical Porch Repair
Homeowner had an enclosed porch that was at the entrance into their home and was used a mudroom, foyer and storage for jackets and boots. It was sinking and pulling away from...
Burlington Wall Anchors
1 story ranch. Homeowner wanted to put second story on home. Upon removal of basement walls found walls bowing and tipping in. Also shearing of block 1 1/2"-2" at bottom and...
Retaining Wall Stabilization, Mississauga, ON
A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, was worried that the retaining wall in the back of their yard was starting to bow in a way that was potentially dangerous. They figured...
Duplex Home Construction
A 2,600 square-foot duplex home was planned for construction on two residential lots sandwiched between properties with existing homes.  The rears of the lots slope down...
Frost Heave Garage Problems!
The homeowner had discovered step cracking in the brickwork on the front face of his garage above the door and along the side of the garage. The cause of the issue is a phenomon...
Additional support to home for a second storey build on in Toronto, ON
Homeowner wanted to do a renovation that included a second storey on a single storey home. Engineered drawings where showing that in order to add the second storey more support...
Push Piers for an addition - Toronto
 Another company had attempted to stabilize an addition with Helicals, but they were not installed deep enough into the ground below the structure. Therefore, the additon...
Tipping Retaining Wall Threatens Driveway in Toronto, Ontario
Next to your home, a vehicle is likely one of the most significant expenses in your life. They get us from point A to point B, and we often spend hours in them on a single...
Settling Foundation in Whitby, ON
The homeowner noticed stair step cracks in brick veneer on the exterior and a space between the foundation wall and actual bricks. The floor in the living room sloped towards...
Foundation Failing in Whitby, ON
On a brand new construction project it was found that the soil bearing the weight of the house was unstable, causing the front elevation of the house to sink and rotate out...
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