Garage Lintel Failure in Ontario

Stairstep cracks in the brick above a garage are signs of garage lintel failure.

Stairstep cracks are diagonal cracks that travel on a right angle through the mortar surrounding bricks, cinderblocks, and other similar materials. This happens because the mortar is weaker than the bricks and will crack under stress.

Ignoring signs of a failing garage lintel, also known as a garage header, will cause more damage to your home in the long run and decrease the structural integrity and value of your property. Is your garage showing the following symptoms of garage lintel failure?

Signs your garage door lintel may be compromised:

  • Cracks above the garage door coming from the corners
  • Cracked brick veneer above the garage door in the middle
  • Sagging or bowing in the middle of your garage lintel - it looks like a "smile"!
  • Sagging bricks over your garage lintel
  • Gap between your garage lintel and the trim

LintelLift for sagging garage door headers in Toronto


Ignoring a sagging garage door lintel puts the bricks above at risk of falling. This can decrease the curb appeal, value, and safety of your property.

Clarke Basement Systems's patented LintelLift System is guaranteed to stop further movement of your garage lintel and can be installed in just one day. There's no need for lintel replacement when you have LintelLift.

Consider LintelLift for permanent structural stability and peace of mind, complete with a 25 year warranty! If you have a bowing or sagging lintel, or cracking above the garage door, schedule a free estimate now. Clarke Basement Systems offers foundation repairs for a broad range of foundation problems in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, and nearby.

What is a garage lintel?

A lintel is a horizontal beam across the top of your garage door frame. Lintels are made of brick, concrete, stone, or wood, depending on the home. They support the structural integrity of the garage door, and when compromised can lead to bowing, sagging, or cracked bricks above your garage door frame.

Why does my garage door header sag in the middle?

The cause of a sagging garage door frame is usually an undersized lintel. The lintel is simply not strong enough to hold up the weight of the bricks above, causing bowing in the middle at the weakest point. This also puts pressure on the brick veneer above, causing vertical or stairstep cracking that decreases safety, curb appeal, and home value.

But even garage lintels that are properly sized may fail over time due to corrosion. Old wood lintels may also become damaged from moisture or termites. If you're noticing sagging, bowing, or cracking above the garage door header of your home, the rest of your home could be at risk for structural damage as a result.

How do I know if my garage lintel is failing?

Common signs of lintel failure include sagging or bowing above your garage door frame, typically in the center. Cracks may also appear in the bricks above the garage door, near corners or in the center. These lintel cracks are usually enough to confirm a failing garage door lintel.

Do I need to fix the cracks above my garage door header?

A diagram of a foundation wall anchor system installation.

Vertical cracks also appear above compromised garage door lintels. As the lintel sags, the brick veneer above it faces increased pressure, leading to cracks.

The short answer is yes. But simply filling in the cracks (tuckpointing) only addresses the symptoms. Not fixing the cause - the failing garage lintel - can lead to:

  • Total collapse of the bricks
  • Moisture damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Lintel Collapse: Without proper repair, a garage lintel will continue to bow and put the bricks above at risk of collapsing and falling.
  • Moisture damage: Garage lintel cracks also create easy access for moisture. If a steel beam is exposed to moisture, it can rust and require total lintel replacement. Moisture can also lead to further warping and sagging of the garage lintel.
  • Infestation: Like any vulnerable area of your roof or foundation, pests may access your home through lintel cracks, causing more damage. No matter which symptoms of garage lintel failure you're seeing, LintelLift can provide quick, safe lintel repair that lasts.

Choosing LintelLift for garage lintel repair

LintelLift is a patented, warrantied solution for your sagging garage door header - and can be installed in just one day! The LintelLift System offers a permanent solution for cracks above your garage door, sagging or bowing garage door headers, and we guarantee that it will stop further movement of your garage lintel.

Advantages of the LintelLift System:

  • Addresses the root cause of failing garage door lintels
  • Guaranteed to stop further sagging or movement
  • Minimally disruptive installation
  • Fast, one-day installation
  • Vinyl trim can be painted to match house trim
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free estimates offered

Need garage lintel repair in Ontario?

Clarke Basement Systems is proud to provide warrantied garage lintel repair options that work. We fix failing garage lintels with the patented LintelLift System, and a number of other serious foundation issues throughout Greater Toronto. We provide free, no-obligation estimates for all work, and stand by our craftsmanship and experience. Call or book online today in Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Peterborough, Newmarket, Barrie, and nearby throughout Greater Toronto.

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