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  • "I thought you did a fabulous job. I was so happy. I called, the salesman came right away. I said how long..." Read Full Testimonial

    Debbie of Toronto, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Debbie, a customer from Toronto, offers her feedback about the great experience she had with Clarke Basement Systems. She was impressed with how quickly they could do the work (the installers came the following week), and how clean the installers left the area. There was no mess, and they left a very clean installation of drywall. She had a TripleSump installed with a triple battery back up to solve her water problems. She says the instructions were easy to understand and everything was explained to her in detail. Another satisfied customer from Clarke Basement Systems!
    Toronto, ON
  • "Very polite & responsive" Read Full Testimonial

    W. K. of Brooklin, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Very polite & responsive.......a great bunch that worked well together.
    W. K.
    Brooklin, ON
  • "I will recommend Clarke Basement Systems to all my friends" Read Full Testimonial

    C. F. of Unionville, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              I will recommend Clarke Basement Systems to all my friends....Thank you for a job well done
    C. F.
    Unionville, ON
  • "Looks great!" Read Full Testimonial

    J. H. of Aurora, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Looks great - I can stop worrying!!!
    J. H.
    Aurora, ON
  • "A great job with the installation" Read Full Testimonial

    S. M. of Markham, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              A great job with the installation...... it was a pleasure doing business with Clarke Basement Systems
    S. M.
    Markham, ON
  • "Very satisfied. We were very happy...!" Read Full Testimonial

    Homeowner of Richmond Hill, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied. We were very happy...The work was completed very quickly and there were no unexpected costs. The whole experience was positive.
    Richmond Hill, ON
  • "Fast response, great job, fair price...." Read Full Testimonial

    P. R. of Markham, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Fast response, great job, fair price.... I only wish I had called sooner.
    P. R.
    Markham, ON
  • "It was a very good experience. Starting from the estimate - the estimator came in and was very professional. ..." Read Full Testimonial

    Nadeen of Markham, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              it was a very good experience. Starting from the estimate - the estimator came in and was very professional. He gave me a good estimate and an approximate timeline. As it turned out your service departement called me before the timeline, so my work was done 2/3 weeks before I was anticipating. Your crew showed up on the scheduled time. They were pretty professional and diligent. The work was quite messy because they were doing lots of excavation and whatnot. But once they left the whole area was absolutely clean. There wasn't even a trace that there was any work was done here. They dusted the window wells and they showed me that the drainage system was ok by flooding it with water and everything. So, yea - I was quite impressed. Later there was a little bit of settlement in the gravel which they filled in. I gave you a call and the person showed up within a couple of hours and filled with gravel and everything. That was a few weeks later. I am quite satisfied with the work.
    Markham, ON
  • "We had a great experience with Clarke Basement Systems. They were extremely knowledgeable. They were really..." Read Full Testimonial

    Joni of Toronto, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              We had a small leak in our basement window and when we opened up the dry wall to find out the source of the leak we found that there was a bunch of mold behind the drywall and as we took off more and more drywall we found more and more mold. And we have small children so obviously this was a big concern for us. So we ended up taking off all the drywall in our basement and in the process we found that the basement had leaks all over our basement. Originally, we thought we would have to do some sort of outside drainage system. But we were refrred to Clarke and Clarke was able to offer a system from the inside of our basement that would essentially tell the water that we're not going to try to keep you out - if you have to come in, then come in but were going to channel that water where we can bring it to a sump pump and pump it out of our house and keep out basement 100% dry. We had a great experience with Clarke Basement Systems. They were extremeley knowledgeable. They were really professional. I love their confidence. I'd ask them questions like ' if we ever have water down the road..' and their answer would be: 'You're not going to have water down the road'. And I just loved that there was any sense of doubt. They knew their system worked. They were very professional. They explained everything very very clearly and they started the job exactly when they said they would start, they finished when they said they would finish it. They cleaned up every day. They were friendly. They were kind to my kids and they were really a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend Clarke to my friends. It's amazing because I told my friends when we first came to this house there was kind of an off smell to the basement. We just sort of thought this is how basements are - they're damp, they have funny smells, they're not like the rest of the house. Now that they've been down there and they've done their work, our basement is dry as a bone. It smells like a regular room in our house and we feel completely confident that we're not going to have any water and we can go back to living our lives and enjoying the space again.
    Toronto, ON

Clarke Basement Systems is your local Basement Systems® dealer in the Ontario area. We serve Mississauga, Toronto, Markham and many outlying areas, including Vaughan, Peterborough, Brampton, Barrie, Oshawa, Richmond Hill and nearby. See our full service area.

As basement waterproofers, foundation repair, concrete leveling, and crawl space repair experts, we are locally owned and operated contractors who have been in business since 2003.

A certified Basement Systems® dealer, we have exclusive access to a wide variety of waterproofing products that have been used in over 200,000 basements since 1987.

Each of our products includes a written, transferable warranty and the backing of an international network that's dedicated to keeping basements and crawl spaces dry all the time!

About the Owner

Owner of Clarke Basement Systems

Don Clarke

For over 20 years Don has been a leader in the construction industry. He is responsible for the strategic vision and leadership for both Clarke Basement Systems and Foundation Supportworks of Ontario.

Serving the greater Toronto area, Clarke Basement Systems specializes in crawl space repair, foundation repair, concrete lifting, and basement waterproofing in Ontario. Locally owned and operated, they are part of a national network of waterproofing experts offering high quality and up-to-date products.

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Free Waterproofing and Repair Quotes

At Clarke Basement Systems, we offer free, no-obligation waterproofing quotes to homeowners within our service area.

During your Free Estimate, our waterproofing specialist can answer any questions you may have about your wet basement or crawl space.

Our free quotes include all of the following:

Our 88-Page Waterproofing Book: Before we meet with you, we'll send along a copy of one of our 88-page crawl space and basement waterproofing books.

This book features our full selection of products, while explaining why basements leak -- and what we can do to permanently solve your problem.

A Personal, On-Site Inspection: Your waterproofing or foundation specialist will inspect your basement or crawl space to identify sources of flooding and moisture and explain the problem in depth.

Your Complete Waterproofing System Design: Our waterproofing specialist will measure your basement's dimensions and identify the best spot to place the sump pump and run your discharge line. You select which of our products you'd like in your home, and we make a plan together.

Our FREE Written Quote: We provide our customers with a free, no-obligation written quote at the end of each visit. Our prices are firm -- there will be no hidden expenses later on, and there will be no high-pressure sales techniques.


We Solve All Your Basement Crawl Space,  and Foundation Problems 

We'd like to show you how we can help you waterproof your basementcontrol moisture in your crawl space, or fix a failing foundation. We have the experience, equipment, and best practices you need to ensure a dry basement and structural integrity.  

For a free waterproofing, or foundation repair quote, call or-email us today!

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