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Wall Crack Repair Using FlexiSpan® in Brampton, Ontario

Moisture loves trying to find a way into our homes. A small crack or broken seal can be a gateway for moisture, leading to frustration and possible damage. Ontario homes are especially prone to this problem, often caused by the natural curing process of concrete. These cracks don’t usually threaten the foundation, but they can lead to water issues. 

A Brampton, Ontario customer was dealing with this problem in his home. A small crack in the wall was leaking water into his basement, damaging the walls and floor. Frustrated and desperate to prevent any further damage from occurring, he reached out to Clarke Basement Systems.

Ron Monk, System Design Specialist, met with the customer to discuss a solution. Ron recommended a FlexiSpan® Crack Repair System to fix the problem, and job foreman Mark Dougherty installed the system.

FlexiSpan® is a warrantied, high-viscosity polyurethane polymer. It gets deep in the crack to form a durable seal, ensuring water stays out. A layer of foam is then placed overtop of the crack before being covered with a polyurethane sealant. It’s extremely flexible, giving it the ability to stay bonded even as concrete expands and contracts. The polymer stops 95% of previous moisture seepage, and any moisture that does get through is sent downward to a drain system.

After the FlexiSpan® system was installed the customer was happy that no further damage would occur, and they could finally put the walls back together. Their basement was clean and dry once again.


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