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Wet Office Space
To create a Dry healthy office work place with little disruption to the office staff.
Sunken garage slab
Garage slab had settled, and when car was parked in the garage, snow and rain would puddle at the back and not run out the front.
Basement Waterproofing - Toronto
Our customer had a finished basement that was ready for a face lift, the customer called Clarke Basement Systems before refinishing the basement as they wanted to be absolutely...
Full Perimeter Waterproofing
The homeowner had groundwater seepage throughout the finished basment and crawlspace of his home. The foundation was built from block. The groundwater had damaged wall material...
Children s Allergy's dust mites and ashma
The customer’s complaint was that there was a "damp smell" and feeling in the basement. In discussing the situation further it was noted that the customer’s youngest...
Pickering Crack Repair - Pickering
Customer had previously repaired crack in their poured foundation wall, and it was leaking in heavy rain- causing damage to their stored items.
Foundation crack in poured concrete wall in Pickering, ON
A common crack was found in the poured foundation wall of our customers basement. These cracks result from the curing process, and result in considerable amounts of water...
Humid Basement
The customer’s complaint was that the basement was terribly humid, the meter that has been purchased to measure the humidity said that there was over 70% humidity in...
Leaking caused by a Foundation Wall Crack in Bowmanville, ON
A crack in a poured concrete foundation had opened up and begun leaking. The builder did the repair several years ago, but it did not stand the test of time. This is a common...
Waterproofing Musty Home in Oshawa, ON
A home in Oshawa, Ontario had a basement that was constantly wet. The homeowner was complaining that the basement was always wet and it was causing odors in the main living...
Foundation Crack Repaired in Oshawa, ON
Though simple and common, a crack in a poured foundation can can a lot of damage. In the case of Nick and Donna B in Oshawa the damage was a total loss in the basement.  The...
Concrete Walkway Lifted to Improve Step Height in Brampton, ON
There were areas with uneven concrete around their home. The front walkway at the entrance of the home was at a disadvantaged step height and there were areas of the home...
Lifted Sidewalk Using PolyLevel in Brampton, ON
Customer had a few potential trip hazards around the perimeter of their home, specifically around their sidewalk area.
Settling Foundation in Whitby, ON
The homeowner noticed stair step cracks in brick veneer on the exterior and a space between the foundation wall and actual bricks. The floor in the living room sloped towards...
Wall to Wall
During a visit to a potential new home our customer noticed that the basement of the home had puddles of water in various locations throughout the basement and that the humidity...
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