Clarke Basement Systems Case Studies: Helical Porch Repair

Monday, June 24th, 2013 by Chris Luke


Homeowner had an enclosed porch that was at the entrance into their home and was used a mudroom, foyer and storage for jackets and boots. It was sinking and pulling away from the home. The front door and windows were constantly having to be adjusted so they would open properly. Bricks had been repointed but it kept on sinking causing more cracks in mortar joints. 


Clarke Basement Systems excavated down to the footing and installed 7 Foundation Supportworks 288 Helical Piers to permanatly stabilize the porch. The front porch was lifted back to original position as when it was first built. Now the home owner could repair the doors and windows knowing they would not have to keep on being adjusted. Brick work could be repaired with confidence it would not have to be done again due to settling and more step cracks.

Project Summary

Inspector: Chris Luke

Foreman: David Jackson

Installing Contractor: Clarke Basement Systems/Foundation Supportworks of Ontario

7- 288 Helical Piers: Foundation Supportworks Helicals

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