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CarbonArmor System to help with wall bowing, Burlington, ON

At first glance the basement in the before picture looks similar to any other basement with tons of random things stored there but once we were able to inspect the walls, we noticed a crack from one window to the other. It is easier to see in the after picture. 

To stop the foundation wall from bowing in, Clarke Basement Systems installed CarbonArmor Reinforcing System, which is the same material to reinforce bridges, skyscrapers and bomb shelters. With our CarbonArmor installed, this Burlington homeowner can now rest at night, knowing that his bowing basement wall is taken care of.

Front Entrance Step Lift in Oakville

Today's job was a lift of a front entrance slab and step in Oakville. It needed to be lifted 3 inches in order to match up the adjoining walkway and two driveway slabs. 

Concrete Leveling in Oakville, ON

This homeowner's front entrance and driveway needed a lift after years of normal wear and tear to their home, so they called Clarke Basement Systems to help solve the issue. We sent out inspector, Paul Mendell to take a look at their home and he made incredible recommendations.

We were able to lift the concrete slabs back to it's original height and also match up the adjoining walkway and two driveway slabs. Once the lift and void fill was complete, we finished off the project by neatly sealing all treated areas with Nexus Pro.

Lift Concrete Slab in Milton, ON

Lifted a concrete slab on grade backyard patio and seal with Nexus Pro. Injected at a 4' depth to insure concerete is stabilized and leveled.

Improved Pool Deck Slope in Milton, ON

Injected PolyLevel into a pool deck in Milton to improve slope, remove trip hazards and stabilize the area.

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