Foundation Repair - Complete Structural Repair to Home in Markham, ON

Our client bought this home about one year ago.  The beautiful basement was newly finished and the garage floor had recently been repaired.  


However, signs of sub-floor movement became evident. So, they removed some of the sub-floor to find it had been shimmed upwards of 7" in some places.  Bore holes were drilled through the concrete floor revealing large voids under the floor slab and small diameter rebar was used in the concrete but had not been embedded into the concrete. Instead, it was laying on the bottom of the concrete not providing the strength and support that it should.

Upon further review of city plans, 6 homes were built on "fill soils" where a creek still exists just south of the property. Depths of 10 to 12' of fill soils were supporting the interior slab of this home. 

In addition, all the plumbing below was upgraded since the pipes had become disconnected as the house settled over time. All new piping was supported by galvanized hangers embedded into the soil to prevent the new pipes from settling.
Engineers designed a structural system to not only hold up the basement floor but also protect and prevent any possible settlement of the foundation slab as well.  
The final solution – we installed double-blade 45 helical piers with over 10,000 feet of rebar to permanently support this home from future settlement. 

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