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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Damp Crawl Space Caused by Stack Effect in Newcastle, Ontario

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 by Dan Koehler


Most crawl spaces across Ontario have one thing in common: high humidity. Something called the stack effect creates excess moisture in crawl spaces, leading to damage to your wood framing, joists, and makes for an unusable space.

A customer in Newcastle, Ontario, was dealing with excess humidity in his crawl space. He had previously had a store-bought vapour barrier installed, but it wasn’t airtight. This led to the stack effect taking its toll.

The stack effect occurs when warm, humid air enters a cold crawl space. When the air cools down, it can no longer carry the moisture, so it settles in the crawl space. This leads to mould, damage and creates an unhealthy environment.


System Design Specialist Ryan Hanlon met with the customer and inspected the home. Ryan recommended our CleanSpace® Vent Covers on all seven openings, which stops humidity from entering the space. The create a healthy environment and condition the air in the home, Ryan designed the system to include an Aprilaire® Dehumidifier. Lastly, a SmartSump® was included to pump any groundwater out of the space efficiently, and we included an IceGuard® Discharge Line which prevents any backups caused by freezing.

Foreman Dave Jackson and his crew, Installation Specialists Alan Murphy and Bryan Richards, worked hard installing the products. Once complete, Dave walked the customer through the work and explained how everything worked and walked him through operating the dehumidifier.

The customer has already noticed a massive improvement in his home’s air quality. He is thrilled to have any groundwater issues taken care of by the sump pump, and he’s glad he chose to call Clarke Basement Systems.

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