Basement for Remote Work in Toronto, ON

COVID-19 presented a plethora of unpredictable changes the world had never quite seen before. From children disallowed from going to school to institutions and businesses shutting down, the world pressed pause. Hopefully, with the worst of it now over, the global ramifications of the pandemic will echo on for years to come. One of the most significant changes for any office worker in any country on the planet was the switch to fully remote working environments. Because of this, we took everything previously done in person, like negotiations and meetings, to the online platform. Many people were now in need of precious office space in their own homes, and the biggest problem for most was that they didn’t have any. As peace and quiet became a thing of the past, the value of previously unfinished areas in a home instantly skyrocketed. Space became the hottest item for anyone looking to get some claustrophobic relief to get some work done.

One customer with an old home in Toronto desperately needed to renovate their basement to create some usable workable office space. They needed the freedom to be not only dry but also comfortable. The customer planned on renovating the space, spending thousands of dollars on materials and renovation contractors. The last thing the customer wanted was to do all that work and spend all that money in vain. They needed peace of mind they would be able to work comfortably and sustainably in their home basement. Their next call was to Clarke Basement Systems.

System Design Specialist Chris Luke used his depth of knowledge to develop a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for their specific basement needs. After consulting with the clients via their particular needs, Foreman Jose Martinez began his meticulous approach. Due to the nature of the customer’s specific basement seepage and considering their desire to remodel, a combination of systems were installed to ensure year-round, one hundred protection.

Firstly, Jose sealed the walls with our CleanSpace® sealant technology, keeping any moisture out. A small trench was dug up at the wall line, and the WaterGuard® drainage system was installed to drain any potential moisture. If any water does manage to penetrate the seal, the drains will flow to a SuperSump® Premier Sump Pump System along with an IceGuard® discharge system ensuring water safely and quietly pumps up and out to the main drain even in the coldest of weather. These systems are designed to last for years, with a 25 year fully transferable warranty. Meaning that they are some of the most successful basement waterproofing methods available today. Need more clean, dry space? Give us a call today.

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