Basement Renovation

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 Contractor was doing a renovation for a customer who had a very wet basement. There had been a wood sub floor which had totally rotted and needed to be removed, all the walls were damaged as well. The homeowner wanted a dry basement that could be finished. Excavation from the exterior would have been costly and also not possible on two of the walls as there were additions off in these areas that were slab on grade making it impossible to excavate without tearing out living space on the first floor. Contractor needed to move hot water tank out from wall at least 16" to allow for our installation.


 Installing Thermal Dry Wall Membrane and Waterguard inside the basement that connected to a Super Sump with an Ultra Sump Battery Back Up System was the answer. Now the contractor can finish the basement knowing it will be dry and healthy backed by our 25 Year Warranty.

Project Summary

Certified Inspector: Chris Luke

Contractor: DTM Construction Inc.

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