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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Waterproofing a Home Being Built, Toronto, ON

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 by Stephanie Monticchio


A home in Toronto, Ontario, was under construction and the builder wanted to ensure that the basement was going to stay dry. After the foundation was poured with the footing, walls and the rest of the home was being built, the builder called to have a reliable sump system installed which was to be connected to the exterior weeping tile. At the same time he wanted to have an interior perimeter drainage system installed before the basement floor was poured as a backup for if the exterior system failed. When the exterior weeping tile system fails over time with mud clogging it water doesn’t drain away from the foundation adequately. As the water builds up around the foundation water can penetrate the home through the footing wall joint, cracks in the foundation and leaky form tie holes.

The builder planned to finish the basement of the home and he wanted to ensure that the basement was never going to have a problem with water which can have costly consequences for the owners.




Clarke Basement Systems was called. Ron Monk explained everything that would be done to the home.  Lucio Flores and the team installed Waterguard sub-floor perimeter drainage system, Delta Drainage membrane, TripleSafe sump system, Iceguard discharge.

Waterguard is a specially designed interior perimeter drainage system specifically designed for interior waterproofing. It is approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Corporation for interior waterproofing. It is a serviceable system should it ever require it however it is designed to never fail because of mud washing into it. Delta drainage membrane installed on the walls ensures that future wall leaks are drained to the Waterguard below protecting the finished walls in front of it. It provides a thermal break from the cold mass of the concrete wall and prepares the wall for spray foam insulation, studs and drywall. The Triplesafe sump system is a 3 pump sump system with redundancy to protect against primary pump failure, large amounts of water and power outages to the home. It is installed with the Iceguard fitting that protects the system if the discharge line becomes blocked or frozen.

The Waterguard was carefully set in place around the full perimeter of the basement. Delta drainage membrane was used on the walls to ensure potential future wall leaks were draining to the Waterguard below. The Triplesafe system was installed and connected to the Waterguard and the exterior weeping tile allowing the water to be pumped outside of the home through the Iceguard discharge line.

The builder was satisfied that he had provided his client a home and finished basement that was going to be protected from ground water seepage and stay dry all the time. The builder was also very confident with Basement Systems 25 year dry basement warranty against groundwater seepage and was satisfied that it is nationally backed through the Basement Systems dealer network, and transferrable to his client once the property changed hands.

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