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Major Savings on Basement Flood Protection

Peterborough's backflow prevention subsidy program provides rebates on basement waterproofing improvements

Clarke Basement Systems offers Basement Flooding Protection in Peterborough

The city of Peterborough wants to improve storm water management and prevent unnecessary flooding. To do so, the city is subsidizing homeowners who disconnect foundation drains and/or storm water leaders from sanitary sewer lines. The city's subsidy program applies to the installation of backwater valves as well as to sump pits and sump pumps.

Subsidy details:

  • Backwater valve. If you only have a backwater valve installed, the city will reimburse the complete installed cost of the valve up to a maximum of $800.
  • Sump pit and sump pump. If you have a sump pit and sump pump installed to drain basement water independently of municipal sewer lines, the city will reimburse the complete installed cost up to a maximum of $800.
  • Combined installation. If you have a backwater valve installed along with a sump pit and sump pump, the city will reimburse the full cost of the installation up to a maximum of $1800.

SPECIAL NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS: Remember, a basement waterproofing system depends on effective drainage as well as a topnotch sump pump. To waterproof your basement, it's necessary to install a perimeter drain system that captures water at the wall-floor joint and conveys it to the sump pump so that it can be pumped outside. Clarke Basement Systems can keep your basement dry by combining a perimeter drain system with a sump pump and backflow preventer.

Basement waterproofing subsidy requirements

  • Clarke Basement Systems or another qualified installer must do the work.
  • A building permit must be secured from the City of Peterborough.
  • The installation must pass a final inspection by the Peterborough plumbing inspector
  • Homeowners must supply copies of the complete invoice and proof of payment.

Complete your flood protection subsidy with the flood protection specialists at Clarke Basement Systems. With exclusive access to patented basement waterproofing products, we're the best dry basement contractors in the business.

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