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Monday, October 3rd, 2016 by Ginel McLarty

The Best Solution for Every Home Owners Basement Waterproofing Problems



Basement problems can arise when you least expect them and spiral out of control making your life miserable. One of the worst things that can happen to you is having your basement completely flooded with water, on top of that electricity wires out in the open. This case can quickly brew into a recipe for disaster; luckily we have the ultimate solution for every home owner’s basement Waterproofing problems.

Our company, Clark basement system offers a range of solutions for your wet basement problem. We are the professionals skilled at waterproofing and foundation repair in Canada’s Greater Toronto Area,  providing easy and reliable solutions to our satisfied clients.

Before employing the solutions there are certain signs of a wet basement you need to identify. If your basement floor is:

  • Damp or smells musty

  • Has leaks or walls are covered in seepage

  • There is pooling or  stagnant water

  • Crystalline deposits on the floor

  • Condensation problems in the heat

  • Sump pump issues

Then you are likely suffering from a wet basement and before the whole ordeal gets out of hand it is important to waterproof your basement. There are a number of ways we can provide the perfect solution for this. However, we custom proof our solutions according to the needs of our clients. Not every basement will require all of the compartments in our basement waterproof solution. We prefer to provide our clients with the satisfaction of knowing that they are in safe and reliable hands.

Our patented and award-winning WaterGuard Interior Drainage System is a tried and tested solution that can be custom fit for your basement. This ensures the water does not remain on the basement ground and any internal leaks are quickly fixed. Our specialized professionals make a thorough check of your basement before suggesting any solution so it proves to be reliable and easy on your budget.

Our basement waterproofing system is a complete and comprehensive solution for a comfortable, dry and stench free basement. We evaluate the cause of the problem and fix it diligently. Our solution includes sump pumps, weeping tiles and basement drainage systems that can get the water out of your basement so the cleaning process can begin. We then use our dehumidifiers, crack repairs and vapour barriers in order to get rid of the condensation and the bad odor stuck inside the basement. Ignoring your wet basement problems can further aggravate and lead to other serious issues, such as diseases as well as pest infestations, or worse a recurring problem of mould. Hence it is important to correct this problem before it is too late.

Contact our professionals at 1-866-488-1988 for a visit to your home in order to let them conduct a comprehensive FREE inspection of your basement situation. Clark Basement system provides you with only the most specialized and professional workers with years of experience to solve your wet basement needs. Furthermore, our solution comes with a lifetime warranty so you are at peace knowing a wet basement will never be an issue at your home again. Visit for more information and to book your Free, no obligation inspection today!


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