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Work Requests in Brampton

Clarke Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Brampton. Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems's recent work requests in Brampton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Brampton, ON
Vicinity of Coastline Drive in Brampton
At basement window, have vertical water detected inside. Seem to have black water membrane underground outside. Need quote for repair.
Vicinity of Frederick Street in Brampton
Looking to add HVAC to an older home and want to make sure the crawl space is properly sealed for energy efficiency.
Vicinity of Samuel Crescent in Brampton
Need front and back pattern concrete lifted
Vicinity of Blackthorn Lane in Brampton
Sinking cracked pool deck. Looking for quote
Vicinity of Gold Hill Rd in Brampton
Looking for our front entry and rear patio concrete slabs to be leveled.
Vicinity of Kline Court in Brampton
I feel like its a foundation issue as the bricks in the front of my home are cracking and also there is water in the garage where i dont know where its coming from
Vicinity of Kimbark Rd in Brampton
Vicinity of Velvet Grass Lane in Brampton
Water coming in the basement.
Vicinity of Ponymeadow Way in Brampton
2 Cracks - one is active with water seeping in from somewhere, and another one is inactive with some water marks, but want to get a professional to have a look and determine where the actual leak is at and give an estimate of the work to be done for repair.
Vicinity of Rotunda St in Brampton
I will be finishing my basement soon however I would like to enlarge the windows first.
Vicinity of Greystone Crescent in Brampton
The front of my garage has sunk and cracked, it needs to be repaired
Vicinity of Mill Street South in Brampton
Basement foundation wall needs to be repaired. Some external areas of house need to be caulked.
Vicinity of Governor Grove Cres in Brampton
I have a finish basement that leaks water when it rains appears from the floor
Vicinity of Lorraine Cres in Brampton
I have original basement windows, one has leaked (or the foundation has leaked below it) and I am currently having insurance mitigate and repairs the walls and flooring. I want to install new windows, possibly egress in the two window wells at the side of the house.
Vicinity of in Brampton
We need to enlarge window in the basement bedroom for egress size 36x24 this will go in the foundation and 2 new windows size 26x30 each in the living permit from city of Brampton
Vicinity of Templehill Road in Brampton
I need a quote for two egress windows for basement 30x24
Vicinity of Luella Crescent in Brampton
Needs concrete levelling
Vicinity of Creekwood Dr in Brampton
Vicinity of Earnscliffe Circle in Brampton
Hi I see dampness in the basement (North-east and North-west corners) of my home. Appreciate if they can be looked at and repaired... requesting a quote for the same. Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Vodden St. E in Brampton
Water leaking from basement walls
Vicinity of Barr Cres in Brampton
Leaning retaining wall
Vicinity of Ortona Drive in Brampton
When it rains a lot, water seeps though behind the panel in the basement
Vicinity of Elderwood Pl in Brampton
Front lawn retaining wall currently rotting. Old railway ties. Need it repaired in order to widen driveway.
Vicinity of Kirkpatrick Street in Brampton
We have 2 cracks in foundation which "weep" - just a few drips making a small puddle, not a flood of water at all. Would like to get the cracks repaired before things get worse.
Vicinity of River Rd in Brampton
Hi I have water coming inti my basement was wondering if you could come by and take a look and give me a quote thanks Rico
Vicinity of Langston in Brampton
Basement is leaking not sure where the water is coming in. We would like to get an estimate for repair
Vicinity of Tappet Dr in Brampton
Hi I have a hairline crack in my basement wall. I saw very little water coming in through it. I m just wondering if it should be repaired now or in spring ? I can provide the pictures . Its 6 years old house in brampton near mcvean and castlemore. Thanks Harpreet
Vicinity of Toba Cres in Brampton
My tenant noticed water seeping between the floor boards of the laminate in the basement. Water seeps up when she presses the boards down. There seems to be no leaks under the kitchen sink and laundry area. Can you please arrange an inspection asap. Thanks Khalid
Vicinity of Stoneledge Circle in Brampton
Single fine Crack in basements foundation wall that allow water to sip through after snow thaw cycle.
Vicinity of Marchmount Cres in Brampton
Looking for an approx price to install a sump pump in my basement (unfinished concrete floor) Thank you
Vicinity of Dunlopcrt in Brampton
Yesterday water is coming in my basment closet ... laminat floor is watering.
Vicinity of Vetch St in Brampton
My cold seller is leaking
Vicinity of Napa Valley Crescent in Brampton
I would simply like at some point in the winter or spring to have a professional look at the exterior and interior of our home's foundation. Given the hot summers, cold winters and much rain that we receive, I was hoping to gauge whether there are (smaller or larger) issues which we should anticipate with our home's foundation, and what we might do, on a small or larger scale, over time, to address these. Our home was built in mid-2003, and while it had an inspection when we purchased it in 2010, I thought it would be good to check at this point. Thanks very much for your consideration.
Vicinity of Vidal Road in Brampton
Hi there, On the 1st, we noticed a small leak in the basement after the rainfall we had. The home is < 7 years old and we reside in brampton. We would like to have this investigated and a quote to fix. Thanks, Austin
Vicinity of Hansen Rd N in Brampton
I think we have wet basement and I m looking for quotation
Vicinity of Foxtail Rd in Brampton
Need a window wells 60" x 42" please contact me thanks
Vicinity of Alston Court in Brampton
Have a leak in my basement, 60 yr old home with block wall. I believe the weeping tile is blocked and need the wall waterproofed.
Vicinity of Murdoch Drive in Brampton
Hello, I found leakage in my basement from the foundation. it is actually not in entire basement, but just around the corner. And i have carpet in that room so seems it's just spreading the water. i have checked the walls but nothing is there so don't know from where it's coming. Please provide me estimate. If possible please email me. Thank you in advance.
Vicinity of Nevada in Brampton
Basement wall crack leaking after previous injection repair.
Vicinity of Earnscliffe Circle in Brampton
We have a crack in the outside wall in our laundry room. Can it be repaired from the inside?
Vicinity of Red Squirrel Court in Brampton
Concrete lift and level
Vicinity of Hindquarter Court in Brampton
We have what we think is a leaky basement there's a lot of moisture in there. We used a dehumidifier and found lots of water and signs of moulding on the baseboards and we need to have it looked at
Vicinity of ASterwind Crescent in Brampton
How much is the cost of sealing the exterior wall? we have leakage in the basement
Vicinity of Dancing Waters Road in Brampton
Interested in an underground downspout solution
Vicinity of Doncaster Dr in Brampton
We have few foundation cracks. Also a leak in the basement. Please give us a quote. thanks
Vicinity of Kamlpops Dr in Brampton
Water in basement through window whenever is heavy rain
Vicinity of Red Cedar Cresc in Brampton
Water entering in basement when raining. Mainly in room with Window
Vicinity of Seashell in Brampton
I need to install a sump pump
Vicinity of Riva Ridge Drive in Brampton
We have patterned concrete that has cracking and a couple of sections where it has raised causing a concern for tripping. Will leave you my cell # as well 416 558 4447.
Vicinity of Wheatfield Rd in Brampton
We had a leak in our basement after the ice storm in April through a crack in the basement wall and are looking to have it repaired
Vicinity of Watson Crescent in Brampton
We have a leak in our basement coming from the joint spaces between the floor and the wall in the crawl space. I would like to request for an estimate to repair. Thank you
Vicinity of Foxacre Row in Brampton
Concrete slabs around my inground pool have shifted making it unsafe for my daughter to be walking around.
Vicinity of Mowat Court in Brampton
We have an old retaining wall that is failing, approximately 30 feet long 6 feet high
Vicinity of Mancroft in Brampton
Retaining wall repair
Vicinity of Jasper Crescent in Brampton
Slabs are dipping down at pool copping so water is draining inward
Vicinity of Archdekin Drive in Brampton
Cracks in foundation, leaks
Vicinity of Pressed Brick Drive in Brampton
My basement has leaked along the east wall perimeter. I have furniture damage, floor damage and suspect the leak originated from the window well.
Vicinity of Roberts Cres in Brampton
Patio slab in backyard close to door is sunken. Its very unsightly and collects dirt etc. Only one spot about 8" has sunken. Can you fix?
Vicinity of Geneva Cres in Brampton
Massive crack in crawl space foundation
Vicinity of Ferndale Cres in Brampton
Need concrete slab in back yard levelled. Currently sloped towards the house. Water leaking into the basement. The basement leak was fixed but I need the slab lifted so that is slopes away from the house.
Vicinity of Seahorse Ave. in Brampton
I would like to get quote for French drainage pipe installation. Thank you
Vicinity of Royce Ace in Brampton
Leaking basement wall
Vicinity of Bartley Bull Parkway in Brampton
Moisture on wall where previous crack repaired. Water Modrerate amount of water on floor when it rains
Vicinity of Robert Parkinson Drive in Brampton
Vicinity of Nasmith Street in Brampton
The floor in front of our back basement wall accumulates water every time there is a snowmelt or rainstorm.
Vicinity of Father Tobin Rd in Brampton
Water leak in basement
Vicinity of Zachary Dr in Brampton
I need som concrete lifting done at my home
Vicinity of Denison Avenue in Brampton
Have water penetration at junction of addition and original home in basement area -very minor- interested in DryTrak® Drain Pipe System to contain water and direct it to a floor drain close by.
Vicinity of Springwood Heights Cres. in Brampton
My front yard Stamp Concrete is uneven.
Vicinity of Elizabeth ST S in Brampton
Need a waterproofing system for our basement which is currently unfinished.
Vicinity of Summershade St in Brampton
Water leak from wall in cold storage
Vicinity of Squire Ellis in Brampton
Rain water in the basement.
Vicinity of Hollyhedge Court in Brampton
I have a basement entrance that is getting flooded with extreme rain. I need help to get it defered out of the basement.
Vicinity of Garside Crescent in Brampton
Water leaked into the basement after warm weather thaw.
Vicinity of Manorcrest St in Brampton
Hi, I currently have a basement leak when there is heavy rain. I would like to schedule a free in home estimate. I'm on the corner of Bramalea and North Park in Brampton. Please advise when you'd be available. Thanks
Vicinity of Herkes Drive in Brampton
Have one fine vertical crack on basement wall. some time water leaking from that crack, 2 ft above the floor.
Vicinity of Barleyfield Road in Brampton
Vicinity of Wilson Avenue in Brampton
Sagging 2nd floor and experience door jamming - not closing properly.
Vicinity of Royce Ave. in Brampton
Looking to get a quote on installing what I believe is called a moisture barrier that will feed into the main drain in my basement. I have noticed moisture issues in my basement and have had a couple other quotes and am interested in your services. If you could let me know if you are interested in coming and providing a quote, that would be great.
Vicinity of Earnscliffe Cresent in Brampton
Seepage at baseboard in basement apartment at front of house
Vicinity of Bonavista Drive in Brampton
Basement walls are poured/cast concrete. House is 10 years old. Cracks in several areas in basement and around windows.
Vicinity of Brookdale Crescent in Brampton
Water leakage in basement
Vicinity of Sifton Pl in Brampton
We have a leak in the basement that comes in when it rains or snows and would like to get a quote to fix it. thank you
Vicinity of Dudley Place in Brampton
Recent heavy rainfall has caused damp to turn to leaks. I'd appreciate receiving an inspection and quotation for repair of the basement are?
Vicinity of Toba Crescent in Brampton
I have a leaky basement that is creating a lot of moisture buildup in my basement
Vicinity of Dumont Court in Brampton
I am looking to get the walkway around my pool leveled out. Kidney shaped pool with approx. 2-3ft concrete surround.
Vicinity of Manitou Crescent in Brampton
During the last thunderstorm there were some water in the basement next to the fireplace. not too much just a puddle. not sure where the water came from i.e cracks, foundation, chimney, etc.
Vicinity of Herkes Drive in Brampton
Need to fix foundation cracks from inside the basement. Right now from this crack water leaking some time.
Vicinity of Grasspoint Sq in Brampton
Need estimate for basement waterproofing
Vicinity of La France Rd in Brampton
Our basement leaks water when it rains ... North West side of the home
Vicinity of Sunforest Dr. in Brampton
I have a leak coming into a cold room attached to the house in the rear. It leaks during heavy rain. Its not much but it is causing mold problems.
Vicinity of Dunhill Road in Brampton
I have concrete in my backyard all around my pool and gazebo that is lifted and sunken also the front steps are sunken I need a quote and explain what can be done please
Vicinity of Fairglen Avenue in Brampton
Need quote for Basement Waterproofing.
Vicinity of Alderway Avenue in Brampton
Would like crawlspace cleaned (walls) and vapour barrier added.
Vicinity of Conservation Drive in Brampton
Vicinity of Rogers Road in Brampton
We had some water leak in on the east side of the house after all the rain last week. Looking for a repair and perhaps suggestions.
Vicinity of Lent Crescent in Brampton
Small leaking, was discovered when we removed the carpet of the basement. At this moment it isn't any water but it was humid.
Vicinity of Edgemont Drive in Brampton
Water in cold room in basement and water stains on baseboards
Vicinity of Cox in Brampton
We noticed a leak in our basement today, from where i believe is a rebar. also noticed a leak below the fireplace. would like to get a quote, we just closed on our house today and this really put a damper on our day.
Vicinity of Cranberry Crescent in Brampton
I have a leak in the basement in my laundry area. I'm not sure where it's coming from exactly. During a down poor I saw a pretty big puddle in my laundry area and notice it was from any of the machine.
Vicinity of Collins Crescent in Brampton
Slopping floors
Vicinity of in Brampton
Stamp drive way is sinking
Vicinity of Astorville Square in Brampton
Have a water leak in my basement from the foundation
Vicinity of West Street in Brampton
Experiencing a leak in basement foundation
Vicinity of Nuttall Street in Brampton
I have a section of my patio that has sunk approx. 1 inch. The patio is cut into 4 sections and one section has shifted\sunk at one side. Looking for a quote to bring back to level, Regards, Steve
Vicinity of West St in Brampton
Huge water pooling in several areas in the yard. Large deep area at the side of the house and the water has travelled underneath the add on and into the old portion of the cellar. It is coming in at a steady rate. There is a drain in the basement but not located at the lowest point so the water in that area is stationary and cannot reach the drain. Ongoing issue in the yard everytime there is a melt off or heavy rain. Tired of it.
Vicinity of Softneedle Ave in Brampton
Would like a quote for a front walkway.
Vicinity of Caruso Dr in Brampton
Front step of my house entry has gone down a little. Need to lift that.
Vicinity of Madison St in Brampton
Vicinity of Nantucket Cres in Brampton
Our pool deck is hollow underneath and uneven
Vicinity of Laurelcrest Street in Brampton
Vicinity of Luella Crescent in Brampton
Address- Brampton. Underneath the elevated separate door entrance to the basement water is sipping into the basement when there is a heavy down pour of rain. Door area is caulked and sealed, yet water is sipping in. Possibly water is sipping in from the foundation where the door is elevated from. Need to be assessed.
Vicinity of Lorraine Crescent in Brampton
My driveway has shifted and cracked. I require an estimate on repairing it.
Vicinity of Archdekin Drive in Brampton
Un identified source of wáter in basement.
Vicinity of Earth Star Trail in Brampton
My basement wall leaking from inside little can you look it and give me free estimate. Plz call me my cell.tks
Vicinity of Cornwall Rd in Brampton
Please email me for further information. Thank you
Vicinity of Armstrong Street in Brampton
We have several leaks in our basement and we are looking to get them looked at and fixed. We have a few leaks coming from the walls and another coming from the ceiling in my basement.
Vicinity of Barraclough Blvd in Brampton
Looking to install a back-up sump pump and battery.
Vicinity of Odeon St. in Brampton
My basement in the furnace area is leaking, looks water is coming from at the end of wall from outside, but you have to check
Vicinity of Welbeck Drive in Brampton
Water leaking in basement. Appears to be crack in foundation wall
Vicinity of Lancefield Cres in Brampton
Water leaking into wine cellar. latest leak is after snow melted....
Vicinity of Cassander Crescent in Brampton
I have a garage floor with a crack and one side has dropped
Vicinity of Worthington Ave in Brampton
Leaking in cold room under porch, from wall cracks and joints, 15 year old detached house, this inquiry is by home owner. Prefer call back or text message on phone number provided above.
Vicinity of Clark Blvd. in Brampton
West side of building sidewalk has some trip hazards, and require quote as soon as possible to have it leveled and lifted back to proper height.
Vicinity of Tatra Crescent in Brampton
I have crack in my foundation wall (1.5 m long) started leaking some water when its raining heavy. also I have concrete slab in my walkway settled , it may need to be fixed.
Vicinity of Glendale AVE in Brampton
Please call to set up time for estimate
Vicinity of Peachwood Place in Brampton
Patterned concrete on driveway and front entrance needs leveling to remove trip hazards.
Vicinity of Hansen Rd N in Brampton
There is a crack on the inside of the basement that seems to be allowing moisture in.
Vicinity of Flavian Cres in Brampton
I am a realtor and a home inspection was done on this property and they are trying to indicate there is a major problem with the cinder block foundation wall.
Vicinity of Main Street North in Brampton
We have a slightly wet basement room. we will be re-paving our parking lot and would like to look at solving this problem at that time.
Vicinity of Hinchley Wood Grove in Brampton
2 small crack in basement wall - both in the same room
Vicinity of Bramalea Rd in Brampton
Please help me
Vicinity of Calderstone Road in Brampton
Vicinity of Songsparrow Drive in Brampton
I recently bought this house and see some cracks on brick wall and plint of foundation. Can you send someone to inspect and give me a n estimate/quotation for repairs if required. Thank you, Jayesh [email protected]
Vicinity of Rutherford Road South in Brampton
I have a pedestrian walkway slab (approx 4'x4') that is sunk approx 1" on one end and needs to be relevelled.
Vicinity of Kimbark Dr. in Brampton
Over the past year I have identified issues with water getting into the basement and bubbling up the laminate flooring in places. When I shed water in one area and stop the problem there it seems to migrate to other areas... I'd really like to understand the cost of having a team come in and dig around the foundation and properly waterproof and possibly insulate from the outside. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Bryan
Vicinity of Carrie Cres in Brampton
Driveway slabs and front door walkway uneven and needs to be levelled. Thanks, Ron
Vicinity of Howell Street in Brampton
Our front steps are sinking at an angle and need to be re-leveled
Vicinity of Pebblestone Circle in Brampton
Patterned concrete walkway along side / front of house has sunk approximately 3 inches.
Vicinity of Newark Way in Brampton
Hi, I'm looking to get an estimate for concrete repair on my walkway using PolyLevel. I can send pictures if it helps. Thanks!
Vicinity of Esker Drive in Brampton
Our pool concrete deck cracked in a couple of places due to some stabs that sunk! We are exploring the option of having it leveled! Thank you
Vicinity of WHITWELL DR. in Brampton
I have sunken patterned concrete around the house, need quote. thanks
Vicinity of Tinsmith St in Brampton
Basement has a leak not sure if fix from inside using injection is better or actually digging the foundation. I think the gas pipes are on that side. Looking for an affordable fix this month.
Vicinity of Letty Avenue in Brampton
Wet spots on basement carpet, particularly under heavy furniture legs where compression is the greatest.
Vicinity of Rosegarden Drive in Brampton
My front concrete walkway [about 200 SQ feet] has sections that are as much as 2 inches off level. I would appreciate you giving me an estimate to level it. Thank you, Denny
Vicinity of Pleasant Valley Place in Brampton
Several basement leaks and would like to get a price
Vicinity of Richvale in Brampton
Please advise about the costs to treat water leakage in basement during springtime or heavy rain
Vicinity of Juniper Cres in Brampton
Foundation is moving
Vicinity of Pebblecreek Drive in Brampton
I have some water leak in the basement, and would like to know the fix for it.
Vicinity of Jersey Ave in Brampton
Hello Below are the main items/concerns I have. 1. wet spot in basement 2. cold room is damp and can get wet 3. proper exterior water flow control away from the house Regards, Mike
Vicinity of PORTRUSH TRAIL in Brampton
Two vertical fine cracks in basement, visible from outside. No water seepage.
Vicinity of Van Scott Drive in Brampton
Wet basement....
Vicinity of Cochrane in Brampton
2 cracks/ poured concrete/ leak when heavy rain/ house age is 28 yrs/ unfinished basement
Vicinity of Dartnell Place in Brampton
In my cold room is leaking water
Vicinity of Binsell Ave in Brampton
I have concrete at the back of my house that slopes toward the foundation therefore sending water that way.
Vicinity of Redcastle Street in Brampton
Water is appearing in a portion of the basement insulation.
Vicinity of Father Tobin Road in Brampton
Crack on basement wall, water leaks
Vicinity of Rutherford Rd. N in Brampton
Looks like 2 cracks in wall of poured concrete in basement(no Drywall) I'm interested in resin solution.
Vicinity of Dorchester Dr in Brampton
We have leaks in our basement
Vicinity of Vintage Gate in Brampton
Foundation leaning (moved) in where we opened the Basement door and the basement door is not working properly and cracks can be seen from out side
Vicinity of in Brampton
Concrete ( patterned ) steps have shifted away from the wall- leaning towards driveway.On side of the house patterned concrete level has shifted causing water drainage issues.
Vicinity of Coastline Drive in Brampton
Looking to get a quote to install piers for backyard deck. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lacewood Cres in Brampton
Basement flooded last night due to the heavy rain. Wants to find out what could be the reason for the leak and where it has come from.
Vicinity of Foxacre Row in Brampton
Main concrete 7 steps porch stairs from driveway to house has crack and seems to be settled down.Can You please come and give me free estimate for my sinking stairs. Thanks
Vicinity of Valleyway Dr in Brampton
"Stair-Step" Or Diagonal Cracking on wall brick
Vicinity of Alexandria Crescent in Brampton
There are issues of mold and mildew in my basement back room caused from leaking and I need someone to measure the extent of damage. Thanks
Vicinity of Castlehill Road in Brampton
Lumps in the basement cement floor, 1st floor and now starting on 2nd floor. Door to basement scraping on the floor, cracks in foundation outside of house, seperation between wall and stairs in basement etc etc. hoping someone can come take a look and advise.
Vicinity of Springhurst Ave in Brampton
Wet basement floor and musty smell
Vicinity of Elizabeth St. South in Brampton
Water leak in basement behind fireplace.
Vicinity of Duncan Bull Drive in Brampton
We are renovating the basement of our 50 year old home and need to have a steel beam installed to support the floor above. The span to be supported is approximately 15 feet and very accessible.
Vicinity of Sunny Meadow Blvd. in Brampton
I have a finished basement. It has two bed rooms and others. but both rooms smell molds. It doesn't have real leaks, but I saw few carpet areas little wet.
Vicinity of Avondale Blvd in Brampton
Hello, I would like a free estimate on my basement leak , I have a block concrete foundation.
Vicinity of Porchlight Rd. in Brampton
Crack in the foundation how much to inject it and warranty
Vicinity of Newbridge Crescent in Brampton
Require an estimate for garage cement floor that has cracked @ 3' and sunk @ 1 1/2" - needs lifted and repaired Please call to arrange a mutually convenient time. Thank you.
Vicinity of Craig Street in Brampton
The basement has minor water damage at times (driveway side of the house). One room that is not properly sealed off (room is at bottom of basement steps). possible mould growing inside of basement walls.
Vicinity of Deerfield Cres in Brampton
Hi We have a crack (vertical-ish) in the basement wall extending from a below grade window. There is also loose material on the external wall at a corner. Thanks
Vicinity of Lupin Court in Brampton
Need to do free estimate for the foundation repair
Vicinity of Karen Court in Brampton
Our house has developed a series of cracks in one corner, extending in a zig-zag from the foundation up to a second storey window, with at least one brick cracked in half. There is a deep gap in the ground around the foundation wall about 1 cm wide on this corner. The house sometimes makes a loud bang/crack sound that appears to come from the second floor. There are 2-3 drywall cracks near window/door frames, although not near the corner in question. I would like a diagnosis and if needed a repair estimate.
Vicinity of Fallway Road in Brampton
Leak on one side of the basement when it rains a lot and or when show melts.
Vicinity of VAlleyridge Cres in Brampton
Water came to basement on 2 wall about 2 feet puddle on floor against wall
Vicinity of Pillar Road in Brampton
Want to get an estimate Hydro Electrical Panel Leaks
Vicinity of Bromley Cres in Brampton
Basement leaking after heavy rain. I will remove drywall and carpet. Whould like an estiment.
Vicinity of Jade Crescent in Brampton
Basement waterproofing estimate request.
Vicinity of Bartley Bull Parkway in Brampton
There is a crack on the foundation I would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Tamworth Court in Brampton
Concrete levelling of the driveway.
Vicinity of Rollingwood Drive in Brampton
Basment floor wet in two rooms
Vicinity of Braidwood Lake Rd in Brampton
Basement Leak/Crack Bulging Wall
Vicinity of Seabrook Place in Brampton
Brand new house has a wet basement from the heavy rains in July. Need a quote to remove moisture and water.
Vicinity of Barleyfield Road in Brampton
Basement is leaking. Like to get it fixed. Please call. Thanks.
Vicinity of Meadow Bush Crt in Brampton
Dampness & leaks in heavy rain
Vicinity of Esplanade Road in Brampton
We have 2 issues regarding our foundation 1. A crack/leak where the gas main enters the house in the middle of the east facing wall 2. There is water entering the house between the foundation and the concrete sill of our side door on the same east facing wall. We believe the main cause is the door and sill but would like to ensure the foundation has not been affected
Vicinity of Barrier Reef Lane in Brampton
Wet basement, water leaked in to basement, saw mold as well.
Vicinity of Saddlecreek Court in Brampton
Lots of mold in one are of my finish basement. Say crack in foundation from the outside of that area.
Vicinity of Esplanade Road in Brampton
Wet basement everytime there is a heavy rainstorm. possibly due to crack(s) on the wall
Vicinity of Hollowood Ctr. in Brampton
Capped metal fireplace chimney leaking into basement. Cap is @ ground level. Was fine till storm on Monday. Never want it to leak again! Can you help us? Also want nearby window well drainage checked please. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Brampton
Crack in the basement behind the furnace. Water comes when it rains
Vicinity of Grassington Court in Brampton
Water came into my family room via the fireplace/ exterior wall area. A small area in front if the fireplace of laminate floor has absorbed some of the water while the rest ran off into the laundry room. I need help to source out the leaky area and repair. I am a happy previous customer (maybe 6 years ago). Thank you.
Vicinity of Primrose Crescent in Brampton
Leaking basement.
Vicinity of Belmont Drive in Brampton
Floor drain backed up during yesterday's heavy rainfall. How to prevent in future and/or how to install sump pump.
Vicinity of Folkstone Crs in Brampton
Vicinity of Hernon Crt. in Brampton
Block foundation wall is showing signs of deterioration and is leaking water substantially. It has been "repaired" twice before. The last contractor will not honour his warranty and will not return calls.
Vicinity of Good Hope Road in Brampton
Small crack on basement wall resulted in water seepage
Vicinity of Cowan Road in Brampton
Our outdoor walkway is sinking in the side yard. It has cracked fallen approx. 1.5 inches in the centre neat the side door of the house. We are interested in receiving a quote on leveling the fallen concrete with the surrounding walkway.
Vicinity of Scott St in Brampton
Need 2 sump pumps provided and installed. Holes for pumps already exist. Thanks
Vicinity of Hacienda Court in Brampton
Would like an estimate on raising and levelling a portion of concrete pool surround
Vicinity of Aintree Cresc. in Brampton
Wet, Water leaks at foundation walls
Vicinity of Greenfield Sq in Brampton
Basement is leaking from a number of different areas. I am looking for quotes on getting waterproofing done. I am wanting to lay flooring but am needing the leaking fixed a.s.a.p.
Vicinity of Nanport St in Brampton
Rain water that runs off the evestrough and goes into 6" pvc pipes around the outside walls of the house, one of them is full of water' pipe is about 10 feet deep. I have never seen this pipe overflow. I would like know how much it will cost to fix thanks Abdulla
Vicinity of Mill St. N. in Brampton
Basement waterproofing and entrance replacement
Vicinity of Clipstone in Brampton
Leak in foundation wall
Vicinity of Centre Street North in Brampton
Hi there- we moved in an old neighborhood of Brampton 2 years ago and are having wet basement issues with all the snow now melting with warmer temperatures. Basement has gone from occasionally wet to literally flooding yesterday as large amounts of water stated to sip in through the cement blocks. We are in damage control mode at the moment, trying to channel the water to the basement drain but I could use suggestions as of how to address this issue, possibly with a sump pump?... please call me ASAP. Thanks, Matt
Vicinity of Cox Cres in Brampton
Small leak or water seeping into the basement area where the basement floor meets the attached car garage concrete wall. No outer wall is involved.
Vicinity of Cresthaven Road in Brampton
I have a crack in my basement since i move in this house. this house is 10 years old and we had moved in just over a year now and there is approximately 2 feet of crack on my basement wall and whenever is raining water is coming into the basement. I need to get this fix as early as possible. please give me a call and ask to speak with chris or home# .i would like you you to come by and give me a quote.
Vicinity of Wellington St W in Brampton
Hello, I think I have a possible problem of sagging crawl space. In the back corner of my house where there is just a crawl space, the floor feels "soft" and the exterior door shifted and would not lock. I am suspicious that the ground under that corner has washed out, leaving it without support (this is just my guess). I am available on Fridays during the day, so that would be a better day for an estimate to be done. Thanks
Vicinity of Neptune Crt. in Brampton
I would like a quote to do exterior basement waterproofing. Area is approximately 25 ft long and 6 feet deep on the East Side of my house. Basement is drywalled. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ecclestone Dr in Brampton
Wall cracks in the basement
Vicinity of Kingsmere Dr in Brampton
I am looking for a quote to have a leaking basement repaired on a 45 year old bungalow with a combination concrete and cinder block foundation. the seller contacted us after the original purchaser withdrew offer of purchase because building inspector reported leaky basement at rear of house. we would like a quote on proper repair costs to help us decide if we are still interested in house. thank you. ps...theres a huge time constraint
Vicinity of Pathmaster Road in Brampton
Basement concrete wall has crack, I want to repair it, its 4ft.long & 1/ wide
Vicinity of Fletcher Drive in Brampton
Hello looking for a battery operated back up sump pump for our basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Maple Avenue in Brampton
I own a house that was built in 1925, I am about to start a rather large renovation of the property and one side of the house is slightly lower than the other. I need to have it jacked up before I start so that I can lay new floor joists and sub floor. I understand that with the age of the house I will never get it 100% level, I just want to remove the slight slope on one side.
Vicinity of Ladin in Brampton
Leak in basement

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