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Work Requests in Orangeville

Clarke Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Orangeville. Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems's recent work requests in Orangeville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Orangeville, ON
Vicinity of Fieldgate Drive in Orangeville
Crack has developed in garage foundation wall and the bricks are separating, it looks like it's due to ground settling. Are you able to help by using the poly foam injection to raise the section that's sunk?
Vicinity of Colbourne Crescent in Orangeville
Looking for a backup battery system for my sump pump.
Vicinity of Biscayne Cres in Orangeville
Crack on both sides of foundation.
Vicinity of Henderson Street in Orangeville
Looking to get a quote on repairing a foundation crack that runs along the side of our home. Also looking to have the parging re-done. Thank you.
Vicinity of College Ave in Orangeville
Stairs out from basement is where the problem exists
Vicinity of Pheasant Dr.. in Orangeville
Garage foundation crumbling on the inside moisture penetrating concrete.
Vicinity of Elizabeth St. in Orangeville
I need an estimate to fix leak issues in my basement
Vicinity of Burbank Cres in Orangeville
Basement foundation leak & mold in basement.
Vicinity of Erindale Ave in Orangeville
We have a problem with water coming through our basement window. Back yard was flooded and the water in the well had no where to go.
Vicinity of Margaret Street in Orangeville
Hi Clarke, Have an old home in Orangeville that we are experiencing mildew and musty odours. Have a very low crawl space under the old house and a 4 foot crawl space under the kitchen. Assume we would need to spray foam perimeters and encapsulate both areas and would like to know if you work in Orangeville. Please let me know if you would drop by to see and quote the job. Thanks. Greg
Vicinity of Townline in Orangeville
Old field stone foundation leaking,needs repair, Re-Pointing/replacing.
Vicinity of Pheasant Drive in Orangeville
Have a leak in the basement but the water is coming from above down the wall
Vicinity of in Orangeville
Looking for a quote for waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of Buckingham St. in Orangeville
Crack in foundation, poured concrete, unfinished basement, leakinig into house, house is approximately 10-12 yrs old
Vicinity of Sherwood St in Orangeville
I have a crack in my basement foundation and would like a quote for fixing it.
Vicinity of Zina Street in Orangeville
We have fixed the basement twice and it still leaks I think it's coming through the bottom. Need help
Vicinity of Lisa Marie Dr in Orangeville
I have had another individual who had come in to repair cracks in the foundation behind my garage. This didn't work out and now I have to get it repaired still. The excavation is complete in the corner and I am looking for estimates in fixing.
Vicinity of in Orangeville
Mold on baseboards and bottom of drywall, we removed and had to take out the laminate flooring as there was water underneath. Corners of cement in basement still wet and constant running of dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Hurontario in Orangeville
Looking for a consultation on our damp basement
Vicinity of Amelia St. in Orangeville
Hi there, during the recent storms that have gone though the area I've noticed a localized wet spot on my basement floor. I peeled back some carpet and cut a hole in the drywall to get a look and to me it appears that there is a leak coming from the area where the basement floor meets the foundation wall. It is not that bad (probably about 3 to 4 ft along the wall), but enough to have contributed to some molding and therefore a musty smelling basement. I was just wondering if you guys offer any options to deal with this issue. Thanks, Mike.
Vicinity of Howard Cres in Orangeville
There is a leak coming from the front of the house between the house and deck. leaking down in to the cold room. we have tried to seal it but it didnt work. Its a townhouse and some of our neighbours have had the same issue.
Vicinity of Leader Dr in Orangeville
Water leaking in basement seems to be coming through foundation. Mould present on basement studs and wood looks like it is starting to rot. Looking for an estimate ASAP.
Vicinity of in Orangeville
I have a crack in the basement wall that allows moisture in when the ground is saturated. Looking for solutions / options to seal it. Note - basement is finished.
Vicinity of Old Carriage Rd in Orangeville
Basement has some water leaking around old fire place it has had some water proofing in the past but we have only had the house for 3yrs. would like to finish the basement but want to eliminate and water issues first.

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