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SuperSump® System Install in Leaskdale, ON

Our customer in Leaskdale, ON, was concerned that their pedestal sump pump system would not be able to prevent a possible flood in the basement since the system did not have battery backup. The homeowner was worried that if there were a power outage, the system would not be able to handle water issues that could happen. The homeowner wanted a more reliable solution for situations like this to protect their newly renovated basement.


After placing a call to Clarke Basement Systems, an appointment was set up with Chris Luke, System Design Specialist. Chris discussed a variety of methods that could deal with potential power outages that could prevent flooding in their basement.


How can Clarke Basement Systems help prevent flooding in a basement during a power outage?

The homeowner was excited to learn that Chris had a solution designed for their situation and booked an installation date. Our foreman, Mark Dougherty, and his team installed the waterproofing system with a battery backup system:

SuperSump® is a premier Pump System with an Airtight Lid

UltraSump® Battery Backup pump keeps the SuperSump working in a power outage

IceGuard® System lets water flow outside to the lawn if the pipe becomes blocked for any reason


Our customer is happy to have a reliable, worry-free sump pump system that will keep working during a power outage and keep water flowing out of the basement regardless of freezing weather conditions or blocked pipes.

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