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Work Requests in Thornhill

Clarke Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Thornhill. Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems's recent work requests in Thornhill and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Thornhill, ON
Vicinity of Lilac Ave in Thornhill
I have a crack in the foundation that I would like an estimate for please Thank you so much
Vicinity of Brookmill Dr. in Thornhill
Vicinity of Jaimie Road in Thornhill
Are you available tomorrow to discuss a few issues we want to address to give us an estimate/estimates on options available to us re: PolyLevelâ„¢ Concrete Leveling & Lifting Structural & Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair, or other. Hoping to here from you shortly.
Vicinity of Courtham Ave. in Thornhill
Water seeping into the basement may be from the foundation
Vicinity of in Thornhill
I would like a quote on a dehumidifier for our basement.
Vicinity of Brookmill Drive in Thornhill
We have a leak on one of our basement walls. We are not sure why. Probably need an estimate.
Vicinity of Holm Cres in Thornhill
Rain water is leaky through the foundation on one side of the house.
Vicinity of Marsnow Drive in Thornhill
I need to lift 5 concrete slabs around the pool to level the deck.
Vicinity of Aileen Road in Thornhill
Water is penetrating in one corner basement room and after heavy quick rainfall, water also enters from a basement wash room window when window hole is filled with surface runoff.
Vicinity of Ramblewood Lane in Thornhill
Crack in foundation - crack on inside of garage. Two other cracks appearing but has not affected inside garage.
Vicinity of Porterfield Cres in Thornhill
Looking to get an injection on 2 walkways.
Vicinity of Roman Rd in Thornhill
I found a vertical crack on my basement wall last week. It's a crack from top to bottom. I would like to get it checked by a specialist and get a estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Parklawn Cres in Thornhill
Part of foundation seems sinking, several cracks in interior and exterior. Wish you can arrange a experienced pier specialist to give us a free estimate.
Vicinity of Babcombe Drive in Thornhill
We have recently discovered a small, isolated dampness in our basement. The dampness occurs after a heavy rain or following a snow melt.
Vicinity of York Hill Blvd in Thornhill
Looking to get concrete slab under pool equipment raised. Approx 5x11
Vicinity of MacArthur Drive in Thornhill
Any time there is rain outside I see a little bit of water pooling in one part of the basement on the floor.
Vicinity of Mendel Cresc in Thornhill
Crack in basement wall. Slow leak in basement when heavy rain or snow melt
Vicinity of Kirk Drv in Thornhill
The exterior porch has settled and sloped over last 11 years. It is not resting on any basement or foundation of the house.
Vicinity of Esther Cres in Thornhill
I currently have a manual sump pump and would like to upgrade.
Vicinity of Janesville Rd in Thornhill
Cracks in the foundation, 2 are leaking in to the basement. The basement is unfinished.
Vicinity of Brownridge Drive in Thornhill
I have a concrete slab approximately 8'x3' that has sunken causing water sipping into the house foundation
Vicinity of Jaimie Road in Thornhill
We have a small leak in our basement wall and it causes a puddle to form on the basement floor only when there is a heavy rain fall.
Vicinity of Laureleaf Rd in Thornhill
Concrete patio step & slabs around pool have sunk and need lifting.
Vicinity of Braemar Court in Thornhill
We have discovered water on the carpet of our finished basement floor adjacent to an exterior wall.
Vicinity of Pacter Court in Thornhill
Hello I need a quote to see how much it will cost to get water proofing done.
Vicinity of Westhampton Drive in Thornhill
Looking for an estimate regarding a foundation crack at the side of our home.
Vicinity of Henderson Ave in Thornhill
Minimal flooding in crawl space (small puddle on floor). Source of flooding not determined. Appears to be coming in through wall near front of house.
Vicinity of Huntington Park Dr in Thornhill
I have a leakage to my basement through a window's well
Vicinity of Ramblewood Lane in Thornhill
Hello, I am planning to build a 13' x 11' deck on 9 posts. What is the right size (diameter and length) of helical piles I need? What is the cost of the piles for this job (installed)? Thank you.
Vicinity of Stornoway Cresent in Thornhill
Garage Floor cracked in centre and interested in having estimate for repair and if possible to use mud jacking rather than replacing floor.
Vicinity of Huntington Park Drive in Thornhill
There is a crack in the basement wall.....would like a quote/estimate to fix the problem...
Vicinity of Bronte Road in Thornhill
Have a basement leak (in the corner) after the rain 3 days ago. It's a finished basement and we are not sure if it's caused by the crack on the side wall or the foundation. Obove ground of the leaking area the surface is lower than other surface which cause water deposit after rain.
Vicinity of Thornridge Drive in Thornhill
I would like to have an estimate for my crawl-space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Daniel Reman Cres in Thornhill
I had a leak into the basement during one of the last rain storms, first time ever. Need to find out if i have a crak, and if you deal with such matters
Vicinity of Badessa Circle in Thornhill
I would to ask you to check my basement and share the best solution/estimate ASAP
Vicinity of Winding Ln in Thornhill
Hi, I have cold room that needs waterproofing. It is below my veranda. I would appreciate if you can provide free estimate. Thanks, Nenad
Vicinity of Simonston Blvd in Thornhill
Looking to have a sump pump installed due to overflow flooding risk.
Vicinity of Westhampton Dr in Thornhill
Basement leak
Vicinity of Rose Green Drive in Thornhill
Large wet area in section of finished basement. Carpet wet and very smelly. Help!
Vicinity of Jacob Fisher Avenue in Thornhill
Inquiring about repairing basement leakage. Please call me as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.
Vicinity of Gretman Cres in Thornhill
After the July rainfall, my basement was wet. There is evidence that this was not the first time this has occurred.
Vicinity of Bradgate Drive in Thornhill
Concrete pool deck is cracked and uneven. Concerned about pool cover anchors which are drilled into the deck. Also concerned about how slab jacking will affect coping between pool deck and pool.
Vicinity of Forest Park Crescent in Thornhill
Wet basement, damaged walls and flooring removed. Need to find source of leak and have it repaired.
Vicinity of Sycamore Dr in Thornhill
Locating and repairing basement moisture
Vicinity of Daniel Reaman Crescent in Thornhill
I have water leaks in the basement.
Vicinity of King's College Road in Thornhill
Wet basement in several area
Vicinity of Castle Harbour Lane in Thornhill
I have had some hydrostatic leakage in one part of my basement. Walls are cement block, leak has been at floor level. Believe that I need a 16ft section excavated and waterproofed down to foundation. House is a back split and area of excavation is from the back split step down forward. The first 3ft would require a dig of 5th, the balance is about 8ft. Would like to understand your process, time line and cost. Thanks Don
Vicinity of Flowervale Road in Thornhill
Our Garage floor has cracked and sunken due to a 40 year aged house. Also the outdoor stair of sidedoor has sunken as well. Want a onsite estimation.
Vicinity of Spirea Court in Thornhill
Flooding in the basement three times this past winter. We have a significant problem with flooding with a lot of water in the basement right now. We need someone to come in urgently to examine the issue and tell us the best way to address the problem so that it does not recur.

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