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Work Requests in Scarborough

Clarke Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Scarborough. Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems's recent work requests in Scarborough and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Scarborough, ON
Vicinity of Greenock Ave in Scarborough
My Plumber suspecting that crack in the foundation.... need an estimate
Vicinity of Merryfield Dr in Scarborough
My front steps are uneven and pool water when it rains. I'm hoping to get a quote to level the steps.
Vicinity of Elinor Ave in Scarborough
A bit of water seeped into basement from 40 ft length of home on side with gas line
Vicinity of Terryhill Crescent in Scarborough
Moisture in basement buckled laminate flooring
Vicinity of Romac Drive in Scarborough
House has settled and floors are slanted
Vicinity of Barrymore Road in Scarborough
Three areas of the basement are presently leaking that we know of: under the front door, the base of the fireplace and somewhere along the base of the wall behind the furnace. The basement has never flooded that I am aware of.
Vicinity of Benleigh Drive in Scarborough
Water leak in the crawl space that occurs during heavy rain and wind. Unclear what is causing the leak and need someone to come and assess so we can determine next steps.
Vicinity of Eastville Avenue in Scarborough
Good morning, I would like to upgrade/replace our sump pump battery backup pump to one which provides a much greater flow rate if possible. Thanks, Jeff
Vicinity of Par Avenue in Scarborough
Need to fix basement leak before new floor
Vicinity of Alpaca Drive in Scarborough
I have water coming in my basement from wall and floor
Vicinity of Melchior Dr in Scarborough
One of the bed room floor in basement has sizable water leak.
Vicinity of Huntingwood Drive in Scarborough
The front porch (concrete pad) seems to be sinking on one side - on that lower side, rain water collects noticeably - the front porch (concrete pad) used to be connected to the house and there is now a noticeable crack where it used to be connected.
Vicinity of Winter Gardens Tr in Scarborough
To raise sunken concrete slabs
Vicinity of Milner Avenue in Scarborough
We have a small spot in a warehouse where the concrete is broken and has sunk slightly. We're looking at repairing it with heavy duty epoxy and wonder if this is something that you can quote and potentially repair. Vehicles that are 22,000 lbs and loaded weigh up to 30,000 lbs, so it would need to hold up. Please call me to discuss - I can send pics if needed.
Vicinity of Westbourne Ave. in Scarborough
I recently had a flood in my basement and need cracks to be filled
Vicinity of Braymore Blvd in Scarborough
Water signs in cold room. Need waterproof joist. House is link detach. Water
Vicinity of Flora Dr. in Scarborough
Wet basement,need consultation,inspection and estimate
Vicinity of Eastville Avenue in Scarborough
We have issues with our existing sump pump system. The sump pit is very deep, and water inflow to the pit is rapid. The main 1 hp sump pump is adequate to keep up with the inflow, but we have been forced to build a large infiltration facility in our front yard to deal with the excessive discharge (construction will begin soon). During several recent power failures it was evident that our current battery backup pump is nearly useless in keeping up with the inflow rate. We would at the very least like to replace the battery backup pump with a more powerful and reliable unit. Thanks, Jeff
Vicinity of Florist Lane in Scarborough
Water leak in basement
Vicinity of Acheson Blvd in Scarborough
A leaking crack in the foundation wall in the basement. We noticed water coming in today. We've removed the drywall to find the source and found the crack.
Vicinity of Purvis Cr. in Scarborough
Approximate estimate needed for repair of two foundation cracks from outside.
Vicinity of Pioneer Pathway in Scarborough
Crack wall on my basement, notice slight water leak.
Vicinity of in Scarborough
I have 4 big concrete slabs in my backyard that have become uneven that I would like even. Thx
Vicinity of Muirbank Blvd. in Scarborough
Our basement was impacted by minor flooding due to malfunctioning of the sump pump and water leaking in from the surrounding area. We would like to discuss the available options to resolve this issue in a cost effective and appropriate manner.
Vicinity of Richbourne Court in Scarborough
Concrete deck around pool needs leveling
Vicinity of Cromwell Road in Scarborough
Water seepage in one corner of the basement, also in another rental property we have water seepage on one area of the west wall. Robert
Vicinity of Rosebank Dr in Scarborough
There is water leak in my basement I want to fix
Vicinity of Canzone Drive in Scarborough
Cracks in basement crawl space
Vicinity of Stevenvale Drive in Scarborough
Vapour barrier in crawl space
Vicinity of Camilla Crescent in Scarborough
Finished Basement floor water
Vicinity of Woodgarden Cres in Scarborough
Our basement is leaking and very moldy
Vicinity of Araman Dr. in Scarborough
July we got the chimney fixed, the ceiling of the bedroom where chimney is seen to be fine, no more water mark. Where the base of chimney it used to have salt mark on the floor and now it's the first time to see a small patch of salt on the wall .
Vicinity of Waterbridge Way in Scarborough
I am looking for a quote for a foundation repair for my house located in Scarborough (Port Union/Lawrence area). The previous owners had identified small puddles of water that would become evident following large rainfalls. They attributed this to the holes drilled from the deck into the foundation. Since, the basement has been finished with kitchen cabinets at the wall where the penetration would be, so any repairs would have to be done from the outside. It is also important to note that a deck will have to be removed to access this area. I work shift so do not call - but am available at 10AM any day this week. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lawrence Avenue East in Scarborough
Our home is 15 to 20 years old purchased 5 years ago. There is a vertical crack in the exposed foundation wall in the unfinished furnace room in the basement. We had a building inspection performed as a condition of the purchase and this crack was noted as an issue to be resolved by the seller. The resolution appears to be that the crack was filled and then cemented over. There is evidence of moisture as the cement over the crack is crumbling and feels damp although there is no visible water leaking. We would like to schedule an appointment to have this issued assessed.
Vicinity of Cotton Ave in Scarborough
Hi, I was hoping to get a quote on the encapsulation of my crawl space... we recently bought the house and are hoping to get the near 200 sq ft crawl space encapsulated so that we save on energy and prolong the lifespan of our home... We are young parents and this is our first home so we want to make sure it is safe mold free and lasts us. Currently it is best to contact me via email but you can try me by phone... thanks so much look forward to hearing back.
Vicinity of Flagstone Terrace in Scarborough
Leak in basement wall
Vicinity of ABBEVILLE Road in Scarborough
Water coming from joint of wall and floor in cold room when heavy rain
Vicinity of Granada Cres in Scarborough
Hairline crack on west side of foundation from top to approx 1 foot from basement floor. crack is diagonal and weeps small amounts of water in three/four areas when it rains. that particular basement room is finished, i took down drywall and exposed right to the foundation + stud.
Vicinity of Lilian Drive in Scarborough
Vicinity of Plumrose Pathway in Scarborough
Crack in the foundation
Vicinity of Gerrard Street East in Scarborough
We would like to get an estimate to have the cement stairs in front of our house repaired. Thank you.
Vicinity of Chestergrove Crescent in Scarborough
Water is seeping through the crawl space. It was noticed a month ago and it always happens whenever there is rain.
Vicinity of Bayard Ave in Scarborough
We get water coming inside the base of the basement walls into the basement during heavy rain falls Need to fix the problem asap.
Vicinity of St Quentin Ave in Scarborough
The concrete slabs on our side drive have sunk and need to be levelled so that rain water washes away from the house foundation
Vicinity of Densgrove Rd in Scarborough
I have water in the middle of the hallway of the basement. Different people give me different solutions. The last person said I need a sump pump installed. Insurance says the problem is outside not inside. A plummer said the water is coming from outside so I need to raise the slope of slab stones in my patio. Others tell me to use drainno, seal off bathroom floor drain. I'm confused and need a good professional to help me out.
Vicinity of Forestbrook Crescent in Scarborough
Water in basement after rain
Vicinity of Bridlewood Blvd in Scarborough
20 years in same house, no leaks. Last summer after a heavy rain, some water in basement. This past Monday during rain, we had a lot of water in the basement. House is 50+ years, cinderblock walls. We believe water is coming in one area where the basement wall meets the floor. We also notice an outside crack in the same wall at the other end of the house. Part of basement is unfinished.
Vicinity of Bow Valley Dr in Scarborough
I would like to get estimate to basement leak
Vicinity of Mammoth Hall Trail in Scarborough
Leak in the basement. Unable to locate where the leak comes. Needs repair if we agree on the cost.
Vicinity of Wye Valley Road in Scarborough
1. Basement floor - gap between the floor & baseboard 2. Main floor - a small section of the floor protruding or raised
Vicinity of Miramar Cres in Scarborough
Wall in basement bulging. Foundation leaning
Vicinity of Danforth Road in Scarborough
Wet basement
Vicinity of Singelton Rd in Scarborough
I have a spot in my basement( furnace room), where the water seeps in when it's raining. Probably 5-6 feet need waterproofing
Vicinity of Sylvan Ave in Scarborough
Crack in the foundation in our basement (laundry room). Water is leaking in. I believe we've used your services before on other wet basements issues. Please contact me to set up a time for a quote. Thank you!
Vicinity of Murray Glen Dr in Scarborough
Sinking sidewalk
Vicinity of Nugget Ave in Scarborough
Front Concrete walk way needs levelling.
Vicinity of Canlish Road in Scarborough
I have water leaking into the basement and cold cellar.
Vicinity of Acland Cres in Scarborough
We have a split level house on a sloping lot. The half about the crawl space (which is not excavated) has a sinking floor. The half with a basement and bedrooms above seems to have only a slab on the back side, no other visible foundation. It is causing cracks in the wall and popped floor boards. We wanted to do some renovations but were told these issues should be addressed first. We would also like to get an idea as to cost for excavating the other half of the basement and making it useable space.
Vicinity of Netheravon Road in Scarborough
Hi, I have a concrete paths around swimming pool and some are settled and get uneven .us a house in Scarborough I need a quote for leveling
Vicinity of Solway Court in Scarborough
Have a couple of cracks that need fixing and water stains on rod holes. Would like someone to evaluate walls - some staining near bottom of walls.
Vicinity of Hathway Drive in Scarborough
Walkway on the side of the house does not drain rain water away from the house
Vicinity of Patterson in Scarborough
Moist conditions in basement.
Vicinity of Rouge Highlands Drive in Scarborough
Front porch and walkway needs levelling. Thank you!
Vicinity of Pixley Crescent in Scarborough
Leak coming from the flooring of the basement
Vicinity of Hill Cres in Scarborough
Need basement waterproofing service.
Vicinity of Milldock Drive in Scarborough
Poured foundation wall in approx. 30 yr old home. Three cracks, actively leaking during heavy rainfall. Cracks appear to have been repaired (injected) in the past.
Vicinity of Closson Drive in Scarborough
Garage floor sinking and cracking...front wall of garage splitting...grade concerns with walkway leading to front door...
Vicinity of Red River Crescent in Scarborough
We have a crack in the corner of out basement that is allowing water through when we get any snow melt or heavy rain. We recently purchased the house (summer) and are hoping to get a quote on how much it would cost to repair it and what would need to be done. Thank you for your time please contact by email at anytime Eric
Vicinity of Longsword Drive in Scarborough
Foundation water seepage. Possible cracks....
Vicinity of Phyllis Ave in Scarborough
Can you please provide rough estimate of cost to install 8 to 10 piers for a new deck with ledger board? Location is Scarborough (clay soil). Thank You.
Vicinity of Marilake Drive in Scarborough
Hi, we have a crawlspace that is covered with carpet on the floors and it is not insulated. I want to have it encapsulated or sealed so to minimize moisture and mold. Can you please give me a quote. Thank you
Vicinity of Heather Rd in Scarborough
We get water into our basement at the back of the house. Only happens when there is a very heavy rain, when the downspout cannot handle the rain fall and water flows over the troughs.
Vicinity of Sandy Haven Drive in Scarborough
Water leaking from basement walls, 3 spots. Outside rainwater stands near wall, doesnot flow downwards.
Vicinity of Inniswood Drive in Scarborough
Basement leaking on two walls from melting snow. We would like a quote on repairs.
Vicinity of Atlee Ave in Scarborough
We have a wet basement during melts and heavy rain. 2013 did landscaping and new eaves however still getting water mainly from east and north sides as well as coming up through floor cracks and where supporting the columns are. Current sump pump was installed by previous owner and does not look to be done well. Considering an interior weeping tile and new sump to get a dry basement! House was built in 1950 with a block foundation and poured concrete floor. Approximately 20' x 30', unfinished. Looking for an estimate and info on possible rebates etc Many thanks
Vicinity of Elkwood Drive in Scarborough
Water seeping into basement through foundation walls.
Vicinity of Birdsilver Gardens in Scarborough
Water seepage around basement window
Vicinity of Victoria Park Avenue in Scarborough
Basement had seepage in the winter due to ice build up around foundation and eaves leaking onto same spot. Basement needs waterproofing now and a window well installed.
Vicinity of Catherwood Court in Scarborough
When it rains, water is coming into (seeping) my basement from one corner of the house near the front porch. I need to get it fixed. I would like to get a free estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Bellamy Road South in Scarborough
Had exterior of older addition of our home waterproofed in 2011. Water/dampness now collecting on interior edges of floor of same addition and also seeping to bottom part of drywall and creating mold. Would like to inquire about interior waterproofing solutions/options. Thanks.
Vicinity of Brimley And St. Clair in Scarborough
Wet foundation. Need estimate on possible external excavation and waterproofing.
Vicinity of Byng Ave in Scarborough
I have a 16x10 basement floor that needs concrete to be poured, some wall repairs (crack) will also be needed. Thanks, Ed
Vicinity of Sunderland Cres in Scarborough
Waterproofing in basement also would like to dig in a Basement Walkout
Vicinity of Shropshire Drive in Scarborough
Basement walls are leaking during heavy rain and winter season.
Vicinity of Huntingwood Drive in Scarborough
During heavy rainfall, our basement leaks
Vicinity of Scarcliff Gardens in Scarborough
Leaking spots in my basement
Vicinity of Brimley Road in Scarborough
Hello, I have lived in our small 3-bedroom brick bungalow for some 30 years. Over the past few years I've noticed a small puddle of water on our basement floor usually, but not always, after it rains. I recently ripped out the wooden wall panelling to insulate the concrete block walls. After a recent rainstorm this May, another puddle formed in the basement, but all the walls were dry, and there was no sign that water had seeped through the basement windows. However, at the base of the north wall, along a 12 foot stretch, the strapping that had previously held the base of the wood panelling had damp spots on it, every 2 feet or so. Does this sound like a "damaged weeping tile" problem? Thanks. Mike.
Vicinity of Sandhurst in Scarborough
I have two leaks in both corners of my basement from the back of the house.
Vicinity of Citadel Drive in Scarborough
My basement hallway flooring is wet, not really flooding but wet that the carpet is already damaged. We do not know where the leak is coming from. We checked the walls underneath the stairs and they are damp and molds on the flooring.
Vicinity of Heale Ave in Scarborough
Interested in getting an estimate on waterproofing 2 sides of my home as I have leakage in my basement.
Vicinity of Deekshill Drive in Scarborough
Retaining wall next to driveway is sagging over. Anchoring required.
Vicinity of Markham Road in Scarborough
I need pricing for some helical piles. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. Our client is looking for our numbers immediately.
Vicinity of Eagledance Drive in Scarborough
Need to get a quote for repair of basement leak. Crack in basement walls affecting two bedrooms. Leak is from wall cracks, but also possibly floor cracks. Basement is finished and rooms are being inhabited.
Vicinity of Panmure Crescent in Scarborough
Have had a couple of minor floods in basement, walls seem to be 'sweating' water. Problem usually occures after heavy rainfall.

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