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Work Requests in Pickering

Clarke Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pickering. Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems's recent work requests in Pickering and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Pickering, ON
Vicinity of Listowell Crescent in Pickering
I have a musty basement and I want to fix it.
Vicinity of Listowell Crescent in Pickering
My basement is musty I looking to repair it,
Vicinity of Wollaston Crt in Pickering
Cement pool deck repairs
Vicinity of in Pickering
Inspect the existing foundation crack located in the north side of the property, underneath the basement window, near the deck with water stain and dampness.
Vicinity of Sandhurst Cr in Pickering
I am seeking estimates to have a floor drain installed in my basement.
Vicinity of Garland Crescent in Pickering
Baseboard, and flooring in basement is showing signs of local dampness.
Vicinity of Ada Court in Pickering
Water has leaked into our basement laundry room
Vicinity of Sheppard Ave E in Pickering
I would like to bury my sub pump discharge line.
Vicinity of Liverpool Rd in Pickering
Intermittent water penetration into basement
Vicinity of Silverthorn Square in Pickering
Water seeping into cold room from front porch above.
Vicinity of Maury Crescent in Pickering
Basement foundation wall cracks and flooding.
Vicinity of Rathmore Cres in Pickering
We have a leak in our basement and are interested in getting an estimate done.
Vicinity of WOODSMERE CR. in Pickering
Cracked wall with water leaks - primary concern. Small hairline cracks on basement floor throughout.
Vicinity of Calvington Dr in Pickering
Our townhouse is 9 years old and with the last rain storm we had water coming through the concrete seams in the back foundation wall.
Vicinity of Rougemount Drive in Pickering
Water seeping into an unfinished portion of the basement (tool room) through block wall at floor level. Has occurred over a number of years.
Vicinity of Finch Ave in Pickering
Quote for Basement waterproofing please. Have experienced seepage and flooding in last 2 weeks. Looking for preventative treatment now.
Vicinity of Sandcastle Ct in Pickering
We have water leaking into our basement in 2 places at the front of the home.
Vicinity of Tatra Drive in Pickering
I found 3 puddles of water in the basement, following the heavy rain we had last night.
Vicinity of Eagleview Drive in Pickering
I have cracks in the foundation in my basement that I uncovered when I removed some drywall to investigate leaks that I found. I am looking for a quote to seal cracks and clear the mold that has most likely grown in the area. Thanks.
Vicinity of Misthollow Drive in Pickering
Quotation required for basement leak and window leak
Vicinity of Spruce Hill Rd. in Pickering
Section of pool deck has dropped.
Vicinity of Chartwell Court in Pickering
My garage floor has a crack that has the concrete sinking on one side. No problem driving over it but it is a tripping hazard and the garage door doesn't sit right and lots of air (getting colder by the day) is getting in.
Vicinity of Pine Grove Ave in Pickering
Some slabs on grade have dropped in front of my pool and my front walkway slab has dropped (chipmunk has undermined)
Vicinity of Liverpool Road in Pickering
Need to find source of leak in basement and have it repaired
Vicinity of Village St in Pickering
Hello. I have had a bit of water enter our basement recently when it really pours rain. There's a crack in my foundation, inside and out, in an unfinished area of my basement. I'd like to hear your recommendations and cost. Thank you kindly.
Vicinity of Summerpark in Pickering
Do you fix foundation cracks? Requesting the free quote. Need service asap. Possible on Friday (aka tomorrow)? Saw water for the first time last month - yesterday we got a lot from a basement wall crack. Saw you on Homestars
Vicinity of Faylee Cres in Pickering
Have a water coming in from the walls in the basement need to get it fixed. i would like someone to give me an estimate for the work. Regards
Vicinity of Chiron Crescent in Pickering
I'd like for someone to give me an estimate on some leaking in the basement in 4 spots.
Vicinity of Wharf St in Pickering
We have a new house and live near the lake. The pump runs regularly and we need a back-up system
Vicinity of Wharf Street in Pickering
Water leakage in basement (May 12, 2017)
Vicinity of Amaretto Avenue in Pickering
Leaking in the basement
Vicinity of Bloomfield Court in Pickering
I have leak in my finished basement that I would like to get fixed as early as possible. Please call and we can set up an appointment as early as possible.
Vicinity of Finch/Whites in Pickering
We have a pool deck that as heaved in a couple of areas. Curious to get a quote to repair.
Vicinity of Millbank Rd in Pickering
There is water coming in from the basement corner of 1 wall
Vicinity of Sturgeon Crt in Pickering
The concrete around the swimming pool is sinking it needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of West Shore Blvd in Pickering
I have a small leak in my crawl space. A puddle forms when it is very wet outside. The walls and the wood above feel dry to touch. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Vicinity of Glengrove Rd in Pickering
We have a minor leak in our basement and are looking to fix it with a drain and sump pump system
Vicinity of Woodsmere Cres in Pickering
I was wondering if I could get a quote on repairing my leaky annoying basement.
Vicinity of Broadoak Cres in Pickering
Wet basement
Vicinity of Krosno Blvd in Pickering
Foundation crack leaking into basement
Vicinity of Cricket Lane in Pickering
Small amount of water entering basement in one area. Suspect a crack.
Vicinity of Nature Haven Crescent in Pickering
Looking for a quote for basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of DuBerry DR in Pickering
We recently purchased a property north of Fenelon Falls with a crawl space and would like to get an estimate or quote on insulating the crawl space. It is about 1500 sq ft. Also what exactly do you do in this process, do you even out the dirt flooring before you lay the plastic? Is this additional cost if you have to do this?
Vicinity of Hillcrest Rd. in Pickering
Hi! I'm writing on behalf of my moms house. Our basement is very damp and we have had some minor drips and drops where there shouldn't be. We had a plumber here 8 months ago and had to open up the concrete floor to install a new outflow for us because ours was ancient and not up to code. He noticed the ground water was quite high and too close to the surface of the ground. He installed a sump pump for us, but I am concerned there is something wrong with the surrounding weepers..or something. The walls are damp in the bedrooms and there have been slugs found on the carpet. The house is a brick bungalow, built in the 60's...I am concerned for future problems and health issues (mold) and the value of the house when we want to sell. My mom is a senior and lives on her own. We would really appreciate a professional to let us know what we can do! Please email me with your thoughts! Thank you! You have very good reviews and I gotta say in our experience, it is very difficult to find good and honest workers! Thanks again, LP
Vicinity of Tanzer Crt in Pickering
Hi, I have three cracks on my exterior foundation which I want to be filled (two cracks forms a triangle as shown in pictures 1a and 1b). I also want to fix my single car garage floor (which has cracks and chips). Please let me know the cost and the time required to get the job done. I can send you the pictures of the crack.
Vicinity of Brookridge Gate in Pickering
Concrete decking around pool is sloping away from pool.
Vicinity of Stonebridge Lane in Pickering
We think there is a crack in the foundation causing water to pool on the floor when it rains
Vicinity of Baggins Street in Pickering
We have lived here 9 years. In the last few months we've had the carpets get wet in a finished bedroom in the basement where there is no plumbing (on any level of the house). Therefore, I'm assuming a foundation crack of some kind. (FYI, it is a walk-out basement). The houses are close together, but my neighbour is willing to consider water-proofing his basement at the same time, re-doing drainage, etc.
Vicinity of Elm St. in Pickering
I would like my basement encapsulated or damp proofed, I would hire you ,or possibly do some of the work myself,depending on cost and if you have diy kits. The home is at 21elm st. Ajax I am in the process of renovation to update the house. I would like an estamate to do the crawl space. It has a dirt floor. Thanks Dan Drummond
Vicinity of Kinsale Road in Pickering
Just bought this 1200 sq ft bungalow house built in 1968 and prepare to finish basement but found out the water drainage is using electric pump which need to turn on the switch every time. There is no existing sump pump for this house, please advise cost and options Thank you !
Vicinity of Bainbridge Drive in Pickering
There is a leak through the concrete wall in the basement.
Vicinity of Mapleview Court in Pickering
I have a crack in my basement foundation wall that is seeping small debris of dirt and water. I would like to have an estimate to seal and repair it. Thanks!
Vicinity of Edgewood Rd in Pickering
I have a small leak in the basement about four feet up from the floor.
Vicinity of Rambleberry Ave in Pickering
Found some water under the carpet in the basement along the outside wall after a heavy rainstorm a couple of weeks ago. Drywall and paneling on wall and unable to see behind it. Taken off some of the paneling and found some dampness and possible mould. Need an estimate of what needs to be done for repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Broadview St in Pickering
Need quote on repair and also on install of sump pump- (I have sump pit without pump)
Vicinity of Brands Court in Pickering
Window well fills up with water and leaks through window into basement
Vicinity of Secord Street in Pickering
I have a small crack in my foundation that I need repaired.
Vicinity of Canborough Cres in Pickering
I have a concrete pool deck that is cracked and sloping away from the pool in several areas. It needs raised and leveled. Thanks
Vicinity of Blue Ridge Crescent in Pickering
I have a sunken garage floor that I would like to have leveled out before more damage occurs.
Vicinity of Maury Cres. in Pickering
I have a crack in my foundation....I don't believe its all the way thru....but I want to be pro-active and get it taken care of before it becomes a larger problem. Let me know.
Vicinity of Dellbrook Avenue in Pickering
Front exterior garage wall is little slanted to one side and has a half an inch gap between bricks.
Vicinity of Memory Lane in Pickering
I have a damp basement floor and I wish to receive a free estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Rambleberry Ave in Pickering
Basement leak
Vicinity of Chiron Crescent in Pickering
Crack in basement and need to fix it outside. I have a deck too
Vicinity of Sturgeon Court in Pickering
Could you do an evaluation of some cracks in our basement floor? Thank you.
Vicinity of Mountcastle Crescent in Pickering
Water leaking into basement due to heavy rain or winter thaw. Exterior wall used to be covered by deck, which has recently been taken down. Also need to discuss "french drain" to take water away between the houses.
Vicinity of Gardenview Sq in Pickering
Just moved into home and concerned over foundation condition. Can you take a look and give quote to repair if needed.
Vicinity of Wingarden Cres in Pickering
Hi, We discovered that we have a crack in the basement's concrete wall and it start leaking. We are wondering if there is a free estimation for a visit on site to see and evaluate the damage and if is offered a warranty for the repair (for how many years). Thank you and have a great day.
Vicinity of LITTLEFORD Street in Pickering
Water comming in from interior wall of basement.
Vicinity of Willowside Court in Pickering
We have a leak in our basement
Vicinity of Altona Road in Pickering
Installation of back-up sump pump system
Vicinity of Hoover Drive in Pickering
We have a leaking side basement wall (47.5 feet long) There is clear access from the street with no fences. Ground cover is crushed stone. There are 3 window wells and the leakage appears to be at 2 of them. Obstructions involve gas and hydro supply plus an air conditioning unit. I imagine excavation and installation of a waterproof membrane is required.
Vicinity of Atwood Cres in Pickering
Two cracks in basement poured-concrete walls. One along the side of the house has been filled before, by a previous owner, but is now leaking again. The other, along the back of the house, has been dry for the 6+ years we've lived here, but with the thaw, it is now leaking.
Vicinity of Blairwood Crt in Pickering
There is a crack in the basement foundation that has started to leak. Basement is unfinished.
Vicinity of Listowell Cres in Pickering
Basement walls are leaking and need to be water proofed.
Vicinity of Eyer Dr in Pickering
I have stamp concrete patio which goes around the back and one side of my home. The concrete has sunken and water is flowing towards the house. I'm seeking an analysis of the situation and also a solution to raise the concrete to resolve the issue of the water running towards the house.
Vicinity of Naroch Blvd in Pickering
Small crack in the foundation is leaking into the basement.
Vicinity of Dencourt Drive in Pickering
Crack under a basement window. Damp carpet a couple times last winter/spring
Vicinity of Echo Point Crt in Pickering
Hello, we have a leak in our poured concrete foundation wall that is causing some minor mould issues. I have opened the drywall and exposed the concrete and found the crack that is allowing the water in and sealed it with hydraulic cement. However, I am unsure if this is enough to prevent it happening again and would like to receive a quote to repair it from the outside if necessary.
Vicinity of McLeod Cres in Pickering
Hello, We recently bought a home in Pickering, we'll be moving into in a couple weeks. We have an outdoor basement entrance that is need of repair/replacement. the stairwell retaining wall is caving in and shows signs of water damage. We'd like to replace the retaining walls and make it look new and safe again. There is also an overhead structure that will need to be taken down. please contact me at your earliest convenience. thank you Chris
Vicinity of Holly Hedge Dr in Pickering
Leak in basement (but only after hard rains). Not sure if it is from window or wall (basement is finished so it's hard to pinpoint exact location of leak).
Vicinity of White Pine Crescent in Pickering
Foundation crack repair estimate
Vicinity of Cobblers Crt in Pickering
Leaks in basement - seems to be coming from join between basement and wall
Vicinity of Rambleberry Ave in Pickering
Observed at least a couple of settlement cracks in either side of the house from top to bottom along the brick-work. Need to repair ASAP prior to selling the property. Appreciate your prompt call / quote. Week-end would be ideal for performing the work. Thanks.
Vicinity of Ferncliif Circle in Pickering
Hi, We purchased our home in Pickering and there are three small vertical cracks in the foundation. The basement is finished and it isn't damp and has been checked for mold. I'm just looking for an estimate on sealing the cracks. Thanks, Rob
Vicinity of Meadowridge Crescent in Pickering
We have a small crack in the basement wall that leaks during heavy storms. I'm concerned as it appears to be behind an electrical panel.
Vicinity of Reytan Blvd in Pickering
Semi attached duplex. The basement has a "crawl space" or cellar which leads under stairs. At the beginning of this month my tenants noticed a small pool of water and an approx. six inch crack in the wall where the pool is forming.
Vicinity of Bainbridge Dr in Pickering
I have some cracks on my drywall and I am worried about structure problems in my house. I would like a specialist to come take a look. Please contact me
Vicinity of Marshcourt Drive in Pickering
Leak in the basement
Vicinity of Carmello Court in Pickering
To whom this may concern, I would like to book an appointment to have an estimate how much would it cost to waterproof my basement. Your immediate reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Vicinity of Spruce Hill Rd in Pickering
Wet basement
Vicinity of Sanok Drive in Pickering
Need sump pump installation quote.
Vicinity of Bloomfield Court in Pickering
Hi I saw my floor bubbling and the molding black. I notice this last Saturday morning and can only guess it was from Friday night rain fall. I would like and estimate for repair. Thanks,
Vicinity of Wildwood Crescent in Pickering
A room in my basement is always wet and I would like to get estimate on fixing it Thank you

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