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Work Requests in Aurora

Clarke Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Aurora. Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems's recent work requests in Aurora and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Aurora, ON
Vicinity of Raiford Street in Aurora
Sinking front steps - patterned concrete
Vicinity of Spruce St. in Aurora
Vicinity of Kemano Road in Aurora
You've serviced our home before with a crack patch system - we have another area that needs it
Vicinity of KENNEDY ST W in Aurora
Do you fix garage concrete floors?
Vicinity of Buchanan Cr in Aurora
Hi, I have a sinked patio concrete and need an estimate if possible to bring back to level.Thank you. Catalin
Vicinity of Hammond Dr in Aurora
Water penetration along one side of finished, walkout bsmt.
Vicinity of Glenview Drive in Aurora
Vicinity of Golf Links Drive in Aurora
We have a leak from a previously repaired crackly when there is torrential rain
Vicinity of Marshview Avenue in Aurora
I have a small leak in the interior corner of my basement. Basement is "finished" (was that way when I purchased it in 2015) and carpet shows the sign of moisture just under the baseboards. This occurred on two occasions. Once in February (very minor) and just this weekend (end of March) also minor. In February there was also a minimal amount of water coming in a crack in an unfinished area (concrete visible) in the laundry room. This time around (second time seeing moisture) only the carpeted corner. I live in a freehold townhouse. It is attached on one side and not on the other. The problem is not an emergency but will need to be addressed.
Vicinity of Treegrove Circle in Aurora
Looking for quote on relocating support post in basement.
Vicinity of Crawford Rose Drive in Aurora
Water leak along one wall of basement that damaged laminate flooring. There is a visible crack outside on that wall but I don't know if it is the cause or if it is the only cause. Water wicked along the underlay and soaked the boards for about three feet out from and 12-15 feet along the wall.
Vicinity of Lee Gate in Aurora
Had a thaw occur outside, water started seeping into house (basement)-fairly severe. Has happened before. Unsure of where leak is actually happening, need to locate and fix ASAP.
Vicinity of Glass Dr in Aurora
I have a leaking foundation wall in a finished basement
Vicinity of Ostick St in Aurora
Basement is not finished and is leaking
Vicinity of Woodroof Crescent in Aurora
1) Small cracks on the exterior walls of foundation. Possibly just surface cracks but could use a professional opinion either over the phone or via inspection. Basement is dry on the inside. House is approximately 20 years old. 2) Bad air quality in the fruit cellar (causing headaches after brief exposure). Possibly needs further ventilation solutions and dehumidifying?
Vicinity of Barr Cres in Aurora
There are signs of water leaking from outside during the heavy rain over the weekend and would like someone to come take a look.
Vicinity of Webster Drive in Aurora
Need to inspect and remedy a water penetration (seepage) point under the stairs/backdoor of an external wall of the house. Please call me asap to book a consultation and to receive a quote.
Vicinity of Temperance St in Aurora
Looking for a foundation repair quote for a home located in aurora it is a semi detached home
Vicinity of Seaton Dr. in Aurora
Hello.I have a cottage on Georgian Bay opposite Midland. I have a permit to build an additionon it. I have discovered that Iwill have problems with conventional pier footings because of the high water table. I would like an estimate on using your helical pile system. The existing cottage is 20'x30'that sits on block piers with an 18" open crawl spacee. I will be putting on a 20'x20' partial second floor. The floor is designed to be supported on three exterior walls. Please advise as to how this can be accomplished and a price. Thankyou Michael Swann
Vicinity of Ardill Cres in Aurora
My garage floor is sinking and I have concrete around my pool that is not level anymore
Vicinity of Kennedy St W in Aurora
Leaking cement block foundation needs repair / waterproofing / drainage from outer side
Vicinity of Royal Rd in Aurora
I like to have estimate for waterproof for house foundation, thanks
Vicinity of Gilbert Drive in Aurora
Leaking basement requires sealing from inside. Also level some steps. TB
Vicinity of Martell Gate in Aurora
We have a crack in the basement that leaks water when it rains hard. We live in a townhouse and we don't know if the neighboring unit has the same problems we are thanks
Vicinity of Horsley Court in Aurora
We have a leak that I understand but am not capable of fixing. House is 6 years old. Happens with intense rain (angled). Fortunately in the unfinished area of the basement.
Vicinity of Ausman Gate in Aurora
We have a foundation crack in our basement
Vicinity of Hollandview Trail in Aurora
Cracks and sinking garage floor
Vicinity of Woodland Hills Blvrd in Aurora
Need to inspect some leaking. Thank you
Vicinity of Haskell Cres in Aurora
The concrete deck surrounding the pool has settled and cracked in some areas
Vicinity of Carlyle Cres in Aurora
Just took posession of our house last week, and noticed (during the recent heavy rain) that we have a crack and a leak in the basement. Thanks Dave
Vicinity of Lanewood Drive in Aurora
We have a leak in our basement beneath our electrical panel. We'd like to get an estimate ASAP. Thanks! Ben
Vicinity of Zokol Dr in Aurora
Hello, I would like to assess the current condition of my crawl space and consider options for improving it to make the space more use able for my family. Thank you.
Vicinity of Haskell Crescent in Aurora
Stair step cracking along exterior brick above and at side of garage. cracks in garage floor and cracks in foundation. Home was built in 1980's.
Vicinity of Wardle Gate in Aurora
Hello There seems to be a sippage from the wall in the basement. We would like to have it checked out and get an estimate to fix it. Regards
Vicinity of Stone Road in Aurora
Water coming in the basement 2/3rds up the wall (ground level)coming in around the electrical box. Occurs when there is heavy rain its as if there is a tap in the wall that opens when it rains.Today collected 2 big storage boxes full of water.
Vicinity of Murray Drive in Aurora
We are experiencing water coming in through the walls in two rooms (this is a retirement home) when we have heavy downpours. I was hoping to find out what can be done to resolve this and a quote on the cost. Please contact me by email or phone. thank you
Vicinity of Fleury St in Aurora
I have a wet basement and need an estimate on waterproofing the basement, and if possible, from the outside vs the inside.
Vicinity of Larmont Street in Aurora
Three block high retaining wall at front and side of house tilting badly. Also possible quote regarding basement.
Vicinity of Timpson Drive in Aurora
There is a pool of water in my basement. Insulation under one of the windows is wet leading me to believe the foundation in that section is allowing water in from yesterday's storm.
Vicinity of Brookland Ave in Aurora
Wet carpet in basement
Vicinity of Banff Drive in Aurora
I need a sump pump estmate asap. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mosley Street in Aurora
Water leaking in through motor in basement.
Vicinity of Harriman Rd in Aurora
You completed crawl space repairs, interior trenching, installed dehumdifier, sump pumps etc at our home this year. I am happy to say that we have been dry in our home however the smell associated with a wet basement has returned in the last month. I wish to have this problem resolved. Can someone please call me to discuss.
Vicinity of Simmons Cresc in Aurora
Wet area on basement wall and carpet. Basement is finished.
Vicinity of Catherine Ave in Aurora
We have crystalized build up on the cement and mould on the drywall in our laundry and furnace rooms in the basement.
Vicinity of Pineneedle Drive in Aurora
Mould assessment company suggests waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Kennedy St. W in Aurora
We moved into our new home a month ago. The garage floor has buckled and has sunk due to soil erosion. I was looking for a quote to correct the garage floor
Vicinity of Yonge Street in Aurora
Foundation repair
Vicinity of Tyler Street in Aurora
Water. Compromising weeping tiles. hydraulic pressure problems.
Vicinity of Larmont St in Aurora
Have had flooding in basement. Put on addition about 8 yrs. ago. Have high water table..think water is coming up through floor
Vicinity of John West Way in Aurora
Live in Aurora, Unfinished basement, insulation on majority of wall. Noticed a little bit of water in one of the corners, no puddling, insulation soaked up most of the water, totally dry today. May be crack (injection service) or tie-rod service. Want best pricing as money is tight but need this fixed. Thank you.
Vicinity of Tyler Street in Aurora
Wet carpet in basement
Vicinity of Milloy Place in Aurora
The house has crack in foundation and we need an estimate. Please contact. This weekend will be great.
Vicinity of Ochalski Rd in Aurora
There is a small leak in the basement. Water only comes in after heavey rains. We want to finish our basement but want to have this looked after first.

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