Bowing Cold Room Walls Threaten Homes Integrity in Toronto, Ontario

Trusting our homes to protect us is essential. We spend a good chunk of our lives at home, and we shouldn’t have to wonder if the building is structurally sound. We like to think that things are always the way they’re supposed to be, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

A homeowner in Toronto, Ontario, noticed the walls in his cold room were bowing. The walls supported the concrete front porch, so they play an essential role in supporting the front section of the house. Concerned for the home’s well-being, the customer called Clarke Basement Systems. 

System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the customer and inspected his home. He showed him our products and designed a system to stabilize the cold room permanently. 

Foremen Shane O’Rourke and Don Clarke worked hard installing our Powerbrace® System. First, the exterior was excavated to relieve pressure on the walls. Once the exterior is excavated, the walls are pushed back out before PowerBraces® are installed. These braces attach directly to the concrete floor and framing in the ceiling, stabilizing the home and helping to straighten the walls. 

The client was extremely satisfied with the job and our team. The walls are secure, and his fears of a collapse have been put to rest.

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