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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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CarbonArmor System to help with wall bowing, Burlington, ON

At first glance, the basement in the before picture looks similar to any other basement with tons of random things stored there, but once we were able to inspect the walls, we noticed a crack from one window to the other. It is easier to see in the after picture. 

To stop the foundation wall from bowing in, Clarke Basement Systems installed CarbonArmor® Reinforcing System, which is the same material to reinforce bridges, skyscrapers and bomb shelters. With our CarbonArmor installed, this Burlington homeowner can now rest easy, knowing that the best systems available are supporting his once bowing, basement wall

Retaining Wall Stabilization, Mississauga, ON

A homeowner in Mississauga, Ontario, had a retaining wall in the back of their yard that was starting to bow in a way that was potentially dangerous. They were worried that if it were to fall over it would be very expensive to replace. The customer knew they needed a quick and reliable solution. They called Clarke Basement Systems to find a solution for their foundation issues. Our Foundation Supportworks Team came in to stabilize this retaining wall permanently. We installed Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors, extending from the ravine at the back of the property through the retaining wall into the yard. Now, the retaining wall is stable, and the homeowner now has the peace of mind going forward that their retaining wall will never move again.

Bowing Cold Room Walls Threaten Homes Integrity in Toronto, Ontario

Trusting our homes to protect us is essential. We spend a good chunk of our lives at home, and we shouldn’t have to wonder if the building is structurally sound. We like to think that things are always the way they’re supposed to be, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

A homeowner in Toronto, Ontario, noticed the walls in his cold room were bowing. The walls supported the concrete front porch, so they play an essential role in supporting the front section of the house. Concerned for the home’s well-being, the customer called Clarke Basement Systems. 

System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the customer and inspected his home. He showed him our products and designed a system to stabilize the cold room permanently. 

Foremen Shane O’Rourke and Don Clarke worked hard installing our Powerbrace® System. First, the exterior was excavated to relieve pressure on the walls. Once the exterior is excavated, the walls are pushed back out before PowerBraces® are installed. These braces attach directly to the concrete floor and framing in the ceiling, stabilizing the home and helping to straighten the walls. 

The client was extremely satisfied with the job and our team. The walls are secure, and his fears of a collapse have been put to rest.

Retaining Wall Threatens Driveway and Lawn in Toronto, Ontario

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and for a Toronto, Ontario, customer the saying couldn’t be more accurate.

A retaining wall separated his driveway from his front lawn, but over the years, the retaining wall had tipped. If the wall collapsed, it would cause damage to his front yard, possibly the vehicles in the driveway, and the repair cost would be into the thousands. Not to mention the stress of redoing his yard and driveway.

The customer contacted Clarke Basement Systems hoping for a solution that would protect his property and save him money. System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the customer at his home and after inspecting the situation, developed a plan using our GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System to straighten and stabilize the retaining wall.

GeoLock™ wall anchors go deep into the ground and connect to a wall using a series of rods and plates. Foreman Don Clarke started by excavating the area surrounding the wall before installing the system. Anchor rods and earth anchors were installed next before wall plates were placed overtop of them. Once installed, the plates were tightened accordingly, to straighten and stabilize the wall. Finally, the area was backfilled, and our 25-year warranty ensures the wall will stay stable for many years to come.

Thanks to our system, the customer’s wall is stable, and his investments are protected. He was ecstatic that he didn’t need to replace the whole wall, or complete even more repairs if the wall had collapsed. A happy customer and a job well done by the Clarke Basement Systems team!

Foundation Settling Causing Damage to Whole Home in Toronto, ON

A home in Toronto, Ontario had a problem in the basement along the back wall and corner of the home. If the foundation was settling and it would cause damage to the upper floors of the house and could become structurally unstable. The homeowner noticed a step cracking in the block foundation wall which was the result of the foundation settling. The foundation could become unstable which would damage the upper floor finishing and also could adversely affect the value of the home should they decided to sell.

The customer called Foundation Supportworks to come in and fix the problem. Ron Monk explained everything that would be done to fix the home. Shane O’Rourke and his team came in and used Push Pier Vertical Assembly. The Foundation Supportworks push pier assembly installation is complete with a heavy bracket connected at the bottom of the foundation. The pier pushes into the ground until the equipment measure that it has hit solid bedrock. At that time the weight of the home is transferred to the pier and off the failing soils. The customer was satisfied because of the stabilization to the house and damage prevention for the house

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