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Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: Full Encapsulation Keeps Basement Dry in Little Britain, Ontario

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When we’re looking to get work done at our home, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy contractor. In the digital age, that’s becoming easier and easier, but it still doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. For a customer in Little Britain, Ontario, a second opinion ended up saving her thousands. 

She had recently purchased a 175-year-old home, but it had a water problem in the basement. Like many old homes, the foundation wasn’t doing much to prevent water from finding its way into the basement. A contractor came out to inspect the property and ended up quoting her thousands more than she thought it would be.

She decided to reach out to Clarke Basement Systems for a second opinion. System Design Specialist Rob Malcomson met with the customer and provided her with a fair price to complete the repairs. She was delighted to find an honest company to work with her.

Foreman Jose Martinez encapsulated the basement with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier. Not only does CleanSpace give the basement a fresh look, but it also stops water and guides it to a drain. To provide the water with an easy way out, Jose used PVC piping.

The customer is finally ready to move into her new, old home. She’s happy knowing her basement is waterproofed, and that she saved thousands using Clarke Basement Systems!

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