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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Return Customer Brings Us Back for Current Home's Cold Room in Oshawa, Ontario

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Sometimes, it takes calling in the pros to deal with an issue properly. DIY repairs may work for a while, but for a long-term solution, it takes an expert.

A customer in Oshawa, Ontario, always had water leaking into his cold room. He had tried many creative strategies to deal with the water, but nothing ever seemed to work for more than a few weeks. He had used Clarke Basement Systems at his previous home to deal with a basement leak, so he knew exactly where to turn for his cold room.

System Design Specialist Mark Dougherty met with the customer and inspected his basement. Mark determined water was leaking through the customer's cold room roof and floor, so he recommended our Cold Room Makeover.

Foreman Don Clarke and his crew, Installation Specialists Michael Hobson and Pat Lopushinsky, started by digging a small trench around the perimeter to install our WaterGuard® Drain System. From there, water is drained to a SmartDrain® where its expelled back into the ground supply. We placed a layer of insulation over the concrete walls before encapsulating the entire space with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier. Lastly, we added Drainage Panels to the ceiling to catch leaking water from the ceiling.

The customer is happy to have a permanent solution for his cold room. He appreciates the entire team's work and feels confident using Clarke Basement Systems for a second time.

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