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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Children s Allergy's dust mites and ashma

Monday, April 13th, 2015 by Steve Matthews


The customer’s complaint was that there was a "damp smell" and feeling in the basement. In discussing the situation further it was noted that the customer’s youngest son had allergies and spending time in the basement would cause flair ups of asthma and eczema in him. After taking several moisture level readings through the basement and the rest of the house it was determined that humidity was the cause of the smell. Moisture from the soil under the basement floor was wicking up through the concrete and carpet and was causing mold. It was also determined after the customer had an air quality test done in her house that the dust mite population in the house was well above the acceptable norm. (All houses have dust mites, the humidity level that were in this customers house caused a population explosion)


The solution was the simple installation of a SaniDry basement air system. The SaniDry draws almost 50 litres of water out of the air per day and dried the basement out including the furniture and building materials. The 2 micron filtration system that comes with the SaniDry will not allow mold spores or dust mites to pass through it, the air is actually cleaned to the same standards of hospitals. 

Once the SaniDry was installed at this customers house it was left for 30 days to work, then the customer had the air quality tests re done and the results were exciting to say the least. The moisture levels dropped dramatically, from over 60% down to 32% and air tests stated the house had more than healthy particulate and allergen levels. Most importantly the customer’s son was comfortable in all areas of the house, including the basement. 

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