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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Getting the Basement Clean in Keene, Ontario.

Monday, November 22nd, 2021 by Alex Heap


This small quaint cottage basement in Keene, Ontario, has been untouched and unfinished for over 35 years. The customer was aware of some water seepage into their basement space as they already had a sump pump installed on one side of the room to pump the water out. They noticed the pump was constantly running, indicating to the customer that it was tirelessly trying to keep the moisture out with little success. Wet and leaky basements can result in higher electric bills, especially in winter, as the sump pump can be constantly running at full capacity, twenty-four hours a day. To add fuel to the fire, the customer also started to notice that excessive seepage was occurring on the other foundation walls. This water had no way to drain to the already exhausted sump pump due to the off-level grading of the floor. The water just sat and pooled on the floor, always leaving approximately a half-inch of water. Not only a nuisance and an electrical hazard, but seeping water also indicates further structural damage to the foundation can eventually lead to even more extensive and more expensive repair projects. The customer was convinced that a natural river system ran directly under the house or very close to it as the eastern side of the house had already begun to show signs of significant grading. Concerning in so many different ways, needing an all-in-one solution, this customer reached out to Clarke Basement Systems.


Due to the severity of the seepage, that was almost becoming a flood. Clarke Basement System specialist Ryan Hanlon developed a custom solution for this homeowner using our complete waterproofing basement system to solve the problem with utmost quality and peace of mind. Guaranteed and warranty-backed, this unique process using our patented products is the safest and surest way to keep your basement clean and dry. For the home’s unique foundation problems, Clarke Basement Systems installed a system with multiple layers of protection. After the preparation process is complete and the concrete has been demoed and graded, we begin our installation process. CleanSpace® is applied to the walls to seal or “encapsulate” the inside space from all external elements. Moisture is forced to drip down, not out, and mold is unable to grow on it. This moisture, if any, penetrates the membrane it will flow down in a drain called a WaterGuard®. Our drainage system catches any water and is installed so that the moisture flows down and away, leading it eventually to our robust and guaranteed sump pump, called a SuperSump®. SuperSump® is not only one of the best and most powerful on the market today. It is also equipped with a backup power source, so in the case of an emergency, we’ve got you covered. Another day, another satisfied customer, and another clean, dry basement. That is not only what we strive for but what we live for here at Clarke Basement Systems.

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