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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Basement Leak Puts Renovation on Hold in Toronto, Ontario

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 by Dan Koehler


A finished basement is an asset in any home. They significantly increase a home’s useable space and they also increase your home’s value. We could all use more space in our house, but sometimes there are problems to deal with before you can create that new living space. 

A customer in Toronto, Ontario, was having their basement finished. They had a hired contractor doing the work, but he came across some leaks in the basement. The contractor recommended us to the homeowners, and a date was set up for a free inspection.


System Design Specialist Ron Monk met with the contractor and inspected the basement. The customer already had a heated floor installed, so Ron designed a non-invasive system to waterproof the basement while still keeping the heating elements intact.

Foreman Dave Jackson started by encapsulating the space with Delta MS® Waterproofing Membrane. Delta MS® is a unique wall sheet material that protects foundation walls while also funnelling water down to a drain. This heavy-duty material is finished with sealing tape, providing a perfectly dry finish.

Next, a DryTrak® Basement Drainage System was installed. Any water that seeps into the basement is caught by the DryTrak® and drained out of the basement. DryTrak® is the perfect solution for monolithic foundations or heated floors that can’t be excavated. 

The contractor and customer are pleased that the basement is now dry. They can continue to finish the space and gain 30% more of their home.

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