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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Foundation Leak Ruins Finished Basement in Toronto, Ontario

Monday, April 1st, 2019 by Dan Koehler


Older homes have a certain charm to them that just can’t be built. It grows with the house over the years, developing more character each year. Old homes have their little quirks that we get used to, and without the house wouldn’t be the same. The issue, though, is that old homes often have more problems than newer buildings.

A family in Toronto, Ontario, has an old downtown home. Many buildings in Toronto are near 100 years old, and basement waterproofing issues tend to be prevalent. The family had a finished basement, but the water had destroyed sections and left a nasty amount of mould behind. Wanting to redo the basement and get rid of the water, the customer contacted Clarke Basement Systems.


System Design Specialist Ron Monk travelled to the home and inspected the basement. He walked the family through the options they had and a date was set for the repair.

Foreman Lucio Flores encapsulated the entire basement with CleanSpace® Vapour Barrier, catching any water that seeps through the walls. The original floor was removed beforehand, and a WaterGuard® Drain System was installed along the perimeter. The WaterGuard® drains to the new SuperSump® Sump Pump and UltraSump® Battery Backup. These two products work hand in hand, ensuring water is removed whether there is power or not. Lastly, an IceGuard® Discharge Line was installed to prevent a backup in the winter due to freezing.

With a dry and safe basement at their disposal, the customer can redo finally redo their basement without the worry of it failing on them. They are thrilled that they have a proven, warrantied system and are looking forward to gaining the extra space back.

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