Fun Waterproofing at Lionel's Pony Farm & Petting Zoo, Stouffville, ON

Friday, November 3rd, 2017 by Stephanie Monticchio

Fun Waterproofing at Lionels Pony Farm  Petting Zoo Stouffville ON - Image 1


Clarke Basement Systems did a waterproofing job at a home on the Lionel's Pony Farm & Petting Zoo! While the team was hard at work, there were some visitors checking out what was going on. The homeowner owned three dogs and one cat that were wandering around the job site keeping the crew entertained. There were so many animals on the farm that all the members of our team would take a couple minutes to go and see the animals. There was constant noises coming from the farm because of how many animals there were. This is one of our most interesting job sites we have been on. There was a 400 pound pig, two lamas, three deer, three donkeys, many goats, ducks, sheep, horses, birds and so much more. The farm has won many fairs and awards and was being kept up by the homeowner as we worked. The farm is closed for the season so it was a great privilege to still be able to see all the animals and be entertained by them while working. 


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