Clarke Basement Systems Case Studies: Century home with a wet and damp basement in Toronto, ON

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 by Ron Monk


The basement block walls were damp with water seeping into the basement in one area. The basement floor was thin and in spots broken to expose the soil underneath it. There was some mold as a result of the water and this was a health concern because of asthma. The client wanted to have a dry and healthy basement.


The client required a dry basement and wanted to ensure that it stayed dry all the time. The complete basement floor was removed and excavated and the Waterguard perimeter drainage system was installed. Waterguard ports were installed to allow for inspection and convenient drain points for condensation hoses. At this time the homeowner had a plumber inspect and repair the plumbing. The Waterguard was connected to the Triplesafe sump system. At the time the client wasn't sure whether she was going to finish the basement so the Cleanspace Wall System was selected for the walls to ensure drainage to the Waterguard and to create a vapor barrier to help reduce the overall relative humidity. The cleanspace greatly improved the overall brightness of the basement with the available light. A new floor was poured with a drainage gravel bed and 25 Mpa concrete. A WellDuct System was installed in a below grade window to provide the window well with serviceable drainage. Iceguard discharge lines were installed to protect against frozen or blocked sump pump discharge lines.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Clarke Basement Systems

System Designer: Ron Monk

Crew Foreman: Jose Martinez

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