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  • Transferable lifetime dry basement warranty
  • Solutions for finished and unfinished basements
  • No destructive outside excavation
  • More than 30 patented products, all designed specifically for your basement
  • Free estimates on work needed

As an experienced waterproofing company with over a decade of experience, Clarke Basement Systems understands the best solutions for your basement moisture or flooding issues.

All of our patented products, like the award-winning WaterGuard weeping tile system, are custom designed to fit your home. Our production and service departments are full of trained technicians to install and maintain these products throughout Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, and areas nearby.  

Ready to get started on waterproofing your basement, or need someone to find out what's causing problems below your home? Our employees are known for their superior craftsmanship and have been honored with awards like Talk of the Town for their excellent customer service, so you're choosing the best of the best when you work with us. Call 1-416-221-9981 or click the button below to schedule a free estimate or inspection today!

Signs of a basement waterproofing problem

Your damp or wet basement can cause more than just a headache; these issues can create bigger problems like mould, mildew, rot, structural damage, and a variety of health problems. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms below, you might have a basement water problem.

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Crystaline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Leaky basement windows

Recent Testimonials
  • "I thought you did a fabulous job. I was so happy. I called, the salesman came right away. I said how long..." Read Full Testimonial

    Debbie of Toronto, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Debbie, a customer from Toronto, offers her feedback about the great experience she had with Clarke Basement Systems. She was impressed with how quickly they could do the work (the installers came the following week), and how clean the installers left the area. There was no mess, and they left a very clean installation of drywall. She had a TripleSump installed with a triple battery back up to solve her water problems. She says the instructions were easy to understand and everything was explained to her in detail. Another satisfied customer from Clarke Basement Systems!
    Toronto, ON
  • "Very polite & responsive" Read Full Testimonial

    W. K. of Brooklin, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              Very polite & responsive.......a great bunch that worked well together.
    W. K.
    Brooklin, ON
  • "I will recommend Clarke Basement Systems to all my friends" Read Full Testimonial

    C. F. of Unionville, ON

    Customer Testimonial

              I will recommend Clarke Basement Systems to all my friends....Thank you for a job well done
    C. F.
    Unionville, ON

Basement Systems solutions have been used over 200,000 times

Our complete basement waterproofing system includes all the solutions you need for a dry, comfortable, odor-free basement; no matter what’s causing your issues. We offer many solutions for your home, including sump pumps, weeping tile and other basement drainage systems, dehumidifiers, crack repairs, vapour barriers, and more.

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Before & After
  • Sump Pump Required in Ajax, ON
    Sump Pump Required in Ajax, ON
    This 60 year old, block bungalow in Ajax, ON...

    Sump Pump Required in Ajax, ON


    This 60 year old, block bungalow in Ajax, ON had a fully finished and tenanted basement. After the long harsh winter we just had, the thaw's started and so did the leaking. The tenants started to notice that one wall in particular had some water damage starting to show up, one spot in a bedroom had water appearing near the wall/floor joint, and another area near the stairs was wet as well. The owner of the house knew they had to do something or they'd lose there income suite, "no one wants to rent a went basement apartment" the owner said. We went out and found that there was no sump pump, and the block foundation was for sure the cause of the leaking. With the house being an "older" home chances were pretty good that the exterior waterproofing was clogged, broken or even possibly non existent. The homeowner quickly decided she had to have it done and done correctly the first time in order to keep the family living in the basement comfortable and without having to deal with any future problems.
    We went out to meet with the home owner agreed on a partial interior drainage system, which included a SuperSump water removal system, WaterGuard interior trench drainage, and ThermalDry moisture barrier wall membrane. We arranged to have the sump pump installed under the stairs which was currently being used for storage that way it was out of the way and with a strong polymer lid posed no danger for children, pets or even objects if the tenant wanted to continue storing things in this space. With these products installed it not only provided the the owner with peace of mind but the tenants as well. Everyone was able to move on with their normal day to day routines and no longer had to mop up any water from a leaky wall.

  • Water and Mold in a Finished Basement in Markham, ON
    Water and Mold in a Finished Basement in Markham, ON
    This 1970's home located in central Markham, ON had a...

    Water and Mold in a Finished Basement in Markham, ON


    This 1970's home located in central Markham, ON had a fully finished basement, the old block foundation had some nasty issues that were lurking behind the drywall. It started off with the customer noticing a small patch of damp drywall, a few days later a small puddle appeared on the floor along the same wall but in a different location it was then they realized they needed to call in the professionals. The homeowners were puzzled, never having a leak in the basement before and not knowing what was happening. We sent out our local inspector to take a look and see if he could help to source the leak and provide a solution. The homeowners decided to start removing drywall in the area that was wet to prevent mold growth. Our inspector showed up and the bottom of the drywall was already removed, he quickly noticed that the bottom few rows of block were very wet, and some even had mold growth already. With a solution in mind he explained to the homeowner what was happening, why it was happening and what we could do to fix this issue. It didn't take long for the work to get started and when it did it was a matter of hours before the issue was dealt with. We went in removed the bottom few feet of drywall and studding, installed the WaterGuard interior trench drainage along the footings and put up ThermalDry moisture barrier wall membrane to catch and control the water. Now that the water issue is dealt with the homeowner has re-finished the bottom few feet of drywall and is now back to being the recreation room for the family to enjoy.

  • Crack Repair Leaking in Woodbridge, ON
    Crack Repair Leaking in Woodbridge, ON
    A 30 year old house with a semi finished...

    Crack Repair Leaking in Woodbridge, ON


    A 30 year old house with a semi finished basement, had a wall crack in the foundation that had been believed to be fixed by a previous owner. Little did the present owners know the fix was only from the floor to where the drywall was installed. When we arrived and removed the drywall it uncovered that the crack was still leaking as it was never fully repaired. We quickly got the process going to install a proper life time fix. We arranged for our crew to come out and remove the previous repair, clean out the area, and install a FlexiSpan wall crack repair system. This system guarantees that these homeowners will never have to worry about this crack leaking again.

  • Block Home & High Water Table in Cookstown, ON
    Block Home & High Water Table in Cookstown, ON
    A beautiful older block home, with a high water table...

    Block Home & High Water Table in Cookstown, ON


    A beautiful older block home, with a high water table and an unreliable sump system is a recipe for disaster! With a sump system that is unable to keep up with the water that was leaking in and several cracks, in multiple locations the best option for this customer was to put in a complete wall to wall interior system. With the WaterGuard in place we installed our CleanSpace wall membrane and voilà a basement that will never have water issues again.

If you think you have a basement waterproofing problem, request a professional basement inspection today. We will send one of our certified basement waterproofing specialists to visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s basement foundation.

We believe you deserve only the best. That’s why we install a patented proven system developed and tested by Basement Systems, Inc. – the leader in “All Things Basementy!” For your peace of mind, our basement waterproofing system comes with a Lifetime Warranty that is transferable when you sell your home. We have a team of extensively trained basement repair specialists who can work with you to find the best solution for your home’s basement.

Request a free estimate from your local basement expert

Clarke Basement Systems fixes leaky basements in Ontario, in areas like Vaughan, Brampton, Barrie, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Peterborough and neighboring towns and cities. Contact us today for a free wet basement repair estimate.

Other companies might try to sell you on inferior basement waterproofing solutions. Our products have been developed, patented, and perfected by Basement Systems®, Inc. -- the world's largest network of basement waterproofing contractors.

Exterior Excavation

Heavy equipment is brought in to dig out the entire perimeter of the basement. New drain lines are installed, and sometimes a waterproof coating is applied to foundation walls. This waterproofing strategy is expensive and often damages lawn and garden areas. Exterior drains are prone to clogging with silt and roots over time.

Interior Subfloor Drain

This drain line is installed underneath the basement floor, just inside the foundation walls. The hidden drainage system brings water to a sump pit, where a sump pump automatically pumps it outside. Also known as a French Drain, this system is not prone to clogging; it’s reliable and easy to service.

Interior Baseboard System

A hollow plastic baseboard is installed along the base of basement walls to form a drainage channel that directs water to a sump pump system. A baseboard-type drainage system is sometimes recommended when the basement slab is too thin to accommodate a French Drain.

Negative-side Sealant

This waterproofing technique involves "painting" basement walls and floors with a waterproof, cement-based coating that's supposed to seal out moisture. Even when applied correctly, this thin membrane usually fails in response to prolonged hydrostatic pressure from outside the foundation.

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